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Start to Edit! WorldEdit Tutorial

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Wadu436's Avatar Wadu436
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Hello People,
Today i'm gonna do a World Edit tutorial!
WorldEdit is a nice plugin for bukkit made by sk89q.
It is also available for singleplayer using Single Player Commands or Single Player Console mods.

But how do i install this, Wadu?

To install it for bukkit servers, just download the WorldEdit plugin from the WorldEdit BukkitDev page and than drop it in the plugins folder.

For Single Player, i recommend using Single Player Commands, because it has an auto installer.
So first, open your minecraft folder, and Force Update (Don't forget to backup first if you use Forge etc).
Then download the automated installer from this page.
Run the installer and then start Mc, and you have WorldEdit and a lot of other useful commands (Like Noclip)
Those commands only work in SinglePlayer.

And how do i use it, Wadu?

First, i have to explain what selections are and how to create them.
Selections are the basics of WorldEdit.
Without them, you aren't able to move, stack, replace, set, ...

You can create selections with the 'wand'
The wand is a wooden axe.
Theres a shortcut command to get one:

Right and Left click to set the corners of the selection.

Now i'm gonna explain some basic commands.

//set [Block] - This sets your selection to the selected block.
//replace [Block 1] [Block 2] - This replaces all blocks of [Block 1] to Blocks of [Block 2]
//undo - Undo your commands
//redo - Redo your commands
//stack [Amount of times] - Stacks your selections AND contents in the direction you are looking at.
//move [Amount of times] - Moves your selection AND contents in the way you are looking at.
//expand [Blocks] [Direction] - Expands your selection with set amount of blocks in the set direction
//expand vert - Expands your selection from y0 to y256
//contract [Blocks] [Direction] - Contracts your selection with set amount of blocks in the set direction
//cyl [Block] [Radius] [Height] - This creates a cylinder with the set block type, radius and height where you are
//cyl [Block] [Radius] [Height] - This does the same as //cyl, but generates a hollow cylinder instead.
//sphere [Block] [Radius] - Generates a Sphere with the set Block and Radius
//hsphere [Block] [Radius] - Does the same as //sphere but generates a hollow sphere instead.
//count - Counts the number of blocks in your selection
//walls [Block] - Sets the walls of your selection.
//outline [Block] - Sets the walls, floor and ceiling of a selection
//regen - Regenerates the selection based on the World Seed
//copy - Copies the Selection
//paste - Pastes the copied selection

If you have any questions, then don't be afraid to ask them!

And don't forget to Diamond and Subscribe!

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Update #1 : by Wadu436 07/07/2013 3:52:47 pmJul 7th, 2013

New Image :D (PMC was down etc so i couldn't add one yet)

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//wand does not work
05/30/2015 11:34 am
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One problem: I dont have a plugins folder
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