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avatar DestinyThePug
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
I have a funny dream that I had a few days ago. Here it goes...!
So, I was at school, and everyone was acting really weird( BTW I'm in middle school). We got out of class early for lunch, so we all screamed and cheered and shoved. As soon as me and... I will call her Annabeth... got to the lunch room, there was a disco ball and Hunger Games?! People were stabbing other people with forks and knives, and drowning people in the water tank! Other people were just dancing like idiots. Suddenly, everyone falls through the floor and we're in my yard(my yard is HUGE)! The disco ball drops again, and the Annabeth starts kissing some guy, and then she kicks him, yells,"AUGGGH!!!MY FACE!" then runs off. Then we all started dancing and then my mom woke me up. Wasn't the worst dream, but wasn't the best either. Hope you enjoyed, and if you want more, favorite or diamond this! Thanks!


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Who wants another dream or art blog? Say HI PUUUG I WANNA NEW ART/STORY BLOG! :D

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