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Spooktober Watch List Day 3

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TheCrypteral avatar TheCrypteral
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Third day of Spooktober, which means yet another watch list!

This time around we have quite possibly my favorite zombie movie, Shaun of The Dead! (yes that is a cricket bat)

Spooktober Watch List Day 3
Type : Streamable Movie
Availability : On Amazon Video as far as I'm aware, but I also often see it in those 'movie bins' in grocery stores for cheap so you may be able to find it in one of those.
Genre : Horror, Comedy, Action, Zombies
Age Rating : 16+ (Mild Swearing, Various Blood, Cheesy Viscera, Zombies [​obviously])
Summary : Shaun and his friends find themselves in an odd scenario, with zombies running rampant! They must survive in this new world by outsmarting (and outquipping) the zombies they meet using shopping carts, cricket bats, and a whole lotta determination.
Personal Notes : This movie is great fun, has some insightful moments and is a great twist on modern zombie movies. It's smart, funny, fun, and a generally good watch! I'd highly recommend.

Anyways, see ya next time!

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