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Stay True texture pack: Plain birch leaves

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Level 29 : Expert Archer
It appears like Stay True's issue of missing oak leaves has been resolved recently with update 23. This advice was for an older copy of Stay True without a functional texture for oak leaves.


Ever wanted to use the Stay True texture pack but absolutely hate how the foliage for birch leaves are modified? After hours of tinkering and tooling around, with absolutely no prior experience using this texture pack, this post will assist you in undoing all of the changes to birch leaves.

The problem

Even though Trrigg has some resources for people who wish to restore some semblance of normality to trees, there are some unfortunate problems. To understand any solution, it must be prefaced with an issue to solve. Detailed below:

No bushy leaves

The pack is outdated, according to Minecraft because its pack.mcmeta file hasn't been modified for use on 1.16. Not only that, the Stay True pack provided from CurseForge as of this writing — Update 21 — has a completely transparent texture for oak leaves, which means when using the no bushy leaves addon for Stay True from the original author, nothing shows for it, which makes the addon look broken even though it's the main texture pack.

Green Birch leaves

There is no pack for this. And there probably will never be. Don't ask about the pack I published recently, that never happened. But that doesn't mean the problem is unfixable. Yet when a user does the obvious — replace the stuff in /assets/minecraft/textures/block with the contents of green_birch_leaves, not all of the foliage changes. For people completely unfamiliar with OptiFine mods, they never would think to check in the optifine directory without assistance like this.

Solution #1: Hotfix the archives

Fortunately, this solution is simple, easy and is provided by the author. Unfortunately, it requires some file operations some users might not be comfortable with. So get ready to depart from your comfort zone and do some work for getting rid of the oriental autumn vibe Trrigg was trying to go for.

No bushy leaves

This is really three problems:
Outdated pack
Open ST_NoBushyLeaves.zip and use your text editor to modify pack.mcmeta. Change pack_format to 6 and save — If prompted by your archival tool, update copy in pack.
Oak leaves not rendering
They render, but with a 100% transparent texture. Open Stay+True_1.16.zip and navigate to assets/minecraft/textures/block. Delete oak_leaves.png — this is the problem texture which makes the complimentary pack appear broken. Once done, the leaves should render as normal, with Minecraft using the default oak leaves texture.
Birch leaves are still brown
This is because Stay True does not assume you are going to want green leaves for some dumb reason. Thanks Trrigg. Anyway, simply replace the image in /assets/minecraft/textures/block for ST_NoBushy:eaves.zip with the green copy from Stay True, using the solution defined below should you want green leaves instead.

Green Birch leaves

This is two problems — kind of. Fortunately no extra downloads are necessary, but it requires some tinkering with the original pack. First open Stay+True_1.16 (if not already opened), navigate to assets/minecraft/textures/block/green_birch_leaves and copy the three .png files shown there.
Vanilla textures
Go one level up from where green_birch_leaves are and paste the three files in your system's clipboard to /assets/minecraft/textures/block.
OptiFine textures
Go another level up and paste the three files from your system's clipboard to the other two directory paths:
  • /assets/minecraft/optifine/ctm/leaves/birch_leaves/cherry_blossom
  • /assets/minecraft/optifine/ctm/leaves/birch_leaves/orange
After performing these two file operations, you will have green birch leaves all of the time, every time.

This can also be peformed with extracted copies (as in, using them unpacked) and if you'd like to keep the original archives untouched then this would be one way of resolving the issue. The other is a bit more involved, and is really only to itch my Linux scratch as a display of competency with open-source software.

Solution #2: Symlink all of the things

Moved to another blog post so people who would like to comment aren't intimidated by a bunch of technical stuff.

Solution #3: Roll your own pack

Created in this blog post to keep this one from being too lengthy.

Image credits

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Stay True logo: Trrigg
Enchanted book: Mojang


Stay True texture pack by Trrigg

5 Update Logs

Oak leaves texture has been fixed. : 02/09/2021 2:55:26 pmFeb 9th

Posting this as a reminder to not delete oak_leaves.png because Trrigg has remedied that. Thank you!

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02/07/2021 3:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
femas avatar
hey, how do i open the file to where i can edit the leaf color to green? sorry i am new to using minecraft on a computer and just wanted to edit the color
02/08/2021 9:53 pmhistory
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Hebgbs avatar
Extract the resource pack into your game profile's resourcepacks directory and use it unpacked. If you wish not to do that, then modify the contents of the pack using any variety of built-in / third-party archival tools. Since Microsoft Windows Vista this functionality has been built into Windows Explorer, not certain if Apple's OS X Finder application has similar functionality.

Please don't do that noob thing where you skim through stuff and tell me you still do not understand, all relevant paths are in my various blogs regarding this topic. Read them.
01/11/2021 9:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3377301G avatar
This is really useful! I'm having the opposite problem; I want the cherry blossom leaves but it defaults to orange. I did some tinkering but it only made the leaves green. I've tried deleting the green/orange folders, moving the green_birch_leaves file around, even going into the pink .properties files and trying to change the biomes where birch leaves spawn (which I couldn't do) but the birch trees are still orange. Do you know how to fix that? thanks!
01/11/2021 10:28 pmhistory
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Hebgbs avatar
You monster. People like you are why we can't have nice things.

Anyway, from a fresh copy of Stay True I was able to achieve this simply by replacing the textures in assets/minecraft/textures/block and assets/minecraft/optifine/ctm/leaves/birch_leaves/orange with the ones from cherry_blossom.

Funny enough, for a while I thought orange was never used as a directory for textures but it seems like it is. Since you mentioned deleting orange, copying or linking cherry_blossom — either its directory as orange, or its files into a directory named orange — is also an option.

Have fun.
01/01/2021 4:35 pm
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Hebgbs avatar
I got my Linux shell script to work finally. I kept insisting it did, but it had not until some time tinkering with it.

I don't think I am going to do it for Windows, I have a part 3 for this planned as well for people whho want to just create something they can give their friends, by rolling their own texture pack rather than this fix-it bullocks.
12/31/2020 6:37 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
585 avatar
Were you asked to take down the ready-to-use archive you posted yesterday?

I just read your post in total, sorry for the question :D
12/31/2020 11:11 amhistory
Level 29 : Expert Archer
Hebgbs avatar
Yeah that happened. I figured they would get me for that. Maybe if i phrased things a bit differently it would not had been taken down.

Funny enough thay hadn't prosecuted me for Deeve's Glazed Terracotta yet because that's just plagiarism full stop but I feel like they give me a pass on that for a few reasons;
  1. If I were to recreate the work, there wouldn't be proofs for originality anyway (hence, if this were an idea people would want, somebody else could just reproduce the effort and republish anyway, but not me).
  2. The author is unlikely to respond, having been inactive for so long, and I had both given credit to the original author at the best of my capability and encouraged visitation of the original mod.
  3. I uploaded in part content modified for use with post-flattening Minecraft rather than the whole thing in a dysfunctional form for newer versions.
For the submission that was taken down, I was kind of going to war against Trrigg's decisions for Stay True. I apologize for that mentality, but the man's a level 50 user. That implies some degree of experience with not just this website, but Minecraft modding in general, even though Trrigg made the Stay True pack so you had to mod it further to remove from it and the official mod to remove the bushiness from leaves appears to break it because the original pack is broken, as I had explained in my post.

It just pisses me off. And I do hope someone can compel Trrigg to read this blog post because for update 22 I really would like the modified birch leaves and bushy leaves to be an optional addon, rather than create mods to subtract from the work which requires more files on whatever device Minecraft is played on.
12/31/2020 12:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
585 avatar
I agree. I didn't like the orange and pink leaves, but replacing the files with the vanilla grey ones didn't work for me so I just made the texture green... Kinda sad that the proper solution is so complicated that it needs a lengthy guide. Thank you for your work though, I was able to nab the pack from yesterday so I don't have to do it myself :)
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