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Starting an Adventure/ Survival Map Tutorial

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Hey everyone, my names Aj678 and first off I'd like to thankyou for taking the time to view my blog. If you enjoy please take the time to give it a diamond and leave with a comment telling me what you like or even things I could improve on. Everything will be appreciated! If you have any ideas for something I should blog about also feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks!

To start a proffesional adventure/ survival map there are only a few simple things you need to know. First off lets start with creating the world. Follow these steps while creating your world. Im trying to make this tutoral as in depth as possible so thats why there is a lot of small steps. 
-Open up Minecraft.
-Click on "Singleplayer"
-Click on "Create New World"
-Once you have pushed "Create New World", name your project.
-Make gamemode survival.
-Click on "More World Options"
-Turn "Generate Structures","Allow Cheats",and "Bonus Chest" off.
-Change "World Type" to Superflat.
-Click on "Customize" under Superflat.
-Click on "Presets"
-In the box with all the numbers that also says village click on it.
-Delete all the text up except the 2 and the semicolan following it.
-Then simply type in 0.
-Click on "Use Preset"
-Click "Done"
-Click "Create New World"
-Once you get in your world you should be falling and dieing. Click ESC (escape)
- Click "Open To Lan"
-Change "Gamemode" to Creative and change "Allow Cheats" to On.
-Click "Start Lan World"
-Then type in "/gamemode 1 @a"
-Then fly up so you dont die.
-Now exit out of the world by clicking Esc (esacpe)
-Then click "Save and Quit to Title"
-Then you are going to want to open up MCEdit.
-Click on "Load World"
-Click on your world name.
-You should see a little steve head in a cage like  box. This is your spawnpoint.
-Doube Click on the box under the the caged steve head.
-Click on "Fill and Replace"
-Click on stone (or whatever block you want)
-Click "Ok"
-Then Click "Fill" Now your done with MCEdit.
-Now hold down Ctrl+S (control+s) (saves world)
-Now hold down Ctrl+W (control+w) (closes world)
-Now you can go back into your world and start building.
-If you ever want to use commands again simply re-open the world up to LAN and enable cheats.

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