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Story Time With Eli - Cool Dragons: The Film That Never Was

It Could've Been Great, Man! It Could've Been Great!

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avatar Peridot XJ9
Level 38 : Artisan Professor
Greetings and salutations, everybody! It's me, Eli, and- Oh wow! Peridot Month has already arrived? Man, does time pass by! Anywho, for this month, I've got a massive blog project that you guys have voted for on my chat pit page, but in the meantime, I am here to bring you, of course, another contest entry.
meme about Star Wars creator and Director George Lucas
"But Eli!" Harks a Magikarp shouting from the deep blue seas below. "I thought you were done with contest entries! Haven't you completed enough of Chiaroscuro's contests! We want real meaty content, not this!" Hey, stop it. I know I've been burdened with contests as you can see from my Lemon Juice (Which didn't please the trash emperor enough. Great. I should have entered the stink contest, because I really do stink at making skins!) and Aku skin entries, but this is thankfully the last behemoth to ever weigh down on my shoulders that I have to shake off. Unfortunately, with only one person against me in this contest, this sadly could be the last Chiaroscuro contest entry to prove my blogging worth to him. Like, dang. That's actually... Really disappointing to say the least. (Future Eli Comment: Oh, wait! It turns out more entries flooded in at the last minute! Maybe this won't be the last contest after all!)
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But enough of that! I know you guys want a quick summary of this dude's round two theme and what I'm going to bring to the table, so let's get to it! For round two of Chiaroscuro's crazy blog contest, it says here the theme is about an action movie that is being filmed from the perspective of the actors. Well, that's super cool! What I'm going to do is take that action film and make it into the filming of a 2D live-action film. So, just letting you know before we begin, like the last entry, the story is going to be written in this color and will be around 2,239 words. Enjoy!
Who framed ROSE QUARTZ Who Censored Roger Rabbit? cartoon amusement park

Day One of Acting for the Film, Cool Dragons:
It is the year 2035 and movies have evolved into something new. When I was a teenager, every movie I have seen was filled to the brim with nothing but computer generated characters. It was such a bleak era for the filming industry, until one of my favorite animation directors, named Crimson Starlight, made a film that was inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit, called Toon Mania. It was a crossover between so many animated franchises, old and new, and it was all done in a live-action setting. But this wasn't an ordinary CG movie, no. This was a film that featured 2D characters who felt and acted like real people. As a child, I loved watching any sort of cartoons and was disgusted by anything live-action related, so naturally, I got excited for it because it played with my inner child. What I got was an amazing movie that had great comedy, characters, story, and even some dramatic moments too. Half the time, clichés were never followed, and all we had was a simple slice of life story of how these toons lived in a society filled with real people. IMDB gave it a score of 9.8 (Yeah, it's always never perfect on there) and got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. When I heard Crimson was making a new movie about 2D dragons fighting off a realistic giant killer robot from space, and was hiring real people to star as the dragon characters, I became excited and wrote up a resume on his website. Eventually, I got accepted into the acting studio, and here I am now. Hi, my name is Carmen Rowlfen. I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself earlier, but I was busy getting ready to play as one of the main dragons in the series, named Niji. She's a thin eastern-styled dragon who has the hots for a the main character, named Winston, who I heard is played by Kai Mudstaple. Ugh, that Kai dude. He's always looks so smug while playing his acting roles, yet he's supposed to be the humble hero archetype. Can't he ever get into his character? Whatever. I still cannot believe I'm supposed to kiss this guy at the end. After all, this is only the first day on the set. Today, all we did was explore around the place before we got into our roles. Maybe he won't seem that bad to work with if I get to know him better...

Day 2 of Acting for the Film, Cool Dragons:
Today, we finally began production on the first scene of the movie, which is where we fight off a bunch of practical robotic minions made out of wires and metallic sharpie-covered cardboard on top of a giant practical train. I, of course, had to get into my blue suit and grab Niji's white head-model so that the animators can shade and draw over it in post. It was quite weird walking in such a strange suit that felt like I had a spandex blanket over my head, but I got used to it quickly. I got up onto the train using the ladder, and it felt kind of wobbly beneath my feet, almost like it was unstable. "Hey director!" I called out from above. "Isn't this train a little unstable?" Crimson, sitting on his golden director's chair from below, replied to me with a shrug, "I'm sure it's fine! We've got safety beds to compensate for any falls that could happen during the shoot. Just stand there as you punch the incoming robots and read your lines; then you can get off!" Well, you couldn't argue with Crimson. He's always super nice to his crew members and would do anything to prevent any accidents. I aspire to be like him, with his happy earnest attitude towards everybody. How does he do it? Another actor came onto the wobbly train, who was named Carl Minilight. He unfortunately has one of the minor characters of the story, which is supposedly Fiji's "apprentice," but he ate up the role like it was no tomorrow. From the looks of it, he acted like he was one with the character. Before I could say anything to Carl, Mr. Starlight gave out a shout of "Action!" and we held up our character's heads. The robots kept on coming and coming, and we had to punch them in the face. In the background, the voice actors of the robots were shouting in the background with lines like, "Oh no!" and "Foiled again!" We kept on reading our lines as Carl looked super excited while punching the robots, like he had constant adrenaline pumping through his veins. After the shoot was done, we got off the train once Crimson said, "And... Cut! Great job everybody, especially Carmen. You did a great intimidatingly cute female voice for your character!" As you could tell, Niji is supposed to be a cuddly yet intimidating character for her size, and my height is around 5'3". Yes, I am that short. Though, to be fair, I've seen actors around the set who were way shorter than me, especially Peri Sucklebunch, who's height clocked in at around 4'7". That's pretty darn adorable! Her character's supposed to be the cute alien who runs the giant robot, and her voice fits perfectly for the character. Though, she gives an intimidating snarl at anyone who's taller than her, which is everybody. Even Crimson, who's generally nice to all of the members on the set, get's an embarrassed growl from her too. I decided to go talk to Carl for a bit, since he gave off quite a performance. While he was sitting there playing video games and nabbing refreshments from the "Boost Up!" stand with a few of his friends, I walked up and sat next to him as he stared mindlessly at the TV screen. "Hey Carl," I said to the nerd with a happy tone in my voice. "You gave a great performance out there on the set! How did you ever become one with your character, anyways?" Carl jolted out of his dazed gaming state and rebutted, "Uh, my name's not Carl! It's Blazen, the apprentice to Fiji! Also, thank you for that fabulous comment on my performance." I rolled my eyes at him. He just can't get out of his character, can he? Does he have a problem of some sort? Whatever. It was still a good performance. I gave a concerned reply of "No problem, I guess. How come you want to be someone else instead of yourself, Carl? It's not that healthy!" Blazen's actor sweated in a nervous state, looking like he was screwed. He gave out an honest answer, saying "Look, if I ever wanted to be that honest, the real me is a pathetic loser. I eat chips and nap all day, and being Blazen brings out the person I always wanted to be. If that bothers you at all, I'm sorry..." I shrugged off to his little story and calmly reassured him, "Oh, it's fine! Sure, being someone you're not is unhealthy sometimes, but if being someone extroverted like Blazen can make you happy, shoot for the moon! No matter who you are, you're still cool in my book." Carl blushed from my compliment and thanked me for giving him the confidence he needed. He eventually went back to his video games and I went to do my business.

Day 3 of Acting for the Film, Cool Dragons:
Nothing happened that much today except the filming of some scenes with Kai in them. There was even a scene with Peri as a shadowy figure, but she was talking to her "minions." After that scene, she looked oddly satisfied from it, almost like she was empowered by her character's role. This was definitely the perfect time to go talk to her, until I bumped right into Kai. "Watch where you're going, weirdo!" I sneered at that smug son of a gun. "I just wanted to talk to Peri!" "Oh, her?" Kai said to me as he gave off a DreamWorks face. "Nah, I think she's fine. After all, there are more important things to talk about, like me!" I got mad at his stupid face and his dumb attitude. How did he even get such a humble character role in the first place? "Oh, hush up," I threatened him. "Your smug attitude makes me sick! I hope you fall from that wobbly practical train." Giving nasty comments like that wasn't my thing, but I was getting tired of his attitude, anyways. After that spiel, I walked over to Peri to say hi, but her mood went back to "I'm going to growl at everybody for no reason whatsoever" and I kindly backed away from her. I tried asking her what her deal was and why she gave everybody such a grumpy attitude, but she turned away to play on her pink Nintendo DS lite and grumbled, "It's none of your business. Go away before I snap you like a twig." I was a bit agitated that she gave me such a vague response, but it was her problem, not mine. I still don't know how someone of her height would ever shatter someone's bones. I couldn't even do that, no matter how hard I tried! I went back to the refreshment stand to get some coffee, with nothing else happening afterwards.

Day 4 of Acting for the Film, Cool Dragons:
Oh boy, this day was a mess! While Kai was performing a scene where he took out some training bots on the wobbly train, it collapsed onto the ground and lit itself on fire. How is that even possible? Were there hydrogen gas tanks in the train and nobody noticed? Who knows. Everybody had to get out of the burning set, almost like it was the real life equivalent of Bolt's final scene. Panic struck through the masses of people on the set. We didn't look back and kept on huffing and puffing to the outside of the burning studio. Me and all the crew members got out fine, except for Peri and Kai who were trapped inside. Poor thing! I didn't want to see her suffer inside of a burning building! I couldn't hold in the tears as I cried out, "Peri! You must live! Please! You've got to be okay!" Carl and Crimson kept holding me back, trying to tell me that she's in a better place, but I was still saddened. In Kai's case, I didn't mind. He was a giant smart-aleck who deserved it. But Peri, however... No! She just can't! Before I broke down into tears, Peri suddenly came out from the burning building's small vent, but looked massively different. Her skin turned green and her hair was yellow (it was brown before), but she still looked like she normally did before the accident. She is seen coughing out the ashes that she accidentally inhaled during her shocking escape. "Peri! You've survived!" I shouted to her from afar. "But... You look different somehow. How come?" She ran up to me and weakly crumbled herself at my legs, hugging me with tears in her eyes. "It was... Radioactive in there. There was no hydrogen in that train... Only Uranium. I escaped just in time to survive, but just like those superhero movies, the air of the chemicals slowly turned me into a monster! My career is ruined, I tell you. Ruined!" I gave Peri a reassuring hug and told her, "Oh come on, Peri! Stop it! You're no monster at all! You're completely human like all of us, even if you look drastically different from the rest! Plus, I still cared for you all of this time, so at least you have one friend you can count on." Eventually, she glanced up at me and said, "You... Really mean it?" I nodded back as she said thanks before she held my hand and smiled at me. "So, uh," she asked me. "Petite Platoon pals for life?" I blushed at her friendship offering and nodded, "Yep. Petite Platoon pals for life." After a moment of silence while staring at the fallen building, everyone turned to Crimson and gave him a mean look about the uranium issue. He hesitated, struggling to get his message across, but to no avail. He was eventually sued and brought to court, but we never got his ruling yet on whether he was guilty or not.

Day ?? of Acting for the Film, Cool Dragons:
A few months have passed, and I found this journal buried in my piles of clothing in the closet. In the end, Crimson Starlight was guilty of property damage (since that was a rental set we worked on) and got sent to prison for about 2 years. Before I put this journal to rest, me and Peri became friends and voice-acted for a few cartoon characters instead. Carl probably went to hang out with his friends, and Kai, well, he's dead from the radioactive poisoning and fire that burned the set. Despite Crimson's little incident, everybody still made 2D live-action movies, but the effects that were practical became less dangerous and Cool Dragons, the lost idea of such a brilliant mind I aspired to for a long time, became known by everyone as the film that never was.

So, after all that typing which took me three hours, did you think it was good? What!? You're saying it sucks because I threw in a Peridot reference last minute!?

Well, at least I tried. Even if I don't win this contest, I'll still keep striving for better quality blogs to give you guys in the future! Remember, your comments are the motivational boosters that keep me going with making these blogs. Without you guys, I probably would've quit making these entertaining blogs altogether, but you, my humble viewer, came along to give me the strength I needed to finish this contest blog so I can move onto bigger better things. Sure, I could've just quit this contest, but what fun is that? Until the next batch of entertaining blogs for Peridot month, make sure to leave any comment down below, enjoy the memes, and don't forget to live life the porpoiseful way! Eli, out!
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Yeah Acting!
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Voice Of The 90S And 80S Cartoons
ugly barnacle patrick - Somewhere in another dimension, tim curry played as judge doom in who framed roger rabbit his act was scary, everyone died. the end.


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  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
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  • August 5, 2018, 5:51 pm
This word alone speaks a boatload of positive comments to me. :3
dragons? YEEEAHH *instant diamond*
Anyways, I think this was quirky and humorous, but pretty realistic and well written at the same time! Also when the 4'7" tall Peri appeared in the story, I was thinking "is this AU Eli?"
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • August 5, 2018, 5:50 pm
Ha, thank you so much! This is probably the first "story time" blog that I made the most realistic, but oddly enough, I still had a lot of fun with it.

Also, for that "Peri Sucklebunch" alternate universe character, I'm going to confirm that she's not Eli, but some other character I threw in for the sake of having someone who is shorter than the main character. In the end, I kind of got carried away with the ending and made her a "Peridot-esque" character from the radioactivity because it's Peridot Month. I mean, during a month like this, how could you not be tempted to subtly put Peridot in one of your blogs? Plus, Eli was transformed from a lab accident, while this one is just spewed with radioactive chemicals like in those superhero movies. It's not the same. xD

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