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Story Of My OC Mizuki Part One

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“What should we name her?” one voice said “Maybe Mizuki?” another said “Sounds perfect!” the first voice said “Since she looks like a beautiful moon!” “Then Mizuki it is!”, “Mizuki…” She thought “I like it…” Mizuki said, Mizuki opened her eyes and saw a huge light and two random people smiling at her talking and bragging about how beautiful she was, Then Mizuki had soon fallen asleep and had woke up in a house, Years later at 3 years old Mizuki had got beautiful twin brother and sister, Mizuki’s parents decided to name the boy Toshiro and the girl Ai, But soon after Mizuki’s siblings were born she was treated like trash when her siblings were treated like royalty, Mizuki started developing a little bit of jealousy and became very self conscious at the age of 7 years old, Soon puberty started for Mizuki and her life got worse and worse and worse, she would constantly have panic attacks and she was bullied everyday, But her parents abuse got way worse, so bad to the point of them grabbing a torch lit with fire and burnt half of her face giving her a very serious scar, Mizuki’s abuse had affected her deeply, Mizuki developed anger issues and a bit of suicidal feelings, Mizuki wanted her life to end so badly, She just wanted a normal life, Mizuki’s panic attacks were getting worse then ever before and she just lost a lot of her sanity, Her siblings were very young but they were amazing at comforting Mizuki, But when Mizuki was just 11 years old her siblings at age 8 were pushed of the school rooftop right in front of Mizuki’s eyes, She was just crying there...and then she just left, Mizuki had developed depression, But on the day her siblings died Mizuki’s parents blamed her for the death when she couldn’t do anything to stop it, A few days after the tragic death Mizuki had lost it, She had fully lost all her sanity, But this one day Mizuki’s parents decided to cut a huge deep cut into Mizuki’s left eye, And at the moment Mizuki just wanted to kill them, And she did so, Since Mizuki was a wanted murderer for killing her own very wealthy well known parents, Mizuki ran into the woods one day and purpuosly jumped off the highest cliff and intended to kill herself, But she didn’t die, Instead she met a demon named Eve, Eve promised Mizuki to make her life better if she signed a contract giving her Mizuki’s soul when she is too weak, Which she did...And regret it immediately, Instead of making Mizuki’s life better Eve made it worse, Eve had taken control of Mizuki’s mind and made her body kill whenever she pleased,To Be Continued.....

oh lord 477 word's not including this lil next
CreditMyself for all the pain it gave my fingers after writing ALL THIS CRA-

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