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Steve (For Boss's Contest)

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avatar RisingNinja
Level 8 : Apprentice Mage
Our Minecraft Hero...named Steve...who was the legendary known Minecraftian..
*Contest Entry*


So, actually, we are gonna talk about an hero right? Welp! Some people call him noob. But he is not an noob. So, some of good people believed in him, as he saved the world. He fought so many jerks and monsters, he is legendary known...as Steve. Steve is an hero of Minecraftia, since Minecraft was created. Some of peoples treats people who are in Steve skin as noob, some of people feel bad about that :/
So here is an long story, which will make you understand who is Steve.

Long-Long ago...

This is the day of when Steve was called noob.

Steve was spawned in world, where there are towns and couple of heroes. Steve was not happy, that how he is treated as a noob. He wanted to solve the problem on his own, he only lived in dirt house, because he doesn't surely knows what it is. Now-a-days. Steve didn't wanted to see these peoples...his friend calls him, so he won't be captured by someone. His friend is good friend of him, he helps Steve to make him learn that he can do it. Now Steve was told by Sensei, to do an mission. It was Steve's training. He had to search for the hidden man in black cloth and take him back to Sensei. Steve felt scared as he was closing his eyes. He has already touched man in black cloth, he pulled his cloth and took him to Sensei. Well, he did it. He now had to do an parkour. (jumping from hut to another hut in town) He felt scared again, because he scared of dying. He ain't gonna die while doing such a parkour. He did the parkour. Step by step, now he had to do 4 blocks jump, will he be able to do it? Sure why not. Because he can do it with some courage and bravery. He did it all. Now, Sensei told him to fight zombies and save his town from them. He fought the zombies as he was swinging his iron sword while eyes closed.

Some hours of fighting zombies

He fought them all in one shot. He shouldn't close his eyes. Now, he had to go to mining alone, and get diamonds. He was scared, but he did it. Wanna know how? He just place torches everywhere and got the diamond..He thinks so smart, but not much. Now it was his final test, Sensei told him to fight enderdragon, he just gave him diamond armor, as well given bow and arrows. So Steve, was really-really scared, he wasted his 20 stacks of arrows. And also won. Hardly to know, He is no longer scared of things, because of his final test. Now, Steve was ultimately challenged to fight Herobrine. Steve doesn't agrees, to fight him because it turns out madness..Herobrine was really difficult to defeat. No one in such a world can defeat him, he haves couple of powers, he is not
ordinary ghost. He is an legendary mysterious creature who haves very much power, Steve uses to remember that his brother was stabbed by Herobrine's devil hammer. It's possible to get rid of his devil hammer. Devil hammer was legendary weapon in Minecraftia, the creator of the weapon is Herobrine. You know how? Herobrine used with his madness and possessiveness to the ordinary hammer, and made it devil hammer. If an ordinary human touches it, they can rather die. There is no way, that the hammer could be touched by an ordinary human.

So, some months later..

Steve was enchanting his sword, he wanted to fight Herobrine, he felt for it. Steve was packing his stuffs up, to go on adventure to Herobrine's castle. It's dangerous for an human to go, but Steve dared. Now-now, Steve fought some of the giant monsters like giant zombie pigman (Not so huge It's boss one). So, Steve was not enough scared, he entered to Gate Of Darknessand he saw an huge bridge way, he had his horse, so he ran with it, but horse stopped, because it sensed something. An lava hand came off and, some type of monster named Lava-Graneyasra Steve looked at it, it attacked Steve, Steve jumped off the horse and horse got a step back. Steve jumped over Lava-Graneyasra and he attacked it eye. So Steve ran away because it was about to explode. Just like an creeper. Steve went off running to the long bridge, there were lots of Lava-Monsters, so horse attacked them. So Steve, finally reached to Herobrine's castle. A sign said

"Don't Enter Or Suffer With Death"

It had totally blood on it, and skeleton heads were there. It was danger to enter, but Steve entered. Steve saw someone coming flying..
So, Herobrine came and vanished, he left a book. Book says:

"Your fooled, now I can easily destroy your town."

Steve went back in hurry, because it was too late, he had to protect this town. His horse got in high speed there, they reached in time, and totally 1 hour. The town was full of fire, but Steve attacked Herobrine from back, they fought, till the end. Steve won't be like lying behind like a noob. So, Herobrine and Steve fought till the end. When Steve got so much hurt, he took his TNT out. And Herobrine was coming to him at high speed, Steve blew up the TNT, and they both fell into the lava...none of them survived.. Steve was dead..in the lava. People came to lava where they fell, and felt sad for Steve. He saved them from Herobrine. Now...

2 Years Later...

The town was rebuilt by the peoples and there was statue of the man, the one who is legendary hero known as...

The End.

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Thanks 4 Readig!

09/22/2013 3:18 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Answer
I think you overused Steve. I mean you only need to phrase back a name if another person is introduced or named. It was a bit annoying to read Steve every 2-4 sentences. Otherwise, good story.
09/23/2013 6:09 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Mage
Sorry, i'm lazy to do dat :/
I'll fix dis shit soon.
09/22/2013 2:07 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Ninja
Haha nice. this was interesting to read.
09/22/2013 11:59 am
Level 41 : Master Artist
Good luck. It was actually a pleasant read.
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