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Speaking of the snapshots!

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avatar CreepersKingRP
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
Lately we have been made available (to us of the Community of Minecraft) numerous Snapshots in order to anticipate some news of 1.13 ... But they have not yet given us everything!You thought that only the dolphins were missing at the end of the snapshots! But instead there are so many other things like shipwrecks or some details of the new physics of water, while some things have not been established ... Like the method of obtaining the tridents, or the quantity and location of spawn of the corals (of which they only changed the texture that I really liked T_T).So I, in this post, I will try to make assumptions that do not destroy the beauty of Minecraft and its style, moreover, I will make a brief summary of the additions and changes made through the latest snapshots.1) How to get the Trident-If I were in the creators of Minecraft (which we can all be if we try to modify the programming files ".exe", GOOD LUCK) I would make the Trident spawn randomly in the treasure chests indicated via the "Burned Treasure Maps" with a very low possibility. Like the Notch Apples in the Dungeon chests2) Where to find Shipwrecks-I hide them in cold marine biomes, where the vision is quite complicated, so that they are rare and difficult to find.-I would hide them, or, in the middle of submarine crevasses, in any seas, so that it is difficult to reach them.-I would combine the two so that you need to create a new kind of treasure map3) What I would do with the Corals- Currently my modest opinion, judges the Corals as ugly, not typical of the beauty of the normal blocks of Minecraft. I'm not judging their seedlings, because in their uselessness they are pretty nice, but I would prefer to get back the initial texture of the Corals.The additions made in recent times:The Turtles were added, Mob initially unexpected but spectacular. Slowly reach the sea, then PUF start to shoot faster than a player in Creative! In addition, their drop can be very useful, and I'm not talking about the Navy, but the "Scute" also called "Turtle Shell Piece", which allow you to craft a helmet for marine survival, or potions to avoid splitting your legs XD.The Phantom has been added, the Mob chosen by the Community before and during the "MineCon Earth", therefore fully expected.This very nice (ironically) non-dead attacks players who have not slept for more than 5 days (or 50 minutes of real life). It has very special sounds, and its texture has been modified once and made totally different from the original designed (and even here my humble opinion says that they could save the second change Fish have also been added, of different types:-Salmon-Cod-Pufferfish-Tropical Fish (of 16 different type and color)Each fish spawna in different oceans (which I will not specify not knowing them all) and in particular the Pufferfish attacks the player giving 6 seconds of Poison and pure pain.Other changes have been made to the water. In fact, it assumes in part the new physics, in fact if placed in the same block of a Fence, for example, it will pass through. But if placed so that it was already flowing, at that moment it creates a big problem! Because it does not pass and disappoint the players.Finally, some "Waypoint" species have been added, obtainable in the maps by positioning them and clicking on them with the map in hand. According to the aspects of such large worlds to be based on Waypoints they can be useful. Or when you need to create a Custom Map or even an Adventure Map.For the rest if the world is small and little messed up, then they are quite useless.You can use them in mines to find areas in particular.So I thank you for reading this post, please report any errors then ... BYE BYE

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I don't know how you managed to get it all on one line, but it is literally impossible to read. You need to add it as regular text outside of the box thingy.

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