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❤☮☼ℓ℧иαℜ❤☮☼ Story Of A Jedi: Sith Return | Part 1!

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I've been wanting to post this story that I wrote for a while, but now because of Elenwen's Story Contest, It reminded me.
I'm pretty sure it's much longer then 100 words so.... yeah lol xD
[center][b](It's a Star Wars The Old Republic Fanfiction) [/b]
[b]Just so you know, all the triple spacing is by accident :,I I cern't ferx ert.[/b]
[b]Soooo... here ya go.
Story of a Jedi: Sith Return[/size]
Written By: Charlotte Lundy
Title Picture By: Mckenzie Marlin


[left]“We’ve got no time! We have to get out of here.” my husband said. I looked at Spera.[/left]

[left]“Who’s going to care for Spera and teach her to become Jedi? How do we know she’s safe? She’s a newborn baby!” I heard the sith racing down the hall into the hangar.[/left]

[left]My husband looked at me, his face showing sincere seriousness. “The Force is with her.”[/left]

[left]I unwillingly put Spera in the small baby cradle and stuck a teddy bear in there with her. “I love you.” I said as we got on the ship and the airlock closed. As the ship blasted away, I watched the small dot of my daughter’s cradle getting smaller, and smaller until the roof of the hangar made it so I couldn’t see her anymore. I instantly regretted it and started to cry.

[b]Chapter One[/b][/left]

[left]“Do I get to use a lightsaber yet?” I asked Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left]“Patience, young one.” She said. “You haven’t completed the first part of training yet! You need to use the force to guide you.”[/left]

[left]“Fine.” I said and smiled. It’s hard to argue with her. There was a knock at the door. I went to get it. It was an Imperial tax collector. Again.[/left]

[left]“Tax, now.” He said, holding his hand out. Aunt Maple took out the last of our money.[/left]

[left]“But we only have a few pennies left-“[/left]

[left]“Hand it over.” He demanded.[/left]

[left]“Will it be enough?” She asked.[/left]

[left]“NOW!!!” He yelled at her. Aunt Maple gave him the rest of our money and he slammed the door, which got me mad.[/left]

[left]“Why do we give him our money when he speaks to us that way?”  [/left]

[left]Aunt Maple sighed. “It’s their planet. Not ours.”[/left]

[left]“It was ours.” I said. “Why don’t you just attack them? You’re a Jedi!”[/left]

[left]“Shhhh! Sith are always listening, Spera! Besides, I’m not in any shape for battles anymore. That’s why I’m teaching you.”[/left]

[left]“Why don’t we just leave?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“I wish it was that easy. First of all, we would need a ship, which we don’t have the money for, secondly, you need to learn more of the Jedi way first as you are not ready to lead us to safety.” I sighed.[/left]

[left]“Okay. I guess that means more training?” She smiled.[/left]

[left]“Yes, now close your eyes, and reach out with your feelings.”[/left]


[left]“Close them.”[/left]

[left]“Fine.” I said. I closed my eyes and waited. Then something hit my arm and I opened my eyes. “Hey! What was that for?” I asked. Aunt Maple frowned. “This might take a while.” she said.[/left]

[left]Then someone else knocked at the door. This time I let Aunt Maple get it, and phew, it was only the mailman.[/left]

[left]“Letter for Spera Chamen.” He said. I took it hastily, excited to have a letter for the first time in my life.[/left]

[left]Citizen Spera Chamen,[/left]

[left]You are hereby commanded to attend the sith academy tomorrow at 8:00 am. You will be given trials to see if the force is with you. If you pass, you will be granted the glorious opportunity to be sith. Failure is not an option.
You will report to Overseer Sto-ji. And remember:[/left]

[left]Peace is a lie, there is only passion.[/left]

[left]Through passion I gain strength.[/left]

[left]Through strength I gain power.[/left]

[left]Through power I gain victory, and through victory, my chains are broken.[/left]

[left]The force shall set me free.[/left]

[left]Glory to the Empire,[/left]

[left]Admissions office, Korriban academy[/left]

[left]“This will be fun.” I said dryly as I gave the letter to Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Two[/b][/left]

[left]After a whole Sunday afternoon getting hit with things, it was time for me to go to bed. “I’m scared for tomorrow.” I said. “Do I have to go to the sith academy? I mean, if you haven’t noticed, we aren’t sith!”[/left]

[left]“Yes, but If you don’t go, they will get suspicious. Just remember, you know you aren’t sith. Don’t turn. And whatever you do, do not show weakness! They will kill you right on the spot.” Aunt Maple said sadly. A shiver went down my spine.[/left]

[left]“What do you mean don’t show weakness?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“They will ask you to do horrible, mean things. The bad thing is, you will have to do them or - well - they’ll kill you.” She gave me, a warm hug. “I’m sorry, Spera. We don’t have much choice.” She stood up and walked to the door. “Goodnight. I’m sure you’ll do great.”[/left]

[left]“Night Aunt Maple.” I said as she turned off the light. All night I had nightmares about going to the Sith Academy. What kind of trials will they give me? What if I fail so bad at a trial they take me home and kill me right in front of Aunt Maple? Or what if they took me home and killed Aunt Maple really slowly right in front of me, then kill me even slower? What if they found out that we were part of The Republic? They would probably kill me and Aunt Maple the slowest way possible! I need to do this. The whole planet depends on it. I am not sith. I will never truly join them.
I awoke early from my nightmares, gathering myself together I started to meditate on my bed as Aunt Maple taught me, banishing my fears for the moment and making me feel relaxed.[/left]

[left]When I finished, Aunt Maple came in to get my armor ready. Then, out of the closet, she got a long case.[/left]

[left]“What’s that for?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“I’ll show you.” I got up off my bed.[/left]

[left]She pulled it open and I saw a well worn hilt attached a metal pole with 4 energy strips running from the hilt to the tip. She pulled it out.[/left]

[left]“YES! My own training sabre!” I said as she gave it to me.[/left]

[left]“Remember, Spera, this is to be used for defense, only.”[/left]

[left]Does that mean I can’t attack? I clicked the button and it lit up. “Cool!”[/left]

[left]Aunt Maple looked at the clock.
“You need to go! If you don’t go now, you will be late.” I quickly got dressed in my armor.[/left]

[left]“Aunt Maple, either way, succeeding or failing, what if I’ll never see you again?”[/left]

[left]“We can holocall.” She explained, giving me a holocommunicator. “If you succeed, people will think you as a sith, so you would be strong enough to leave the planet. If you don’t succeed...” she faltered. We both know what would happen if I didn't succeed.[/left]

[left]“Where do I put my training saber?” I asked her.[/left]

[left]“Your chest plate has a magnet on your right shoulder blade, so you can just put your training sabre there.” I put my training sabre on my back.[/left]

[left]“Bye Aunt Maple. Don’t worry, I will succeed.” I gave her a big hug and walked out the door and down the street. The townspeople outside ran indoors, thinking I was sith. I looked at the ground so I didn’t have to see the terror on their faces. I took a speeder to Arakis Spaceport, and there, I got on a shuttle to Korriban. Just as the door shut I said, “Goodbye Arakis. I will not miss you.”[/left]

Chapter Three[/b][/left]

[left]When the shuttle landed, I ran out to get fresh air, as the shuttle was stuffy and smelled of sweat and fear. I walked toward the building and looked around. With sand everywhere, it looked like a desert, but the beautiful cliff, rock patterns, and statues of great sith standing atop of mountains made up for it.[/left]

[left]“Are you Spera?” I heard someone with a sith voice say. Oh no, I forgot to practice my sith voice! I looked at where the woman’s voice came from. The women was a bit taller than me with blond hair in a ponytail, with a huge scar going across her face. Her eyes were a dark scarlet, which startled me. I glanced at her lightsaber then back at her.[/left]

[left]“Yes I am.” I said. She glared at me with her intense eyes.[/left]

[left]“I am Overseer Sto-ji. For your first trial you will go through the tomb of Ajunta Pall. On the other side is where you’ll find the sith academy. Fail, and you will die.” I nodded and started on my way. For some reason I felt that she was trying to make me hate her. I walked out of the building and down the ramp. I was in such deep thought, a K’lor’slug attacked me from behind! I got a big bite on my back and I slashed it with my training saber.[/left]

[left]“Oww. Bet there will be lots more in the tomb.” I thought aloud.[/left]

[left]“Right on that.” A girl behind me said. I turned and looked at her. She had long, wavy, dirty blond hair in a ponytail and the tell-tale bits of metal implants along her scared face and jawline, named her a cyborg. Her eyes were a mix of purple and blue. As she gathered the dark side of the force around her, a dark red light shone from her hands and head, and the bite on my back disappeared.[/left]

[left]“Thanks!” I said. “How did you do that?” She rolled her eyes.[/left]

[left]“Healing! Can’t you do it? You basically just - well - focus on healing yourself.” I started to concentrate. Light blue light floated around me, an obvious sign I was from the Republic.[/left]

[left]“Whoa...” she said. I held my breath. What if she found out I was good? She would probably kill me on the spot. “That looks different. I’m Shohna. What’s your name?” I sighed, relieved.[/left]

[left]“Spera.” I said.[/left]

[left]“Want to team up to fight in the tombs? It would mean we would both be less likely to die.” Shohna asked and I nodded.[/left]

[left]“Fair enough.”[/left]

Chapter Four[/b][/left]

[left]“Come on!” she pulled me toward the tomb.[/left]

[left]We got all the way through fighting side by side. Who knew two melee fighters could fight so well together? When we got out of the creepy tomb, our jaws dropped at the scenery of the sith academy. The academy was built into a mountain and there were two statues of people on either side of the entrance that made me shiver, because they looked like they were struggling under the weight of the triangular roof.[/left]

[left]“Whoa.” I said. “It’s huge!” Shohna looked surprised too.[/left]

[left]“I thought it would look impressive, but not this impressive!” she said, exasperated.[/left]

[left]“Let’s go.” I said, not wanting to be late. When we walked in someone talked to us about seeing a powerful sith named Overseer Godemder to learn some fighting tricks. That could be useful. When got in main room was even more impressive! There was two ramps going up to the next floor, with a huge relic shaped as a triangular prism in the middle of the room. The gigantic relic had ancient writing and pictures on it’s sides.[/left]

[left]We walked down a hall to the and into Overseer Sto-ji’s chamber.[/left]

[left]“Ah yes, our late comers have arrived.” She glared at us. “If you’re late again you will pay. Now, so you all know, Darth Veevus thinks that you garbage have a chance of becoming her Apprentice. Only one of you can be her Apprentice, and obviously it will be Kahlendra here." Kahlendra had short black hair, green eyes, and a very smug look on her face. "She will crush you all as easy as a toddler can squish an ant.” Overseer Sto-ji said. Kahlendra smiled devilishly.[/left]

[left]“If you slaves won’t die in the tombs by K’lor’slugs I’d be more than happy to kill you myself.” Kahendra said shooting glancing at every-one of us.[/left]

[left]“Tempting,” Shohna said. “but I’ll pass.”[/left]

[left]“Silence fool!” Overseer Sto-ji yelled “Now most of you know your trials, go. I’ll bring Kahlendra and our late comers up to speed. Now Spera and Shohna, you must go to the jails and decide three criminals fates. Decide wisely. Now leave.” We ran out of the chamber.[/left]

[left]“Nice gal.” I said. Shohna giggled. “Let’s go pay Overseer Godemder a visit.” When got in the room we learned a few abilities. Then we went over to the jails.[/left]

[left]“Hello. I’m Inquisitor Salve. Overseer Sto-ji said you two will be deciding the fate of these criminals.” We waited for him to continue. “What are you waiting for? Go do it. I’ll watch your progress.”[/left]

[left]The first prisoner was a girl with short blonde hair, brown eyes and she looked very professional with her high-class armor and shot guns.[/left]

[left]“That’s Safie Demmings.” Inquisitor Salve said. ”She was sent to kill Darth Veevus herself! But she was caught.”[/left]

[left]“Get it through that damn pea brain of yours!" she said. "I’m on no one side! I live on Hutta and I work for whoever pays! I didn’t know how important Darth Veevus was. I was hired anonymously.”[/left]

[left]“Hmm.” I said. Me and Shohna went to the other side of the room and whispered to each other.[/left]

[left]“She could be useful.” Shohna said. “She’s pretty good at fighting… hmm… hey, maybe she could be of use.”[/left]

[left]“Sure.” I said. We walked to the cage.[/left]

[left]“But at the same time she failed her task. Maybe we should just kill her.” Shohna said.
“Wait!” Safie said. backing up a bit. “I can be useful!”[/left]

[left]Shohna sighed. “Very well.” We went to the other side of the room again.[/left]

[left]“How are we supposed to trust her?”[/left]

[left]“Pff!” she said. “Trust is for weaklings. Come on!”[/left]

[left]“Fine.” I said, not wanting Shohna to think I was a weakling. We walked back to Inquisitor Salve. “We choose to have her as my companion.” I said.[/left]

[left]Shohna eyed Safie. “Any mess ups...” she said as she lifted her war blade.[/left]

[left]“Interesting.” He said. He clicked a button and the jail door opened.[/left]

[left]“I don’t work for free.” Safie said. Shohna shook her head. “You will work for Spera, or you will die.” Safie glared at me.[/left]

[left]“This next one is Shostal Odair.” Inquisitor Salve said. “He was Jedi and he decided to join the sith. We have him here for all the things he’s done to our order. We haven’t decided to take him out yet, and now it’s your call.”[/left]

[left]“I will do anything for the sith. Let me prove myself worthy.” Shostal said. We went to the corner again.[/left]

[left]“If he really wants to be sith let him. If he dies, he dies.” I said trying to act like a sith. “Why don’t we let him out too?”[/left]

[left]“Okay, well, he is pretty cute.” Shohna said. I rolled my eyes and smiled as we walked back to the cages. “We choose to have him as my companion.”[/left]

[left]“Okay.” Inquisitor Salve said as he opened the cage. “This next one is a bit of a mystery. Her name is Katy-liin Morta. She was sent on a mission in a tomb. She failed. When she came out, she had gone mad and killed 5 Imperial soldiers. When we took her into custody, she slowly turned back to normal, but now she’s a weak wretch. We believe she has no strength any longer. It’s your choice what to do with her now.”[/left]

[left]“P-please spare me. I-I j-just want t-to go ho-home.” She said. I instantly felt really sorry for her.
“No thought needs to be put into this one right, Spera?” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“What do you m-?” I started to say as she took out her war blade and stabbed Katy-liin right in the chest.[/left]

[left]“Let’s go back to Overseer Sto-ji and hope we’re not late.” She said. I looked at the body. Shohna can easily do the same thing to me if she wanted to.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Five[/b][/left]

[left]When we got back to Overseer Sto-ji’s chamber, we were right on time. “Now, Darth Veevus looked through all your evaluations.” Overseer Sto-ji said. “Tiff-anne, step forward.” She stepped forward. "Even a lunatic like Inquisitor Salve could sense your weakness. Kahlendra, kill her.”[/left]

[left]“My pleasure.” She said. Tiff-anne started to run, but Kahlendra shot her with lightning.[/left]

[left]“Very good Kahlendra.” Overseer Sto-ji said. “Now, Shohna and Spera, you took two of them as your companions. Why?”[/left]

[left]“Safie’s skills are very good, ma’am, so I chose her to be my companion.” I said not looking at her eyes.[/left]

[left]“Shohna, why did you allow this shrimp to be your companion?” Overseer Sto-ji said pointing at Shostal.[/left]

[left]“I did because I wanted to give him a chance to be sith. He succeeded at his tasks while his was Jedi, ma’am. He shows no weaknesses-”
“That's enough. Kahlendra kill hi-“[/left]

[left]“I hope I’m not interrupting anything... important.” I heard a very, very sith-like voice say. She said 'important like she couldn't care less what we were doing. Everyone turned around. It was Darth Veevus.[/left]

[left]“What are you doing here?” Overseer Sto-ji asked a bit startled.[/left]

[left]“Are you saying,” Darth Veevus said, “a great Dark Lord of the sith is not allowed to go where she wants in the sith academy?”[/left]

[left]“No, Darth Veevus.” Overseer Sto-ji said.[/left]

[left]“Now, I came here to tell Spera and Shohna their next trials because they did so well in their last one.” She said. “You must go to the tomb of Marka Ragnos and find me his ancient scroll. It could be anywhere in that tomb. It might not even be there. Come back without the scroll and I’ll let Overseer Sto-ji kill you anyway she wants. Dismissed.”[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Six[/b][/left]

[left]We quickly walked out of the room. When we got out, a sith slave stopped us.[/left]

[left]“I have question for you. Are you among the truly loyal? Or do you hide treason in your heart?” he asked.[/left]

[left]“I- well I-” I started to say but Shohna stepped forward.[/left]

[left]“What an incredibly rude question! You know what I do to people who give me a hard time?” she took out her war blade.[/left]

[left]“Look,” he said while backing up. “I’m supposed to ask people this. Lord Subdola told me to. Maybe you can, instead of killing me, go kill the people in the valley who are plotting against us?”[/left]

[left]Shohna glared at him. “How many would that be?”[/left]

[left]“4 of them. Only 4.” The sith slave said.[/left]

[left]“5 is my lowest offer.” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]I looked at Safie who was nodding her head. “That would be 15 credits by the way. Each.”[/left]

[left]“Done! Kill 5! I’m fine with that!” he said. “Oh and take this scanner. You won’t know if they are plotting against us without it.”[/left]

[left]Shohna grabbed the scanner out of his hand and started to scan him. He looked alarmed and he was about to grab it back from her, when the screen of it went red. Safie and Shostal took out their guns and Shohna took out her war blade. “I have a question for you, slave. Are you among the truly loyal? Because this scanner is telling me you aren’t. Shostal?”[/left]

[left]“My pleasure.” He shot the slave. Safie took out the slave’s credits.[/left]

[left]“Wow!” Safie said. “It looks like he’d been out stealing people’s credits!” She put the credits in her pockets. We walked to the speeder.[/left]

[left]“Lower wilds.” I said as we got in. It was about a twenty minute ride. I put my arm on the edge of the speeder. Considering Korriban is a desert planet, it’s very beautiful. The cliffs made big arches as the speeder swerved through the arches and over large, sandy rocks. When we got there, we got off the speeder and there was someone else who walked up to us. It was another sith slave.[/left]

[left]“Lord Aadria is giving out credits-!”[/left]

[left]“Free credits?” Safie said
“Not free.” The slave said. “You need to find the ancient scroll of Marka Ragnos and Lord Aadria will give you lots of credits for it.”
“Guys, forget about giving the scroll to Darth Veevus!” Safie said. “Let’s give it to Lord Aadria!”[/left]

[left]“You will do as we say Safie.” Shohna said. “Let’s get going to the tomb.”[/left]

[left]“If you find the scroll, Lord Aadria will find out and hunt you down!” the slave yelled behind us as we kept walking, Shona spun around and force pushed the slave to the ground and kept walking.[/left]

[left]As we were walking toward the tomb, they were lots of Tuk’ata. They looked like a mix of a hog and a huge, muscled, reptile. Except covered in spikes.[/left]

[left]Shohna smiled. “Well guys, you know what this means.” They all started attacking the Tuk’ata. I held Safie’s back defending her (or me) when a Tuk’ata attacked first. A spitting Tuk’ata ran up to us. Then another charged in. Soon we were surrounded so I ran forward to attack one and it spat right in my eyes. The burn made me fall over right into a another one.[/left]

[left]“I can’t see! I can’t see!” I said as the Tuk’ata growled. I remembered back to when Aunt Maple was teaching me the force. I concentrated on everything around me. I started hitting the spit away and slashing at all the Tuk’ata around us. I sensed one running to my left and one right to my right and I spun around with my training sabre right in front of me and I heard their shrieks as they fell over.[/left]

[left]“That was awesome!” Shohna said. “But I don’t know about you healing too quickly.” I did my healing but I was still blind. “It will heal though.” She said.[/left]

[left]Safie opened her sack and got out a bandage and put it over my eyes.[/left]

[left]“Now you look like a Miraluka.” Shostal said.
I frowned. “Yay.”[/left]

[left]“We better get going.” Safie said. Once we got closer to the tomb of Marka Ragnos, I sensed lots of soldiers gone mad. Like what happened to Katy-liin.[/left]

[left]“Guys, I think there’s-!” I started to say but was cut off as them shooting at us. I ran at them and started slashing them with my practice saber. I heard the gunshots behind me as my friends’. The last crazed soldier dodged my attack and shot someone behind me. “No!” I said. But it was too late. I injured his arms so he couldn’t shoot and ran over to the others. “What happened? Oh no.” Shohna was crying beside the limp body of someone.[/left]

[left]“Sh-Shostal.” she said.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Seven[/b][/left]

[left]“Well he didn't last very long.” Safie said. “Come on Shohna, we need to go. You can’t drag a dead body through the tomb.”[/left]

[left]“I know.” Shohna said. “I- I loved him.”
“But if we don’t get moving we’ll get overrun with crazed soldiers -” I said, sensing more coming.[/left]

[left]“I KNOW, OKAY?!” Shohna yelled. A tear went down her cheek. “Let’s just go.”[/left]

[left]After that, Shohna killed the crazed soldiers with so much hate, it scared me. We finally got to the tomb of Marka Ragnos.[/left]

[left]“Whoa.” Safie said. We walked inside.[/left]

[left]“Coming to look for the scroll for Darth Veevus, are you?” It was another very sith voice. “I’m Lord Aadria. And if you think you’re bringing it to Darth Veevus,” she drew her lightsaber. “Not happening.” I concentrated as hard as possible to ‘see’ her face. She had a long cloak covering her hair and red tattoos pointing from her eyes to the end of her forehead, with a dot in between. Her lightsaber was red and double-bladed. I sensed Shohna have so much hate welling up in her, I wanted to run away and cry.
“You command those crazed soldiers don’t you.” She said through clenched teeth.[/left]

[left]“Yes.” Lord Aadria said as she gave one big laugh. Well that was smart. Safie took out her shot guns and I took out my training saber.[/left]

[left]“No girls. She’s. mine.” Me and Safie exchanged nervous looks (Even if Safie can’t see my eyes).[/left]

[left]“SOLDIERS! KILL THEM!” Lord Aadria yelled. A ton of crazed soldiers surrounded Safie and I. Then Shohna attacked Lord Aadria.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Eight[/b][/left]

[left]While Safie and I were fighting the crazed soldiers, Shohna was fighting Lord Aadria, war blade to lightsaber. She was doing really well too. I guess anger really does make sith stronger. When we struck out the last crazed soldier, we ran to Shohna’s aid but she raised her hand, and we backed up. They kept fighting, and finally I sensed another rush of anger flow inside of Shohna and she struck Lord Aadria down.[/left]

[left]After that, Shohna collapsed in exhaustion. “I. hate. her.” She said. Me and Safie picked her up around our shoulders and brought her to the side of the tomb.[/left]

[left]“You need rest.” I said.[/left]

[left]“No crap, Sherlock.” Safie said. “Look, Shohna, I know you were really mad at her - but you probably got us all killed.”[/left]

[left]Shohna looked up at Safie. “Whoever gets in our way will feel my hatred.” That shut her up. Shohna’s eyes drooped and she fell asleep.
“I’ll take first watch.” Safie said. I didn’t argue. Even though sleeping in a tomb during the night is really creepy, I’m exhausted. I curled up in my cloak and fell asleep.[/left]

[left]I woke up to Safie shaking me. “Wake up! I’m going to die if don’t get any sleep!”[/left]

[left]“Okay! I’m getting up!” I said. Safie plopped down on the floor and fell asleep. I felt the two moons' light on my face. They were bright tonight. I wonder what Aunt Maple’s doing right now. She’s probably asleep considering how late it is. But she also might be awake worrying about me. Now I felt bad, leaving her. How is she paying taxes? What if she had to move to a smaller house because she couldn’t pay taxes? I sighed. I just hope she’s okay.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Nine[/b][/left]

[left]All night I imagined the moons, trying to guess what they looked like. I wish I could see the moons. When my head started to droop, I would pinch my arm. When I started to feel the warmth of the sun, I sighed. I wish I didn’t have to do all of this just to bring Aunt Maple to safety. I mean, of course I want her to be safe, but shouldn't there be a nicer way to do this?
Then I heard Shohna yawn. “What a nice sleep after I killed a great Lord of the sith.”
Then Safie woke up a few minutes later. “Nice sunrise to be going into a tomb.”[/left]

[left]“Everyone let’s stay positive! If we don’t die looking for the scroll, Overseer Sto-ji will get Kahlendra to kill u- never mind.”[/left]

[left]We were all in a dark mood. “Let’s get going so if we do find the scroll, we can go back to the sith academy and find something to eat.” Shohna said. “And maybe it’s cooler in the tomb, it’s really hot here.” I sighed.[/left]

[left]Then I noticed that I wasn’t feeling the heat of the sun. I was feeling the heat of a- “FIREBALL!” I yelled as I pushed Safie and Shohna down the stairs of the tomb. Just as we looked up a huge fireball hit the wall above us and bits of fire fell down on us.[/left]

[left]“What the heck?” Safie said as she smacked the fire on her. “What was that from?”[/left]

[left]“I don’t know.” I said. “But I have a feeling we better run!” Another fire ball was shot in our direction as we jumped out of the way.[/left]

[left]“You know, usually I would thank people for killing someone I hated, but really, that was my master!” I heard a girl say. We looked at her.[/left]

[left]“You work with Lord Aadria?” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“I wish I didn’t, but you know if I didn’t, she would kill me. So actually I should be thanking you. Sorry about the fireballs. I’m Lord Mandala. How were you able to kill Lord Aadria?”[/left]

[left]“It was all Shohna here,” Safie said pointing at Shohna. “so ask her.”[/left]

[left]We continued to walk through the tomb Shohna telling Mandala how she did it. Every time we got to a group of crazed soldiers they left us alone because Lord Mandala told them to. We looked everywhere for the scroll but we couldn’t find it. Lord Mandala stopped walking and slapped her forehead.[/left]

[left]“Of course! I forgot about the secret hallway!” She backed up a few steps and counted the stone bricks from the floor up. She tapped it 48 times and it opened to a chamber with the the coffin of Marka Ragnos himself. We walked up to the coffin.[/left]

[left]Safie looked at me. “You open it.”[/left]

[left]“No, you open it.” I said not wanting to get close to an old, dead, body.[/left]

[left]“I’ll open it.” Shohna said, sounding a little annoyed. When she opened it, there, beside the skeleton, was Marka Ragnos’ scroll. When Shohna pulled it out of the skeleton’s hand, the whole room started to shake. Then one of the walls broke and a huge monster jumped out. Lord Mandala ran past Shohna and grabbed the scroll. She ran out as rocks fell in front of the entrance and the monster roared.[/left]

[left]“I hate her!” Shohna said, taking out her war blade.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Ten[/b][/left]

[left]We jumped behind the shrine. “Did it see us?” Safie said. The monster roared as an answer.[/left]

[left]“Yep.” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]The monster knocked the shrine over and it fell on Shohna’s leg. She screamed. “IT’S SO HEAVY!!” I grimaced. The monster almost rolled the shrine on top of her but I jumped and gripped onto it, climbing up its arms and onto its back. It tried to kick me off, but I held my ground. I sensed a part on its neck that wasn’t protected by heavy spikes, but it kept covering it before I could stab it.
“Safie!” I yelled, “Distract it while try to stab it!”[/left]

[left]“Got it!” she said.
She shot at the monster and it started to charge over to her. As it was charging, I heard Shohna sobbing. When it leapt at Safie I got a clear shot and stabbed him. His head came right off! The head almost fell on Safie but she jumped out of the way. I picked up my training saber and we ran over to Shohna. Shohna passed out. We managed to get her out, but her leg was badly damaged and was bleeding too much. Safie got another few bandages out and wrapped them around her leg. We decided we should hurry before those bandages got soaked through. We started on our way with Shohna’s arms wrapped around ours.[/left]

[left]“Poor Shohna.” I said.[/left]

[left]“She’ll be fine. Once she wakes up she could just do her healing.” Safie said and then blew some hair out of her face. “And I can’t BELIEVE Mandala! She totally betrayed us.”[/left]

[left]“I know! She just pretended she was happy we killed her master, but she really was just going to steal the scroll from us!” I said. I sensed a person under the rubble of the entrance. “Wait… there’s a dead body under the rubble! She didn’t get away with the scroll!” We laid Shohna down on the ground and rushed over to the entrance.[/left]

[left]“How are we supposed to dig our way out?” Safie said, not seething anymore.[/left]

[left]I took out my training sabre and started slashing the rocks down to nothing. It took a while, but what other choice do we have? I finished clearing the rocks away, and sensed the body of Lord Mandala. Safie took the scroll out of Lord Mandala’s limp hand and put it in her bag. We then picked Shohna back up and headed out.[/left]

[left]We got three crazed soldiers to help us fight the Tuk’ata. Apparently they didn’t get the message that Lord Mandala had betrayed us. They shot down the Tuk’ata pretty well considering how insane they were. Once we got to the speeder the crazed soldiers dispersed and left. We got on the speeder back to the sith academy, and we saw someone we hoped to never see, but he saw us first. His hair was a dark, dark brown buzz cut and he had dark orange eyes. Around his left eye he had a evil, red tattoo.[/left]

[left]“My name is Lord Subdola, and I would like to know why you killed my Apprentice.”[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Eleven[/b][/left]

[left]“Well when we scanned him-” Safie interrupted me, and started talking really fast out of nervousness.[/left]

[left]“The little device thing said that he was plotting against us so we got out our weapons then Shohna was all like 'Shostal?' and he was all like 'My pleasure.' then Shostal shot him in the chest it was really easy.” she gasped and then looked down. Lord Subdola just stared at us in shock.[/left]

[left]“He was weak.” He said, his face serious again. “My Apprentice died a shame. For showing me this I give you my gratitude... and a few credits.” He gave us some credits then walked away.[/left]

[left]“Are you okay Safie?” I asked her.[/left]

[left]“I get really jumpy around great Lords or Darths. They have really creepy sith vibes.” She said.[/left]

[left]“I noticed.” I said. We dragged Shohna to the med center inside the sith academy and put her on a bed. A doctor rushed over.[/left]

[left]“What happened to her?” she said. “I’m Dr. Jaerria by the way.” I sensed she had short blond hair, blue eyes, and seemed a year older than me.[/left]

[left]“Well she got her leg squished under the shrine of Marka Ragnos...” I said.
“A few med packs and a basic might stim should do the trick.” She said. “Why don’t you two go train up or something? This will take up to... let me see... 30 minutes.”[/left]

[left]“Okay.” Safie said. We went to see Overseer Godemder and learned a few other things, then went back to see Shohna.[/left]

[left]“Hello again!” said Dr. Jaerria. “She’s all fixed up! She’s just sleeping right now so you can just wait here.” A boy started crying and she ran over to him. “It’s okay now, Jesse. It’s gonna be alright.” Jesse hugged her blanket sheet.[/left]

[left]“It hurt tho much!” he said holding back tears. I felt like crying too. Then Dr. Jaerria looked at me.[/left]

[left]“Why do you have a bandage over your eyes? Because Miralukas aren’t usually accepted here.” she asked.[/left]

[left]“A Tuk’ata spat in my eyes.” I said.[/left]

[left]“Ah, I know how I can fix that!” She took out a Tuk’ata spit vaccine, took off my bandage and put a drop off it in both of my eyes. I blinked and I could see again![/left]

[left]“Wow! Thanks!” I said as she smiled.[/left]

[left]“No problem!” she looked at her watch. “Shohna should wake up right about... now.” Shohna blinked and sat up.[/left]

[left]“Where am I?” she said. We explained everything while walking back to Overseer Sto-ji’s chamber. When we got there no one else was there but Overseer Sto-ji and Darth Veevus. We were late. Again.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Twelve[/b][/left]

[left]“First of all, girls,” Overseer Sto-ji said disgusted like she just found out we were girls. “You are late. And If you remember, I said you will pay. Credits.”[/left]

[left]“That’s it?” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“You found me the scroll, didn’t you?” Darth Veevus said. “If you didn’t you will have to pay way more then credits.”[/left]

[left]“Yes, we did.” I said. Safie took the scroll out of her pack and gave it to Darth Veevus.
“Ah yes. The scroll of Marka Ragnos-”[/left]

[left]“It’s a fake!” Overseer Sto-ji cried.[/left]

[left]“SILENCE!” Darth Veevus yelled back at Overseer Sto-ji. “For your next trials you three will need to be split up to compete. Well you two at least.” She said pointing at Shohna and I. “Safie, Imperial Intelligence have heard of your skill. Go to the office down the hall for more tests to see if you can truly serve the empire.” Safie gave Overseer Sto-ji some credits then left. “Shohna, you will have to find the ancient staff of Tulak Hord, and bring it to me.” Shohna gave Overseer Sto-ji some credits, waved goodbye, and left. “And Spera. You must find the K’lor’slug king in the tomb of Tulak Hord and tame it. Use it to defeat the spirit of Tulak Hord’s greatest foe, then return to me with the K’lor’slug king and, judging by it, I will be able to tell if you defeated her or not.” She gave me a lightsaber. “You might need this.” I clicked the button and it lit up red.[/left]

[left]“Thank you, Master.” I said. I gave some credits to Overseer Sto-ji and left the room. I just wish my first lightsaber was a green or blue one, but that would indicate me being on the light side, which I really don’t want right now. So I have to go find the K’lor’slug King, tame it, then use it to defeat the spirit Tulak Hord’s greatest foe, that Tulak himself died from. I guess Darth Veevus really wants a strong Apprentice. But there’s even still a worse part! Darth Veevus separated us! Even Safie had to go somewhere! I learned a few more tricks from Overseer Godemder, then I went to the med center and talked to Dr. Jaerria. She was so nice! She’s the nicest person since I landed on this dumb planet.[/left]

[left]“... The worst part is Darth Veevus separated us all! Even Safie!” Dr. Jaerria opened her box and took out some higher class armor and gave them to me. “Thanks.” I said. “I still wish I had someone to go with. Tombs are too creepy to go alone.” Just then the nurse came in. She had grey hair, blue eyes, and a big tattoo on her face. She looked about in her mid-seventies.[/left]

[left]“She’ll be here while I’m gone.” She said.[/left]

[left]“Where are you going?” I asked her.[/left]

[left]“She’s going with you.” said the nurse. I got my armor on and I looked like a true sith - unfortunately.[/left]

[left]“Oh. Thanks, Jaerria!”[/left]

[left]We got our things ready and headed for the tomb of Tulak Hord.[/left]

[left]“Okay, now we have to find the K’lor’slug King.” I said as we looked around the tomb. Lots of normal K’lor’slugs, not enough Kings.[/left]

[left]“Where did Darth Veevus say this thing is?” she asked me.[/left]

[left]“She just told me to find it in here.” The farther we went in, the darker it was. Before long, we were squinting.[/left]

[left]“I can’t even see my hands in front of my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!” Jaerria yelled, falling down something in front of me.
“JAERRIA?!?!?” I yelled down.[/left]

[left]“IT’S REALLY FAR DOWN, BUT I FELL ON SOMETHING SOFT!” She yelled back at me. I closed my eyes and I sensed a large hole in front of me. It filled up the hallway so I couldn’t go around it. Then I heard her scream.[/left]

[left]“ARE YOU OKAY!?!” I yelled down the deep hole.[/left]


[left]“I’M COMING DOWN! LOOKOUT BELOOOW!!!” I yelled jumping in.[/left]

[left]As I get close to the bottom a hand grabbed me and pulled me to the side. “What the...”
“Shhhhhhhhhh” Jaerria whispered.[/left]

[left]“How did you get into this hole at the side?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“I climbed. If you squint really hard you can make out the image of a huge K'lor'slug. Might be the one we’re looking for.” Instead, I closed my eyes and I sensed a HUGE K’lor’slug![/left]

[left]“AAA-!” Jaerria put a hand on my mouth. The K’lor’slug looked around but couldn’t find us.[/left]

[left]“Sorry.” I whispered. “But if Darth Veevus really thinks I can tame this thing... she’s NUTS!” Jaerria took out her med scanner. “What you doing?” Then she scanned the King K’lor’slug and healed it![/left]

[left]“WHAT DID YOU DO???” I yelled/whispered at her.[/left]

[left]“We’re supposed to tame it, aren’t we?”
“Yeah - I suppose.”[/left]

[left]“Well, shouldn’t we get it to like us?”[/left]

[left]“I don’t think it will like us after you basically squished it falling down.” I said as she rolled her eyes.[/left]

[left]“Just watch.” She said as she stood up. “Hey big fella! How’s life down in this, deep, dark, hole?” The king K’lor’slug turned around and saw us. It could have eaten us whole, but it roared instead. “If you don’t like it, we could, you know, help you out.” It jumped up and down and made weird noises that sounded less like happiness - more like choking on a human being. I was sort of wondering how Jaerria was even talking to it. “You do? We could break that curse easily... right Spera?”[/left]

[left]“Pff, I can break curses in my sleep!” I lied.
“See! We’re on your side! We’ll help you out – on one condition.” She said to the King K’lor’slug. It made a short crackling sound kind of like saying ‘What?’[/left]

[left]“You need to help us defeat the spirit of Tulak Hord’s greatest foe, Falibae Desbi.”[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Thirteen[/b][/left]

[left]The name Falibae Desbi echoed through the whole tomb, and like we set off an alarm, the King K’lor’slug hid in another hole. “How many holes are there?” I said. “You think he’s gonna help us? Jaerria?” I looked at her and she was covering her mouth.[/left]

[left]“Why did I say her name? I’m so stupid!” she said. “Now we’ll never tame the King-!” The King K’lor’slug got out of it’s hole, grabbed us with one of it’s claws, then put us on it’s back and crawled through another hole. But this time it wasn’t a hole, It was a tunnel.[/left]

[left]It was probably a whole hour sitting on a crawling K’lor’slug, or at least it felt like it, until finally I saw some light in the distance. It wasn’t normal light, it was neon blue.[/left]

[left]“That’s weird.” I said.[/left]

[left]“At least it’s light.” Then the King K’lor’slug scuttled us into the room. The lights were neon blue, the walls were crumbling, and there was a huge shrine of Falibae Desbi right in the middle of the room. After the scroll experience, I’m not to fond of rooms like this.[/left]

[left]“Ahh, some visitors.” I heard a voice hiss. It seemed all over the room. “I’ve haven't had visitors in a very, long period of time, considering my tomb is deeply underground. Why have thou entered my tomb?” I didn’t want to say it but I had to.[/left]

[left]“For a trial, we and to come and defeat your free spirit.” I said.[/left]

[left]“It was not intelligent to come down here, Spera.”[/left]

[left]“How do you know my name?” I asked, a little freaked out.[/left]

[left]“I know everything,” she laughed a little, “along with your little secret.” She said. I let it sink in while secret echoed around the room. Suddenly, a big gush of air picked Jaerria up and threw her against a wall and metal cuffs strapped her against it.[/left]

[left]“STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!” I yelled. Then another gush of air made a force field around The King K’lor’slug and it couldn’t get out. Some more air and lightning made a tornado, revealing a women standing right in the middle of the room. Sure enough it was the spirit of Falibae Desbi.[/left]

[left]She had long, black, thin hair going down bast her back and, deep red eyes, with the most dark side corruption I’ve ever seen.[/left]

[left]“Go ahead.” She said. “Attack.” But I couldn’t attack, and she knew it. If I did, it would become a habit that would eventually turn me to the dark side. If I didn’t, she would kill me and everyone I loved. I was stuck. She smiled smugly. I could sense Jaerria open her eyes.[/left]

[left]“Oh wait, you can’t. You’re Jedi.” I had no choice but to attack. It's alright if I'm protecting people and myself, right? Falibae laughed and force pushed me back. [/left]

[left]I hit the wall and my back got pierced by a rock that jutted out. My body suddenly went frigid.[/left]

[left]“Spera!” I heard Jaerria yell as the crumbling wall broke out on top of me. Then I saw flashbacks of all the good times back on Arakis with Aunt Maple, when I was a little girl.[/left]

[left]Her swinging me on a swing.[/left]

[left]Her bandaging me when I got hurt.
Then the sith coming in and taking over the planet.[/left]

[left]No. I am not giving up now.[/left]

[left]A sudden surge of energy blasted through me and took over. I attacked Falibae with all my strength, and after a while, I must have weakened her because Jaerria and The King K’lor’slug were released and they came to help. No wonder I had to get The King K’lor’slug. It was a lot of help. It wounded Falibae with rapid speed. She slashed my hand off and I screamed in pain.[/left]

[left]But it just made me stronger. She alughed evily.[/left]

[left]We weakened her so much, I was able to strike the final blow. The spirit exploded with light and I held my hand, the pain coming back to me. I fainted.


[left]I opened my eyes and we were back in the med center. My back was bleeding a ton. Jaerria was standing beside the table and bandaging me up. “So... you’re Jedi?” I shushed her.[/left]

[left]“I don’t want anyone else knowing!” I said. She sat beside me on the bed.[/left]

[left]“Your secret is safe with me.” She said pretending to zip her lips shut. “You better get back now. Don’t wanna be late.” I got up and did my healing, fixing my hand and my back. “Thanks. For- for everything.” I said and I hugged her. She stood there awkwardly like she’s never had a hug before. “Haha, sorry!” I stopped hugging her and left, The King K’lor’slug following me. All the people in the academy stared at me as I passed, with a humongous K'lor'slug following me. When I went to Overseer Sto-ji’s chamber, Shohna, Kahlendra, Overseer Sto-ji and Darth Veevus were there. When I came in I saw a look of relief on Shohna’s face. “Shohna.” Overseer Sto-ji said. “Why have you not returned with the ancient staff of Tulak Hord?”[/left]

[left]“Because Kahlendra stole it from me, and ran away, like a coward.”[/left]

[left]“Kahlendra, is this true? This wasn’t your quest.” Darth Veevus asked her. “You wouldn’t dare lie to me would you?” Kahlendra hesitated.[/left]

[left]“I took it. I waited until Shohna found it, then took it from her. I thought it would help me in my quest-!”[/left]

[left]“FOOL!” Darth Veevus yelled at her. “You are weak! And weakness is not an option!” Then Darth Veevus shot Kahlendra with lightning. “Overseer Sto-ji, clean this mess up.” Then she turned to Shohna. “You weren’t able to kill Kahlendra when she took the staff from you. That-“[/left]

[left]“Is not weak!” I interrupted her. “Shohna is the strongest person my age I’ve met. She is not weak.” Darth Veevus glared at me, and I instantly regretted talking.[/left]

[left]“Very well. If you succeeded in your trial, she will be your companion. If you failed, she will be my apprentice, and you will die.” I held my breath. “Overseer Sto-ji?” Overseer Sto-ji bowed and left the room. Darth Veevus took the ancient staff and put it on The King K’lor’slug’s forehead or whatever it was. A neon blue light shone over top of it and showed an image of me destroying the spirit of Falibae Desbi. “Perfect.” Darth Veevus used the staff and The King K’lor’slug disappeared. “Spera, you are my new Apprentice. Go to the sith Warrior hanger, and there you will find your very own ship. Go. I will meet you on Dromund Kaas.” Me and Shohna exited the room.[/left]

[left]“Excited?” she asked.[/left]

[left]“Yes, but for a different reason. I’ll tell you on my ship.”[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Fourteen[/b]

[left]We took a speeder to the spaceport. There, we went to my hangar.[/left]

[left]“Whoa, awesome ship!” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“Yep. Let’s go.” We got on the ship and a droid showed us around.[/left]

[left]“So why are you excited?” Shohna asked.[/left]

[left]“We're going to Arakis to pick up my aunt.”[/left]

[left]“Your aunt?” I looked at her in the eyes, hesitated then sighed. We’ve been this far together, haven’t we? I told her everything. And I mean everything. I waited for her to strike. But she didn’t.[/left]

[left]“Aren’t you going to... you know... kill me?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“Why? You’re the only friend I’ve got. I don’t care where your from.” Shohna said. I sighed with relief.[/left]

[left]“Time to holocall Aunt Maple on the holo-terminal.” I said. I dialed her number and she appeared on the terminal. “Aunt Maple!”[/left]

[left]“Thank the force your alive! Who’s this with you, Spera?” Aunt Maple said as Shohna waved.[/left]

[left]“Her name’s Shohna. She’s my compan – my friend. And look at this.” I opened my lightsaber.[/left]

[left]“Oh my, when we see each other again on Arakis, I need to give you a blue or green lightsaber!” she said.[/left]

[left]“See you there.” I turned off and we went to the deck, turned on the galaxy map, and set course to Arakis. And my ship blasted away, into the darkness of the night.[/left]

[left]I stopped the ship in orbit of Arakis, to be relaxed for once. I’m not on Korriban anymore. Then my hunger hit me. I haven’t eaten since the day I left Arakis! My eyes widened.[/left]

[left]“Oh… god…”[/left]

[left]“Spera?” Shohna asked.[/left]

[left]“I’m starving!” I ran to the kitchen and got some snacks out of the cupboard, eating it like an animal. “Mmmm, sith know what to eat!” I said, licking my lips. I gave some snacks to Shohna as we went back to the deck. I flew the ship down to Arakis.[/left]

[left]“How do you know how to fly a ship?” Shohna asked me sitting down in the seat next to me.[/left]

[left]“The controls are pretty simple.”[/left]

[left]“Ah.” she said with food in her mouth.[/left]

[left]I landed the ship in the spaceport. We got out and Shohna’s mouth hung. We started walking toward the speeder.[/left]

[left]“This looks so much like Ord Mantell!” she said.[/left]

[left]“Have you been there?” I asked.[/left]

[left]“Yeah... I was actually born there.”[/left]

[left]“You were born in a Republic family?”[/left]

[left]“I was born in a family of separatists.”[/left]

[left]“Oh.” I said stupidly. We got on the speeder and took it to Malfore village. Then we walked to my house. When I opened the door, no one was there. There was only three rooms. My bedroom, Aunt Maple’s bedroom and the main room. But they were all empty. “Aunt Maple?” I called out.[/left]

[left]“Put your hands up, Jedi!” a man’s voice yelled behind us. Aunt Maple was tied up and he had a gun to her head. “Drop your weapons or your precious aunt get’s it!”[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Fifteen[/b][/left]

[left]Shohna thought fast and put the man in a force choke.[/left]

[left]“How dare you insult Darth Veevus’s new Apprentice!” Shohna said, and the man’s eyes widened and Shohna dropped him.[/left]

[left]“Oh I - I didn’t know - I -” The man stuttered as I ran over to Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left]“Are you okay?” I asked her.[/left]

[left]“Don’t worry about me! Get him out of here.” she said.[/left]

[left]I took out my lightsaber and the man ran away. We untied Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left]“Let’s get get off this dumb planet while we still can.” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“I just need to get a few belongings before we leave.” Aunt Maple said.[/left]

[left]“Oh, me too.” I said. Shohna followed me into my room. I got out my favorite teddy bear that my parents gave me when they left.[/left]

[left]Aunt Maple always says that my parents didn’t die, they just left. When I would ask her why they left, she would either not answer or change the subject.[/left]

[left]“Aren’t you a bit old to have a teddy bear?” Shohna asked.[/left]

[left]“It’s the only thing I have left from m - my parents.” It’s embarrassing to cry in front of other people, but I started to cry.[/left]

[left]“If it makes you feel any better, I had to leave my parents at a young age.” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“You don’t have to talk about it. It’s fine.” She smiled.[/left]

[left]“Come on.” Shohna said, lifting me off the bed. We went out to the main room and Aunt Maple was sitting on the couch.[/left]

[left]“Let’s get going then.”[/left]

[left]On my ship Aunt Maple, Shohna, and I were sitting at the table. We were telling Aunt Maple what happened on Korriban up until when the man threatened us that he’d shoot Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left]“Hmm. Spera, here, have my lightsaber. I won’t be using it anymore.”[/left]

[left]“Why? Shouldn’t you have something for protection?” Shohna said. We both stared at her. “What? It’s true.”[/left]

[left]“Here.” Aunt Maple said as she gave me her lightsaber. I smiled.[/left]

[left]“Thank you!” I clicked the button and it lit up blue. I put on my belt and gave my red lightsaber to Aunt Maple. “So where are we going next?” I asked her.[/left]

[left]“To CZ-198.” she said.[/left]

[left]“Why are we going there?” Shohna asked. “That's a weird name for a planet.”[/left]

[left]“Because, we are going to find Spera’s parents.” Aunt Maple said. My jaw dropped.[/left]

[left]“My... parents?”[/left]

[left]“Yep.” Aunt Maple said as she got up to go to the galaxy map. She set course for CZ-198 and our ship blasted at full speed.[/left]

[left]“My parents.” I whispered to myself happily.[/left]

[left][b]Chapter Sixteen[/b][/left]

[left]Aunt Maple flew the ship into CZ-198.[/left]

[left]“How do you know my parents are here?” I asked Aunt Maple.[/left]

[left]“The force told me.” She answered.[/left]

[left]“Is this even a real planet?[/left]

“Will I really get to see my parents?”[/left]

[left]“I’m pretty sure.”[/left]

[left]“Why does this planet look so ugly?”
“I think it looks alright.”[/left]

[left]“Is it a swamp?”[/left]


[left]“Will I really get to see my parents?”[/left]

[left]“I’m pretty sure.”[/left]

[left]“How much longer?”[/left]

[left]“5 minutes.”[/left]

[left]“Ugh, how come when you’re so excited for something to happen time goes slower?”[/left]

[left]“I have no idea.”[/left]

[left]"Will I really get to see my parents?”[/left]

[left]“I’m pretty sure. Any more questions?” I opened my mouth to ask bunch more questions when Shohna put her hand on my mouth.[/left]

[left]“Let’s not.” She said.[/left]

[left]When we got on the planet there was no spaceport in sight. Just a ton of huts everywhere. The only real building was made of stone and it looked like the rest of it was underground.[/left]

[left]“Where do we land?” I asked. Aunt Maple looked around.[/left]

[left]“I guess that clearing in the forest over there.” She said as she landed the ship into the forest. “I’ll keep watch of the ship.”[/left]

[left]“But you don’t have a weapon.” Shohna said.[/left]

[left]“We’ve got an armory full of weapons. Explore the town and get information from the villagers-!” Aunt Maple got cut off by the sound of a bomb. “I changed my mind. Go help the villagers then explore the big stone building. Go! Before it’s too late!” We ran out of the ship and through the forest. The forest had tall, thick trees with lots of vines we kept getting caught in. When we got to the village, it was chaos. There were helicopters bombing the place, the lakes were splashing all over the town and electricity was shooting through it and electrocuting innocent people! I yelled out,[/left]

[left]“STAY CALM EVERYONE! GET INSIDE YOUR HOMES!!” People ran around screaming to get to their houses. A young lady was trying to swim through a wave, holding her baby, to get to her house. I jumped in and helped her ashore.[/left]

[left]A girl that looked two or three years older then me, with boy-short brown hair and dark brown eyes was wading through the water, when a zap of electricity shot through the water and she fell to the ground. I rushed to her aid. I pulled her out of the water and performed CPR on her. She opened her eyes. “Thank you.” She said. She seemed... familiar.[/left]

[left]“Are you Jedi?” I asked her.
“A padawan.” She said. I helped her up and she showed me to her hut. I put her on the bed.[/left]

[left]“I’ll be right back.” I said. She coughed.[/left]

[left]“Okay.” I ran outside and I threw my lightsaber at a helicopter. It blew up, and my lightsaber came back into my hand like a boomerang. Then suddenly on loud speakers boomed:[/left]


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Update #2 : 11/01/2015 12:08:04 pmNov 1st, 2015

Fixed problem of the story cutting off at the end, added a second part!!

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Thank you so much!! <3 :D
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This is incredible, but for some reason the story ended at this bit:

'“It’s Shohna, and if you find them, don’t approach them. Say ‘code red’
then we’ll all fight them together. No more questions. Time to work.”
Then he started blabbing about where everyone would take watch. Then'''

I also spotted one mistake and one thing you could improve.

The mistake is, During chapter 11 you say ''A Tuk'ata SPIT in my eyes,''
Now, spit should be spat because the Tuk'ata did that in the past, and spat is past tense, but spit is present.

The thing you could improve is, At the end of chapter 16 I personally think more emotion should be added in when meets her sister, that's just my opinion though :)

Overall a fantastic piece of work, good luck!
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Ik about the abupt ending, I've tried to add the end twice now, and it keeps deleting the last few chapters. ;w;
Thank you about your feedback, I'll go and fix that right now! :)
Also, about meeting her sister, I'll see what I can do. ;)
I'll try to add the ending back in, and I really hope it won't delete again.
Thank you again for your feedback, I really appreciate it! XD
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Added a second part! Find it here ~
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Way better than mine.
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Now I see you now I don't o.O
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