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Steve's Adventure 3: The Dark Lord

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avatar Dark is Quiksilver
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
Find out what happens to Steve in the final instalment in the Steve's Adventure series.


Steve and Notch ran to a wooden hut. Herobrine had landed on top of a mound of dirt. He was transforming into a man. They got inside and Steve found a display case with armour and weapons in it. Notch looked at him and Steve knew what to do. He put on the armour and grabbed a sword. Everything he took was made of diamonds. He rushed outside and saw people lying face down. The seemed to be transforming into square people. Steve Charged at Herobrine but when he tried to get close he was thrown backwards. Herobrine laughed a low and cold laugh. Steve realised he needed to power down Herobrine and pulled out a bow. He fired three arrows in succession. Herobrine deflected them and they hurtled back with greater speed and power. Steve threw himself to the left and avoided them. Herobrine could deflect all his attacks. Suddenly one of the square figures on the ground rose and rushed forward. He ran right up to Herobrines body and punched him. The person exploded in a cloud of white light. And then out of the light came a figure. Lucy emerged from the light and said "Steve help us!". Herobrine laughed again. "If you want them back you better come and get them!" he cried and then he disappeared in a black cloud of smoke taking Lucy with him.


Steve yelled LUCY!! and charged to the spot Herobrine had been standing. Notch emerged from the hut and said "I know where he is" in a wise voice, "He is in the mountain. I know a way in." Steve and Notch headed towards the large mountain in the centre of the island. They reached a tunnel that led deep into the rock. Notch stopped. "This is your path Steve. I cannot venture any further. I wish you good luck. Read this when the time is right." He handed Steve a letter. Steve nodded and headed into the mountain. He reached a large cave and heard the popping sound of lava. Steve rushed to the end. There they were. Herobrine sitting in a throne. Jake and Lucy chains to a large mast. Steve walked across a bridge to the nether rack platform. Herobrine grinned and stood up. Steve felt something suddenly bulge in his pocket. He reached inside and felt a block of TNT and a lighter. He understood. He could not survive as it was not his destiny. He pulled them out. The shrank as they emerged from his pocket. So Herobrine did not notice them. He charged and was thrown back. Herobrine cast a shadow ver him and he felt something about him change. He looked down. He had become square. Steve thought about the square man earlier who had approached Herobrine. He charged at Herobrine pulling out his diamond sword and ran Herobrine through with it. When he looked back he saw it had vanished. Herobrine was not even wounded. Steve charged again and yelled goodbye to lucy as he lit the TNT. He hugged Herobrine when he reached him. Herobrine threw him off a second before the TNT exploded. Steve felt relief as he saw Herobrines body blasted to pieces. But horror as he saw himself fly over the platform and soar down towards the lava.


Steve woke up not remembering anything. He felt groggy. He saw leaves above him. A forest. He got up and set out to collect some wood.

Notch rushed into the cave and saw Herobrine explode and Steve almost plunge into the lava but then he released his power and started a new world.

Steve felt something in his pocket. He pulled it out. It was a letter. It said: Steve if you are reading this then you will have succeeded. You will be in a new world and not remember anything. But remember this Steve. He will return and when he does he will be stronger than ever. And he will return when you remember. When the land you roam in becomes populated again. And when that time comes you will need the diamonds of the earth, The lava of the nether and the power of the creeper to stop him. Good luck Steve.

Yours sincerely

Notch, The Creator.


08/15/2012 4:05 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
Nice verk!
Diamond rating 10/10!
08/14/2012 10:45 pm
Level 27 : Expert Unicorn
The picture = Minecraft in real life.
08/15/2012 10:00 am
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
Dark is Quiksilver
Yes. I am crap at making images like that and i give machinma full credit for the image.
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