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Star Wars - Mission 1: Political Escort

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avatar thetrueninjasheep
Level 38 : Artisan Geek
Mission Log: Pilot Riker reporting of Red Squadron. En route from Dantooine, I was ambushed by a squadron of TIE/ln Fighters. I managed to destroy one of them with minimal damage to both myself and the shuttle carrying our senator, but the other two proved to be...problematic. The senator's shuttle's hyperdrive is broken along with the sensors. The squadron, which I have identified to be Obsidian Squadron after a bit of thought, has apparently called for reinforcements, as I see two more TIE/ln Fighters heading our way. I don't think they'll make this easy....

Riker clicked off the recorder with a satisfying beeping noise. He switched his focus towards the Imperial ships heading his way. All thoughts on his mind were on the senator and his security. If he could just get far enough with the senator, Riker knew he could outrun the Empire. All it took was a little bit of effort. Riker quickly turned on his communication systems.

"Senator, do you read me? What is the status of your ship, beyond the drive and scanners, both of which will be covered by me? Please respond at the quickest time possible; the Imperial ships are closing on us." Riker spoke into black box that transmitted to the senator.

A response came back quickly, "Yes, Riker, I am fine. My ship isn't. The guns are not responding, even though I have tried to override the warning blocks—" The end of his message was turned inaudible by two green lasers flying past the side of the X-Wing Riker commanded. He fired back blindly, follwed by a scold to himself for being so foolish. Then, Riker heard a small boom. He had hit the target. Upon looking up from his damage recorders, he saw the second TIE heading for the senator's shuttle. Riker quickly knocked it off course and resumed heading for the first. It fired back and took out one of Riker's shields. Riker target locked the fighter back and flew forward. Naturally, the Tie ran away, but Riker unloaded the homing missiles. They landed a direct hit. It was almost destroyed. Then, from his right a laser blast knocked him out of course and sent him spinning away from the senator. He struggled with the controls, and they only responded with an error.

Who will win this battle? Will the escort lead the senator to safety or will the Empire destroy the senator and capture Riker? Give your predictions in the comments and wait for the conclusion update to this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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