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Steve NPC Mods 1.3.2?

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Lord Nerobrine avatar Lord Nerobrine
Level 18 : Journeyman Taco
The new update for Minecraft came out about 1 day ago, the 1.3.2 update. Most of these 1.3.1 mods do not work on my 2 computers and laptop. The mod I want the most is a working NPC mod, where you can use a spawn egg to spawn Steve from Minecraft. I don't know how to make these mods, except it has something to do with .class files... Mineshafter has not updated to 1.3.2 yet so I'm pretty boned right now, but when it does, somebody please send me a Steve NPC mod. The only working mod that I know you could spawn Steve and Herobrine, is the More Mobs mod for 1.3.1. I was very displeased with this mod as to how it would crash my game, forcing me to restart my entire computer. Private message me if you have a working 1.3.2 Steve NPC mod. I would like to have characters with me in Superflat...

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