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Spooktober Watch List Day 6

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TheCrypteral avatar TheCrypteral
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Now it's time for one of the most uncanny Spooks that'll be on this list-

It's time for Harmony and Horror!
Spooktober Watch List Day 6
Type : Youtube Show
Availability : Free on Youtube!
Genre : ARG, Horror, Uncanny Valley, Jumpscares, Animatronic, Drama, Suspence
Age Rating : 16+ (Mild Gore [​Mostly Blood], Very Dark Imagery, Very Dark Themes, Jumpscares, Extreme Spoopyness)
Summary : Oooh boy hold on to your helmets, this one's a wild ride. Similar in style to The Walten Files, this uses a ton of different styles to show you an extremely disturbing story with many twists and turns that'll creep you out more every second you watch. NOT for the feint of heart.
Personal Notes : Certainly one of the things on this Watch List that'll make you stay up with the lights on. But other than that, it's brilliant! Great style, art, character design, storytelling, everything! There's really zero comedy in this, only horror so that you're aware though. Tomorrow I'll give ya'll a nice break from such a scare with one of my personal favorite comedy Halloween movies!

Just wait to see what's next!

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