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Soon-To-Be Mediavaros Server

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avatar Nevec_Remnant
Level 1 : New Explorer

Mediavaros is an upcoming server that I am creating. My Head Tech Admin and I are currently creating and editing our maps for our spawns. Currently our economy stability is non-existent. Well, I'd say our economy is non-existent but that would defeat the having of iConomy, correct? It's just not very attempted right now. Currently what is planned for the server is a range of a few things. We will have mini-games, but we could use suggestions! Currently we only have Spleef, I was interested in having Paintball, but we know nothing about it, nor where to get it. We will be using Bukkit over Tekkit from my knowledge, towny, factions, Citizens/Denizens/Sentry, among several more plugins and mods! We will operate on 3.5 worlds, we will have two survival worlds with a hardcore world. Factions will only work in Hardcore (For plots and other things), but allowed to be created anywhere, there will be no requirements to have a Faction except for paying for it; which means you can create it in spawn if you have the available money and never enter hardcore. Towny will only be available in Survival. Griefing will be allowed in all three worlds, especially factions. However, from my understanding we will only be having NPC commands available in Factions, well... LWC will also be available, but inactivity will cause locks to dissipate. All other commands, as so far planned, will be only available in Survival (Among the common ones like teleport and warp, etc., available in Spawn world). This Server will honestly be based around the communities choices. Things can be added through votes and such, and I really want the server to have a feel of "Made and played by the players," though most things will only be available through donations so that the server can be paid for and keep it running. That means that I, and the other admins, will get little to no pay checks, but hopefully they do for their hard work. Majority of donations will go to keeping the server running.

Currently we have chosen Minecraftservhosting.net to be our host, from what I have seen, and discussed with my Head Tech Admin, this is a good choice, and payment is pretty good for what we get. We will need a lot of memory and ram for all of this to be lag free. Hopefully, we'll be able to upgrade as well to accommodate more things for our players.

There isn't much to make Mediavaros unique from every other server out there. Entertaining mini-games, fun, available, open worlds, etc. But I hope to make this a better community. Again and again, time after time, I have come across Admins that play their way, aggressively. Meaning "You do as we say, or byebye," and other phrases which would explain things much easier. The Admins I have chosen that will start in the server are close friends of mine, those that are kind, helpful, and encouraging. Not mean, or spiteful, or harsh. I chose them so that they are peacekeepers, not control freaks. But it would honestly be helpful to gain other Admins, such as plugin'ers and builders! Just ask, but preferably tell us what position you'd be interested in, and give us some examples of what you've done. (I must apologize, but we can't accept anyone who are heavy PvP'ers, due to the fact it may spark or result in aggressive and forceful behavior, we do not control our players here)

Though, to be honest, I think, personally, my server is unique in my opinion. Mediavaros, in its creation, has created its own backstory. This does not immediately mean hardcore roleplay, or roleplay at all. Roleplay is available by the players consent, it is not required nor is it banned. The spawn will start on a gigantic colonizing ship (Which will be the spawn world in itself), However it was retrofit to be a military ship. Some colonizing features, or most, actually, were left to help implement tactical outposts and bases out in space. (This does not mean you need to play in a science fiction matter. Your play style is not controlled by the servers theme. You are more than welcome, if not encouraged, to build castles :D) The ship is located over a small planet which, for reasons unknown, has an old derelict landing base. Its designs were standard, nearly 70 years ago, but it seems older than that even. This landing base is the "spawn" or "safe zone" for the "Hardcore world." The "Hardcore world" being the actual planet. The two survival worlds are large, open "holodecks," which can be accessed by anyone, but they are not single worlds for all players, they are single worlds that players enter. Their designs/biomes have not been discussed yet. The story goes that through the discovery of an unknown planet, that is already terraformed, civilians and explorers decided to assist the military in creating a controlled planet and area, making it livable, but unfortunately, rogues and mercenaries have also decided to stake their claims, causing issues with the local military. The ship not only decided to orbit the planet because of the derelict landing station, but because its fuel and supplies were low, and the rest of the military force were dealing with wars against corporations and mercenary factions wanting to stake claim in other areas of space. That is currently the story that has sprouted from this soon-to-be server.

This is not soon-to-be "only a dream" server. The maps are under way, which will take a great deal of time to finish, we hope to be in beta-form within a few months, opening the server to the public. To more accommodate to a friendly environment, however, players must be white listed, and after which, a player will be required to be manually accepted by an admin before they have access to anything else other than the spawn. Yes, we plan to have a hardcore map, with extreme PvP, but it is not a requirement to be a stuck up hateful person to be into PvP. Remember, the roleplay is not required nor banned. The background story is something I have thought of passively, and will continue to think of passively, unless I decide to create events that proceed the story.

As some minor information towards the current era technology in the roleplay form, think Aliens (1986).

Interested in being an Admin or Mod?

Mod requirements are as follows...

Over 14, must have been a Mod of more than one server in the past, or an Admin in at least 1 server. With less than 3 bans in the past.

Admin requirements are as follows...

(Firstly you must understand we have enough basic Admins, it is recommended if you want to be Admin, to be a specific position... examples being Plugin manager, Tech Administrator, Builder, etc.)

Over 17, must have been an Admin in at least 1 server in the past. Have less than 2 bans in the past. You must agree to only having Mod permissions as your basic set of permissions for at the very least of a month while we evaluate you.


Payment for being an Admin is possible! To receive payment, you need Paypal. payment is determined by position and sometimes other things.

In Addition...

Questions? Concerns? Maybe not a question for me, the owner? Don't be intimidated! I can answer as many questions as needed, and relay questions to my admins and such!

Update 3/17/2013

I've lost my Tech Admin. I can't do this without a Tech Admin. If anyone would like to apply for this rank, please Private Message me as soon as possible, and tell me how much experience you have with Bukkit. If you have no experience, do not PM me at all. The issue with losing my Tech Admin has put me in a low status.

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Update #1 : 03/06/2013 7:48:23 pmMar 6th, 2013

Added Spawn Sneak peek

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