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Starlight Entertainment Main Factory Overseer Log #413

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You are currently listening to Starlight Entertainment main factory overseer log #413 of February 20th...
Yesterday subject #32 also known as "The Beast" escaped holding cell #32.
During the escape subject #32 removed the implented tracking device.
It is currently unknown where subject #32 is.
It is possible that subject #32 has left the factory.
One of our employees claims to have seen subject #32 in the western area of the factory.
He claimed that it leaped from on of the upper floors, it seemed to damage it's left leg.
Subject #32 then screamed at the employee, but strangely
did not attack.
Subject #32 then ran away.
The employee described Subject #32 in the following way:
He had exposed feet with sharp "toes", It had sharp claws on it's hands.
It had a large tail and a large vertical stitch mark in the middle of it's torso and head.
It had black eyes with red irises and black pupils.
It had large rat-like ears and four large rat-like teeth in the front of it's mouth, the rest of it's teeth were sharp and cone-like.
A buzzing, static-like noise accompanied subject #32.
This description does not entirely match the description of subject #32, but there are reports of a buzzing, static-like noise accompanying subject #32.
Log off.
CreditScott Cawthon, FNAF_UNIVERSE_MOD

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