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Starship Design: Minecraft Forum - Closed -

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About Starship Design: Minecraft- Starship Design: Minecraft is a new forum that is based on the designing and building of starships in Minecraft. No matter if it's a canon design or not, we welcome any starship that is built or in the planning stages.


How to post a design or ship:

-First you want to sign up at the forum (we prefer you use you Planet Minecraft Username) http://www.starshipdesignminecraft.com

-Once you finished signing up, you now have access to posting new topics under a forum. (you must click the link to the "Board Index" to get to the main forum page)

-For starting a new topic, simply go to the correct forum post, and start a new topic. We welcome advertising, and we hope that it will grow your xp here on PMC.

-Make sure that you post at least one picture of the design or the build.

-And that is all that there is to it.


-We also welcome any suggestions or questions regarding the site, so if you have any ideas, please contact me, or another admin. If you would like to see another forum topic go up, feel free to ask. Ex: if you want to se a page about "How to build ships", just ask an admin, and we will consider your proposal.

-This is also a site to make friends and meet other people, there is a chat area that is currently testing, so feel free to try that out.

-Please keep most posts Star Trek related unless in a forum stated otherwise.

-If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

*This site is still in its testing stages, so things can still be worked out. Thanks!

*Edit- July 4, 2012: New subforum added for those of you that want to post some sci-fi ships other than from Star Trek, these include: Star Wars, Stargate, and Other so far, if you would like to see another popular sci-fi series subforum go up, just leave comment, pm via PMC or the forum.

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Update #1 : by 14jroyer 07/04/2012 9:25:57 pmJul 4th, 2012

New subforum added, see bottom of post for more details.

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07/04/2012 5:03 am
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Ah, I see that the domain is working ^^
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