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SPLEEF and my advice/tips :D

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KayleeKip avatar KayleeKip
Level 27 : Expert Pokemon
Spleef is really cool game that i play very often (almost everyday). So basically in this article i'm going to give you some of my advice/tips!

How to play: You start off in a large arena with other players. While you play, in most games you have insta-break so you can break the floor easily and fast. It's either that or you're in an arena with dirt or snow and you have a shovel. The goal is to break the floor until everyone falls into one of the holes and gets out. The last person in the arena wins!

So here are my tips to help. I'm not professional at spleef or anything this is just what works best for me.

  1. Spleef is meant for running. Don't expect you to get far if you're walking. What I usually do is sprint jump during the whole entire arena, it makes it easier to parkour.
  2. Spleef is basically a parkour arena, the better you are at parkour, the easier spleef is.
  3. In addition to parkour, you need to know how to break blocks while running. I suggest you to try not to break the blocks in front of you since i died many times doing that.
  4. Don't be a "runner". Runners are hated by almost every spleef player there is. Runners run the whole entire time and don't even try to get other players out. They are impossible to kill since they run all over the place and it's no fun being the final two and you end up having to go against a runner.
  5. Shift can be your friend! But it can also end up making you loose... if you're going against someone and you make a jump and press shift, that gives the other player time to just break the block you stood on. So my suggestion is to try to keep running and only shift if you really need to.
  6. Know who the "good players" are. I know that there's not really a good player and bad player... but in reality there kinda is xD. This will let you know who to be careful and watch out for.
  7. TAKE RISKS!!! if you only do simple jumps you most likely will never be an advanced player xD. Sometimes the arena is totally gone with only a few blocks to jump on!
  8. Know what jumps are possible and which jumps are not. What i noticed is you can only make 3-block jumps, I suggest you don't try anything bigger...
  9. Never stand on one spot for too long, someone might come along and break the blocks around you. You should always be moving in spleef.
  10. Don't be a "camper"! Campers break all the blocks around them and create their own little island that is impossible to jump on. This makes it unfair to all the player and is really annoying xP!

So these are my tips/advice for spleef! If these don't work for you, you can find your own strategy and find what works for you! If you have any more questions you can PM me :3

By the way the server that I play spleef on is cookieslap.net which is a extremely awesome server! Check it out at cookieslap.net and make sure to go on the server if you're interested! :D You might find me playing on it :3 my username is negimafreak101 (Cookieslap.net is not my server xD)

Cookie slap belongs to itsatacoshop247


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11/09/2012 7:27 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
FuzzyKittyx avatar
believe me I hate runners too. xD (I really only run to get people mad I know I'm rude.)
10/23/2012 7:59 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blob
P1gtails avatar
Yay you finally made a blog about this! Good advice girly, and you are kinda a pro...<^.^>
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