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Spooktober Community Event Summary

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Level 96 : Overlord Cake

It's been a while since the Spooktober Event! We had over 2,000 entries - that's the most submissions we've had in any of our official events! It took some time to look at all of the amazing projects, skins, and packs, and read the spooky stories and poems in the blog section. We enjoyed revisiting all of the Spooktober content, and hope you have fun reading through this summary!

We're starting this summary off with this season's PMC pet, speck!

Fun Fact: Speck is short for Spector, which means "a visible incorporeal spirit, especially one of a terrifying nature; ghost; phantom; apparition."

In just about every event, we see several fan-creations of the newest pet, and this event was no exception! We saw Speck come alive in Minecraft form in several ways including a cape, iron golem, vex and a squid (not pictured) by TheWitherGaming_6!
Speck Cape Minecraft Skin
Speck Cape by Creator789
Spooktober Community Event Summary
Mascot of Spooktober by Leo the zombie
Spooktober Community Event Summary
Speck the Ghost by ItsXillager

Speck by Sarmite

Michael Myers by Romto_

We saw members use their favorite horror movies as inspiration for spooky skins.

Romto created an HD skin of Michael Myers, a fictional character from the Halloween series originally aired in 1978. We will spare you the details, but this character is nothing short of evil. Beanie also created a Michael Myers skin which you can see here.

In addition to the Michael Myers skin she created, you'll find a collection of her Skintober Skins which include several creepy movie characters including Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs.

The Grim Reaper is probably one of the most recognized spoopy characters; Entity did a great job with their skin and perfectly portrays the ominous character.

Corpse bride is a more recent Halloween movie; the main character being Emily which Wildflowers created a skin of. It's such a great HD version of this character, and possibly one of our favorites in the event!

Grim Reaper by Entity505
Hopscotch! by Wildflowers

One of the most iconic Halloween and Fall items is the pumpkin! Whether it's pumpkin spice lattes and other pumpkin flavored beverages, pumpkin pies, pumpkin scented candles, or carving pumpkins, they make their grand appearance for the fall season! Several members were inspired by the seasonal gourd, as we saw pumpkin submissions in each submission type! The entries below feature skins wearing pumpkin masks. We love how the outfit in both of them match perfectly with their costume counterpart. The bat and ghost pant leg in the skin on the right is especially adorable!
Pumpkin Spice by pexchxs
🎃 by hoemama

LogMaiden hosted their own palette contest called "Pumpkin Patch Spooks" in which participants were given the palette to the right to make a skin with. Their contest resulted in several pumpkin-themed submissions, some of which doubled as a submission in our Spooktacular Event! A couple of these skins can be seen below (1, 2)!

Below the first two skiYou'll also find a couple of our favorite pumpkin skins in this event that weren't a part of the contest (3, 4)!

Fire Sprite, Protector of the Patch (CE) - Merry Spoopmas #8 Minecraft Skin
(1) Fire Sprite, Projector of the Patch by Tacoshet
Pumpkin Bramble Minecraft Skin
(2) Pumpkin Bramble by JitteryPluto
Jack the Pumpkin (Halloween Contest) Minecraft Skin
(3) Jack the Pumpkin by panchomancho
Pumpkin Creeper Minecraft Mob Skin
(4) Pumpkin creeper by dreamCritting

In addition to festive pumpkin skins, we saw this awesome Pumpkin Pack by that adds more faces to carved pumpkins and Jack o'Lanterns - over 20 different faces to be exact! You'll see a Creeper, Shadow, Wattles, OwO, MC Skeleton, Sad, Agony, Jack Skellington, Herobrine, the Grinch and so much more in this pack!

Another pumpkin themed pack that's simple but effective is Beatso's pumpkin pack that adds animated Jack O'lanterns. With this pack, pumpkins look like they're lit with a candle, and glow! Press play for a preview of the animation.

Now, don't you want your pumpkins to be animated like that? You're in luck, because the pack is free to download!

As far as projects go we saw several pumpkin-inspired maps! The one you see to the right includes a massive jack-o-lantern at its center, with a massive mansion in the distance. The interior is incomplete, so you can decorate to your heart's desire! (pssst.. there's both a Bedrock AND Java update included with this submission!).

CaraRose is known for submitting creative and complex builds in our seasonal event. Halloween was no exception! Her Snake Tree Pumpkin Kingdom features a castle and a big decorated tree in the center, with a snake that guards the grounds.

Halloween Pumpkin Mansion by FlamingoBaik
She states on the submission page:

"Halloween inspired me to build this Pumpkin Kingdom next to the magic autumn tree with a huge snake guardian on it. Some spider webs and wines are hanging around the tree. Right under the castle there are poisoned lakes and waterfalls full of lava. Some pumpkins are decorating the tree hanging on chains. It's peaceful and creepy vibes together."

Be sure to check out the submission to view the timelapse!

Most everyone is familiar with skintober. There are several spin-offs of skintober, including drawtober! etqtay teamed up with one of their friends and created a list of themes to use as inspiration to draw a photo every day of October!

On the sixth day, the theme was pumpkin! Their artwork pictures an adorable mouse with a tiara in a pumpkin carriage. We can't help but feel this was inspired partly by the movie Cinderella!

Phew... that concludes a very brief overview of the Pumpkin submission! Now, onto something a bit scarier...

Day 6: Pumpkin by etqtay

Jack-O'-Lantern Scarecrow by SpruceVMC

We're seamlessly transitioning from Pumpkins to one of the most familiar figures we see mostly in gardens - scarecrows! Scarecrows have been around for more than 3,000 years and exist in the United States, throughout Europe, and several other countries! Scarecrows come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but the general idea is to make them look like a decoy to scare birds away from crops.

One of the most popular ways to create a scarecrow, especially in the fall, is by using a pumpkin for the head and corn stalks for the limbs and body. They can look quite creepy, terrifying even!

That goes without saying, our members made some really horrifying scarecrow creations. Our first feature is pictured to the left and is quite the Halloween Scene! A scarecrow is seen fastened to a bat-infested tree. A creepy coffin with glowing eyes is positioned at the trunk.

Our second feature is a bit more haunting and is one of a, as the description states:

A Scarecrows Meadow by Uknownymous

"a scarecrow with a meadow of pumpkins and a head of a pumpkin itself, watching over its field of wheat, surrounded by fences and vines magically rising from the ground as waves of energy amass from all sides and sparkling spirals of it flow through the air in a mysterious mist of magical dancing, lighting up the monsters of the night."

This giant scarecrow's face is lit up from the inside with Redstone lamps behind stained glass!

This build was also a submission for the theme "Scary Pumpkin Carvings" on the Minecraft Discord's Fortnightly Building Competition, where it received first place and was also featured on Minecraft.net which you can read here!

There were a couple of scarecrow skin submissions as well. Although most of the skins featured a pumpkin head on a body, each one has a unique look and feel to them. For example, if you check out Aspirin60's skin below and compare it to 8onfire's skin, one is a little more frightening than the other. We would almost hug 8onfire's scarecrow, where we'd probably run from Aspirins. Regardless, we loved seeing creative variations of the same spooky figure!

Scarecrow Minecraft SkinScarecrow by Aspirin60
SCAREcrow Minecraft Skin
SCAREcrow by Yzerz
Scarycrow! Minecraft Skin
Scarycrow by Joseph_Snake
Living Scarecrow/Pumpkin Man Minecraft Skin
Living Scarecrow by 8onfire

What's spookier than sinister scarecrows and skeletons? Spooky spirits. Where do spooky spirits come from? You guessed it! Graveyards. Check out the build to the left and tell us you wouldn't be a little hesitant to walk through the entrance of the ghouls' mouth and into... who knows what. Titled "Graveyard" we imagine that faces seen are faces of the dead buried beneath the castle.

This gothic and grim map was one of our top pics from the Spooktober event. You can download and explore it for free... if you dare!

Below you'll find a couple of spooky spirited skins which we imagine have arisen from the graveyard of the castle.

Graveyard by Wet

precious stones and lost souls by Aspirin60

An Electric Wisp by Nitgo

... okay so maybe we were wrong about spirits being the spookiest. Haunted houses are rather eerie. If you've ever been in one, you can confirm that haunted houses are definitely really creepy and scary.

Funtazer's Halloween Haunted Victorian Mansion has a full interior decorated, four separate floors, and plenty of room for expansion! There are bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a chest room, and a tower for you to look out at the world from!

In their first post ever on Planet Minecraft, Amethyst Block submitted an eerie haunted house, pictured right. The victorian style building is crafted with dark materials to give it a creepy vibe, with glowing red on the inside to make it look like some sort of potion may be brewing or a lot of candles are lit for a devlish ritual.

We're almost certain Creator789's Bed of Nightmare resides in this haunted house.

Haunted House by Amethyst Block

Not quite scared yet? We introduce to you, The Lucid Dream by DaniBuilds. A horror map where your goal is to uncover the secrets of the Soul Dungeon and its creatures. The train you are in is attacked and the driver is taken... what do you do?! This map can me played in single or multiplayer and it is advised that only the most bravest of Minecrafters attempt because of how scary and spooky it is. Are you ready?

Spook UI by funkiecrunch

We've covered several skins and maps and only just a few packs, so we'd like to highlight some of the awesome Halloween themed packs we saw!

If you're looking for something simple to celebrate the holiday, funkiecrunch's SpookUI Halloween themed modern UI & HUD might be what you're looking for. The pack sharpens and improves the default elements and uses shades of orange and purple to really give you that spoopy feel.

If you're in search for something a little more than a UI change, check out ewanhowell5195's Packtober Remastered pack. This pack is the ultimate Halloween Themed Resource pack and is a remaster of an older, similar pack made by them. In this pack, you'll find lots of Halloween related features including chests that come up and bite you, ghost piglins, pumpkin ore, crow phantoms, bone fences, candle torches, witches cauldron and SO much more. Download here, or keep it in a collection for next year!

9 years ago, Asp_Blackhole submitted their Asphyxious Custompack. This year, they made a special edition "Rusty Version" of their legendary pack that changes the default Minecraft Atmosphere into a rustic "stained" experience. Think old-school film, dark old western and medieval.

The pack also includes custom sounds and music, variations of Mobs and Blocks,

October isn't complete without Halloween Costumes! We chose these two skin submission because they came with art!

Check out how adorable Michiru's Enderdragon Costume skin is! It's actually their OC Atsuko dressed up in an Enderdragon onesie! To the right, you can see Eijiro Kirishima from My Hero Academia, dressed in a shark costume created by Kusa.

Growling Cutie by Michiru

Shark Costume by Kusa

{Skintober Day 24: Cheesy Horror Movie} Killer Klown Minecraft Skin
Killer Klown by CptMuffin1848

The creepiest of clown skins we've ever seen were submitted in this event.

First up is CptMuffin1848's killer klown, which doubled as a Skintober submission for day 24's theme "Cheesy Horror Movie" We'd never heard of the movie before, but the submissions states:

"Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a 1988 American
science fiction horror comedy film. The film is about a clan of evil aliens from an unknown region, who all resemble circus clowns. They arrive on Earth and invade a small town in order to capture, kill, and harvest the human inhabitants to use as sustenance."
Creepy Clown Minecraft Skin
Creepy Clown by GroovyMcgee

Sounds like an interesting movie, we might just have to check it out!

Next up is GroovyMcgee's Creepy Clown. Colorful, Creepy but also kind of cuddly? ... eh, we take that back after reading this in the description:
"Creepy clown staring into your soul with a cold longing stare. His smiling never stops..."

Yep, creepy confirmed. Regardless, a really well-done clown skin!

Spooked yet? We are! There were so many amazing submissions in the event, this just scratches the surface! Check out all of the submissions here!

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