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Story of the elements

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avatar xXLittleMinerGirlXx
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Painter

There once was elements. Who ruled over the Earth. These elements were.. Fire, ice, Wind, Earth, Metal, Magic,Darkness, Thunder, Sun, and Moon. The leaders were Moonstone (Moon) and Summer (Sun). But one day Fire and Ice, Wind and Earth got jealous of the other elements. Fire trapped Darkness under her castle Fire and Ice trapped Moonstone inside of the moon and Summer inside of the sun. The rest was turned to stone. (Part 1)

Shi Miku was a shy girl. She spent most of her time in caves. Mining for sharp and shiny items to sell. She lived by herself. Her family vanished one night. She never saw them since then. As the beautiful orange started to fade into the blue sky as the sun was rising. She quickly grabbed her Dirty iron boots sitting beside her bed. As she brushed her wavy red hair and finally grabbed her Diamond pickaxe and ran out the door. (Part 2)

Shi found something in the mine. It wasnt any regular ore she had EVER found. It was a Rainbow shard. The elements created this ore. As she heard a small voice from behind her. At first she thought "A enderman..." But when she did turn around no one was there. The small voice said "Hello Shi. Do not be afraid." Shi was both scared and confused. (part 3)

As the voice got louder and louder as Shi followed its voice. She found a old mine shack. It looked raided years ago.
She saw a little light coming from a chest. She opened the chest to find a jar. With the words on it saying "Angel jar"
"You're a Angel?!?!" Shi was shocked that she had found a Angel. The voice said "Yes I am, My name is Regn" (part 4)

Shi opened the jar to find it still glowing bright. As the voice began to form it self to look like a human. As it did form into a Angel. The wings look clear like crystals but fluffy at the same time. As his hair was a blonde color. Regn claimed he was sent to help the elements that were captured. But he got captured himself. (part 5)

Regn pulled out a little warp shard. His magic couldn't work inside of the jar. It was magic proof. He grabbed Shi hand and they warp to the surface. It had become night. The stars were glowing beautifully. As the sky was clear. They had never seen anything like this before. Not this amazing. As Regn quickly remember why he was sent to Earth in the first place. He said "Theres no time to waste! We must get to Fires temple!" (part 6)

As Regn and Shi ran it almost felt like across the world. They pasted through Forest of broken hearts, Water fall of dreams and finally made it to the temple. It looked broken. And falling apart badly. But it was falling apart slowly. Regn said "Get down....!" he grabbed Shi hand and they hided behind a rock. Shi asked "Why are we hiding...? And whispering...?" As the fire element with the nickname Muka walked out of the temple in rage. But her last words were before leaving. "IL BE GONE! I NEED TO BURN MYSELF OUT!" as her hair was fire. Something was bugging her that made her mad. (part 7)

As she turned the guards to stone. And walked away from the temple with her dress looking burnt. Regn said "Now is our chance!" Regn ran inside of the temple. They found the basement but it was locked. Shi went back upstairs to see something shiny inside of a guards helmet. As she heard another small voice and said. "You didnt bring any... other Angels or magical stuff with you right???" As the soft voice was coming from the guard that she got the key from. Regn quickly took off the helmet to find a stoned Luna (The magic element) As he turned her back to regular form. Luna said "Thank you both sooo much! Wait,,, wheres Kian???" As she looked around the temple forgetting that she was inside of the fire temple. Shi grabbed her hand and said. "Are you talking about the Metal element?" Lunas eyes were a light blue because she was sad at the time. "Shes a ender woman." said Regn. (part 8)

As Luna heard the mad footsteps of Muka coming back to the temple. Shi grabbed both of there hands and said "We need to save darkness! FAST!" Luna grabbed them and teleported to the basement where Darkness was. The basement was pitch black. No one could see. The only light was Lunas eyes. As they heard a small voice coming from one of the cells. As Regn summoned a fire fairy and the little fairy lighted all of the torches inside of the room. Darkness looked creepy. He looked alot like Null. But he had eyes. White glowing eyes and he had clothing on. (part 9)

Regn unlocked the cell. But at the same time Muka busted down the door with a insane voice like she lost her sanity she said. "GREAT! Now I have you all right where I want you! >:D" Luna grabbed Darkness, Regn and Shi and teleported to her temple. Muka was in shcok "Oh yeah... I forgot ender lady can tp :I "

As Lunas temple looked new and untouched, It was also in a cave. Crystals of many gems Shi has never seen in her life. Shi said "This is the most gems I've ever seen! And I haven't seen most of these!" Luna was happy to finally be free. She told them to follow her. As inside of her temple was a large map marking out where the other elements were.
But... When Luna pressed the button to see where the elements are... She wasn't the only elements in the temple. There hearts would glow where they were. Shi and Regns heart began to glow along with Luna and Darkness. As Lunas eyes filled with shock and joy, While Darkness was puzzled and confused. "There elements?!?!" Darkness said.

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  • TheTopHatCat
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • February 19, 2016, 12:56 pm
Good story little!
Thanks. :D

I'll work on the story tomorrow.
  • TheTopHatCat
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • February 20, 2016, 12:01 am
  • TheTopHatCat
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • February 19, 2016, 12:17 pm
And sadly Metal was turned to stone D:

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