Stop With the teen skins!

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avatar slayerviper914
Level 21 : Expert Robot
hello Slayers and people, my name is SlayerViper914! it's just about a thing that i really hate, TEEN SKINS.
i know i also make them but not too much, i found a level 22 expert nerd who is really using lots of teen skins.
Teen skins are skins that are overused, teen skins have 4 block eyes(2 in top, 2 in bottom) and wears
hooddie or shirt with creeper in back, long jeans and shoes for boys. Weird dress, boots or shoes and long jeans for girls. Oh don't forget headphones

Here is an example/suspect of a skin who is overused.


and the description i read, its like "ohh itz a beyutifulllz skin, it tookh meyy 100 yearzz(10 decades or 1 century if you want) toow make this skinz."

and a girl skin is like "PLLLZZ like thizz skin, it took me 2 millenia to make this beauty"

Stop making this skin, you should make skins like this, a very good example.


funny, classic and derpy! it only took them 1 hour, and good description!

that's the end.

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