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Steve's Plan - A herobrine Mythos contest entry!

Made by me again. Weird lighting

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avatar Arkady
Level 46 : Master Nerd
Sorry if its a bit messy, but here we go:

As Steve wrote his survival guide, Steve tried to parkour his way out. Just that one last step, and he misses. Took 19 Half Hearts damage, he almost died. As he woke, he realized that he had cobblestones. He makes his way up by pillaring. The cold wind blows in the dark forest. Steve quickly ran through the forest, expecting to see home. After minutes of running, he saw a figure. An unidentified figure standing at the dark, with glowing white eyes. Steve slowly turn his back, too slow the figure already took place at his back. Then it rushed through him. The figure grabbed Steve’s neck, and it warned Steve; “How dare you set afoot on my lands”. Steve’s body trembled in fear. And the figure disappeared. As soon as possible, Steve ran away from it. Just then he found a village. He communicated with the villagers about his sighting. At first, the villagers didn’t believed. But one of them, named Alex, has explored that forest, and he has experienced same as Steve. Alex told everyone about the creature. Alex also stated that there’s a book about the creature at the nearby library. But it’s late in the night, so the villagers doesn’t want to take Steve to the library, but promised that they would take him the next day. As the villagers enter their houses, Steve was left alone. One of the villagers invited Steve to sleep in their village, but he refused. Steve then go to the library, searched every book. And he encountered this book called: “The tale of Herobrine”. Steve read it, and now he knows the creature, Herobrine. The next day, Steve took a tour to the village. After that, he ran to the nearest Blacksmith. He bought the best armor in the village, including a sword. As soon as got the armors, he left the village. He goes back to the forest, planning to kill Herobrine. “The forest seems so quite, just like I’m being watched.” Steve said in his mind. He heard footsteps, cracklings and the wind. That crept him out. He draws his shiny sword, enchanted with sharpness and unbreaking. A horde of zombies are coming. Steve thinks quickly, and came up with an idea. He can’t fight the horde, so he climbed the nearest tree and vanished into the leaves. As he watch the horde pass by he realized someone is watching the horde as his side. That crept him out, that he almost fell to the horde.

“I already told you not to come in this forest,” said Herobrine“

I’ll kill you, Herobrine!” said Steve with a mad voice
“Can you?” said Herobrine before he vanished.

As the horde pass by, Steve continued his search for herobrine.
Steve found another figure, as he thought it was herobrine. He rushed to it, but he was mistaken. It was Alex, she’s here to help Steve. As the two found herobrine, Steve attacked him in the front while Alex attacked on the back. They missed, and as expected; they will have an epic battle! After a couple of hours, the three we’re tired fighting. Because they’re tired, Steve took his chance. Steve climbed the nearest tree and jumped into herobrine, slashing his back. But before herobrine died, he cursed the sword that Steve uses. Anyone who uses that would have everlasting powers, but sacrificing they’re soul to herobrine. Steve didn’t hesitate, but he just slashed it into his head and he left it. And the forest is now a safe place. Steve also encountered some herobrine nightmares, but he believed he already killed herobrine. And they lived happily every after.
But is herobrine, really dead?

And that's all guys, thank you for reading. Give me feedbacks about it, I'll appreciate it. And diamonds, its the best thing to have(and to give). Well if you want to know the secrets on how to make stories, check THIS out! Also there's nothing more from me, so gooooooddd Byyyee!

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