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Some of my scrapped ideas for Adventure Maps

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avatar panR4IN
Level 54 : Grandmaster Artist
Everyone that knows me here, knows me for my Minecraft maps. I've been creating them for years now and I've been improving drastically ever since. Well, as any developer, builder or anyone really who've ever worked on a bigger project may know, some projects just get stuck in development hell. You had a great idea, but never finished it. Maybe it got corrupted, maybe you've lost it, maybe you've just got stuck in a hole and didn't know where to go with it.

Anyway, in this blog, I'll show you some of my scrapped ideas for maps, some of which were pretty close to completion and even have their own banners and stuff.

Wendigo, The Voices of Torture

Wendigo, with the subtitle "The Voices of Torture" was a horror Minecraft map, focused on atmosphere, music and graphics. It had beatiful, realistic resource pack and it was packed with various atmospheric sounds and music.

Banner for Wendigo

The story revolved around a guy named Roman, he and his sister were tasked to deliver some goods to a merchant in a nearby town. Unfortunately, on the way back, an unknown force of nature attacked them and kidnapped Roman's sister. Roman survived the attack and woke up next to their carriage, with his sister nowhere in sight. He comes back to his grandma who gave them the task, but she's nowhere to be found either. Everyone vanished. So he takes the matter into his own hands and soon learns that his sister was most likely kidnapped by a monster known only as "the Wendigo" and that it's going to eat her at midnight. Roman does everything he can to stop this from happening.


A horror map known only as "Fragments", was yet again, an adventure map focused on tight atmosphere, ambient and chase music and of course, the dark story. This map featured some especially depressing themes, such as murder and suicide.

WIP banner for Fragments

The story was about a man, who was a loving father and husband, who established a rich farmer family. One day however, when he returns from his shift, to his horrible surprise, his house is on fire, and he's unable to find his wife anywhere in the house. He did find his son, however he was already a burning corpse when he found him. After six months of pain and despair, he decides to commit suicide, and thus begins your journey through the darkness to uncover who really set the house on fire. Instead of going into Heaven or Hell, you're sent to a place known only as "the Purgatory". A place where a soul can be redeemed, but only through pain and suffering you can reach your goals.

You would crawl through various locations such as modern looking interiors, cellars or unknown supernatural places, while being chased by your own past and its monsters.


The most recent entry on this list, the Purifier was an action focused map inspired by the retro FPS's such as DOOM, Wolfenstein or Blood. You were a badass unnamed protagonist only known as "the Purifier". The world got invaded by "the Unholy", creatures from even bigger depths than Hell. The only hope for mankind is you, the Purifier, grab your Holy Magnum, your Crucifix, and purge these horrible monstrosities from this world!


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  • nezoGG
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Network
  • January 11, 2019, 3:54 am
Those ideas were great ! Thanks for sharing them with us. I decided i will do the same with one of my scrapped map (never found a name for it) , so here it is :

A submarine is heading towards the island and you are in it. Than it says something like 2 or 3 years later.
Chapter 1 - A new start
It's been over an year since you’ve been working as a miner. You need to find 3 coal and give it to a Supervisor. The general in charge of the base is mean to the other personal, and treats them like they would be an inferior species. Than. an assault starts on the base. You need to escape the assaulted base. When you reach the exit you find a radio signal. You manage to connect your station and find out there were attacks all over the island, and a rebellion is starting. Every survivor is welcome. They rebuilded an old base and are waiting for survivors there.
Chapter 2-Into the wild
You need to get to the base, while surviving the wilderness of the island, as well as the soldier patrols. (you will meet Komodo Dragons, Tigers and Black Panthers and soldier patrols and an outpost) If it takes you more than a day to get there the enemy patrols get larger and more of them appear. When you reach the base the rebels are happy to see you.
Chapter 3-Preparation
You are tasked with reaching Raflaleel's treehouse and telling him about the attacks. When you reach him he thanks you for warning him, but asks you to help him repair the broken elevator, as it is to slow. He than gives you a rocket launcher in case anything happens.
Chapter 4-Between two fires
When you return to the rebel base you see it being attacked both by your old army and the one who attacked your old base. You need to defend the base, but when you fail and it is captured, you escape in a tunnel that leads to Raflaleel's treehouse.
Chapter 5-Operation Black Water
The rebels are angry about what happened, and are debating whether they should kill the survivors from your old army or not, but than one tells everyone that they should attack the people who attacked them back. You are sent to attack the army that attacked the island,while another team is sent to attack your army. You need to sneak into one of their bases, steal some plans about a new kind of tank, kill General Roberts and escape the base while it is attacked by the rebels. Than you regroup with the others at the treehouse.
Chapter 6-Whirling seas
You need to blow up an enemy aircraft carrier, while also destroying any other enemy ships who dare to attack you. After you eliminate it you will need to escape via plane, but you are shot down and are falling. You wake up into the jungle.
Chapter 7-Mess with one,mess with them all
You need to find your way back to the treehouse with no connection and only a map. When you come back to the treehouse, you hear from the rebels that your old army has left the island, but the enemies were so annoyed by the last incident that they decided it's time to destroy the rebels once and for all, and are bringing a great part of they army here. You need to use the tank under the treehouse to blow up some of the enemy forces until everyone leaves the treehouse.
Chapter 8.1-The only chance
The enemy army is still not back, and the leader of their army is visiting the island today. It is the perfect time for an assassination, yet after this the enemies will be even angrier. You need to get to their main base which is a gigantic water dam producing electricity all over the island assassinate the leader and explode the whole base ! But if you miss a shot when assassinating him he will escape and you will need to get a chopper to chase him and bring him down.
Chapter 8.2-Finishing touches
There is a submarine base somewhere on the island. You need to blow it up, but take care ! It is a heavily protected area.
Chapter 8.3-The final stand
The enemies are all coming to the main rebel base, but a surprise is awaiting them. When the enemies reach the base, you need to both survive and than blow up the whole base with the enemies.
Chapter 9.1-Clearing the island
Now the only thing remaining to do is regaining control of the remaining enemy bases and bunkers.

The thing you need to do now is form a radio connection between all of the basses. Activate the radio towers scattered among the island.
Chapter 10-All hope is lost
You hear that your old general has acquired 3 Soviet RDS-220 bombs (Tsar Bombs) and is planing to launch one towards the island ! You need to evacuate the island by reaching the boat in 20 minutes, or... ( after you would reach the boat you were going to see the WHOLE ISLAND EXPLODING !)
Chapter 11-Revenge
While on the boat, you found out that the general has made an oil rig no further than 300 km from here. You decide it's time to finally end him, and find out what he was going to do with the other 2 bombs. When you meet him on the rig he has a machine gun and is protected by a big amount of soldiers. He tells you he is impressed by you surviving, and then attacks. When you kill everyone on the rig, you find out a Russian dealer gave him the bombs in order for him to launch the bombs unto Washington D.C. and California so that he won't be detected. Time for another fight !
Chapter 12-Save the world !
You arrive at the launch site via helicopter and get to the control centre. You deactivate the bombs, but than the Russian dealer arrives. You fight him, he tries to escape and you get to chase him (in any ground vehicle that isn't slow), but than the rebels tell you they got you a hunter plane and give you the location. (by the way, this chapter was going to happen in the Russian tundra) Than you chase him with the plane while soldiers with rocket launchers are shooting at you and other planes are coming to take you down and there even is an anti-aerial machine. When he thinks he escaped, you find him at a gas station, launch a rocket from your plane and blow up the station with him.
You celebrate the victory with the others at a bar. THE END

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day !
  • panR4IN
  • Level 54
  • Grandmaster Artist
  • January 11, 2019, 6:21 am
Well, what I do often with the stories, is kinda work my way up. I'll roughly work out what the beginning, middle part and end will be like and then start building in detail from start. This way, I'll not come up with ideas that will be useless later.
Of course this has a downside in which you can't really connect the story with small details from start to finish unless you have that thought off from the beginning. But it's a nice way to spare time, as in your story above, you've obviously taken your time writing the story, but never actually used it in the end. You could've spared alot of time just starting to build and write at the same time and work your way up to the end.

  • nezoGG
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Network
  • January 11, 2019, 11:54 am
Thanks for the feedback. Actually this was an old but edited message I sent to a person that was going to help me build the map, but he seems to have given up. Usually I don't plan my maps so strictly, but he asked me for a full story. Well, at least now I have evidence if he ever tries using this in order to make his own map.

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