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Storytober! Stories + Prompts :)

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This is my cheap knock-off version of pharaohbean's much better Storytober, which is here. Go check it out, mine's a mess xD. Unless your lazy like me, in which case feel free to stay and complete the lazy version with me!!

  So what's going on here, you may be asking. Or not. But who knows maybe you are now. Anyways, how I've thought this works is instead of writing a chapter of the same story every day for the month of October, you only write two short stories/chapters a week. That means instead of thirty-one things to write, you only have to do eight. I did say this is the lazy version, correct?

  The prompts I came up with are not technically fall or Halloween themed, but rather based on dreams/nightmares. Mostly because I know I'll forget I'm writing a spooky story. Though one of them in particular (You know who you are, Mr. Troll) is more on the Halloween side of things. The eight prompts are below!

Prompt #1 - Alone
Prompt #2 - Numb
Prompt #3 - Haunted
Prompt #4 - Troll
Prompt #5 - Reflection
Prompt #6 - Falling
Prompt #7 - Lost Love
Prompt #8 - Anything

For your sake, I put everything in spoilers so it doesn't explode anywhere. If you'd like a notification each time I add my next story, just favorite this blog and when I update it PMC should notify you! :)

Story #1 - Alone

  My mouth was dry. And tasted like dirt. Sitting up quickly I coughed and hacked out the clumps of dust out of my mouth and rubbed my eyes. Where was I? My eyes watered as they tried to rid themselves of the dry dust that irritated them. Through the tears I could barely make out my surroundings. Tall grass swayed in the wind around me as I struggled to stand up. The middle of nowhere. That’s where I was. Completely alone.

  After a bit of thought, I decided that wandering in one direction would be the best course of action, at least until my bland clothing stopped camouflaging me in the surrounding terrain. The restless wind blew past my ears, seemingly playing an eerie whisper of song. I shook my head.
  “Must have hit my head harder than I thought,” I muttered. I trudged forward through the fields of grass. I felt as though I had been walking for hours, yet still I hadn’t reached any sign of life. Were there seriously no roads or highways in this place?

  Continuing on through the waves of grass, I stumbled on through the day. The sun had started blazing over my head when I had woken up, and as I wandered it had sunken closer and closer to the ground. Soon it would be night. Were there any dangerous wildlife here? If so, they would definitely not mind a meal like myself. The tall faded green grass hid the ground entirely from view, though I could tell where I had been from the large swath of flatted grass I had passed through.
  “I’m never going to get anywhere, am I?” I asked myself. Then I tripped and fell flat on my face. I crawled onto my hands and knees and studied the ground. There was less grass here, and in the packed dirt I could see two deep ruts parallel to each other. I had found a road.

  I stood up and looked up and down the road. No sign of a town or anything. Not that it was likely there’d be one. The dusty road was overgrown with grass and other various weeds. It probably hadn’t seen usage in years. Unless...maybe it would lead to a tourist spot. One of those “haunted” ghost towns or something. The area I was in did seem pretty fitting for one. I shivered at the thought. Wouldn’t want to be alone in one of those places, especially at night.
  Now, do I go left, or do I go right? I thought to myself. Either way would be fine with me. I turned left and continued down the uneven path. I felt the cool night breezes begin to sweep through the empty fields. It was now dusk, and in the final light of the setting sun I thought I saw several dark shadows in the distance. Blocking out the final rays of light with my hand, I squinted at the blobs. Was that a town?

  Running in tall grass is hard. But, eventually I made it to the ramshackle little place. The old wooden buildings were in various states of disrepair and seemed to have not seen humans for a while. It was possible that I had found a previously undiscovered ghost town, or just that the people here didn’t care about history all that much. I wandered up and down the dusty promenade, examining each building one at a time. I’d probably stay here for the night.
  There was an old general store, a rotting jail, what could possibly be some other shops, and a mail office. The words on the frontal signs had long since worn away, but certain things gave the building’s old uses away, like the rusty jail bars. Each of those buildings on the street were too broken to stay in, or a little too dirty for my liking. I’d rather not have a roof crash down on my head during the middle of the night. Farther down the road, a little church stood off to the side. It seemed to be the only stable building in the old town.

  I poked my head in and examined the church. The entirety of it was mostly still intact, and much more orderly than the other buildings. The benches were still in their strict even rows, and the area was covered in little dust and debris. As I stepped in, I heard the scurrying of little paws as mice ran for shelter in the aging walls. Draped across the mildew-stained walls were the tattered remnants of olive-colored cloth, which rustled in the quiet night breeze. I ripped some of it off the walls and brought it with me to a bench, where I sat down to sleep. Then the empty candle holders lit up and wedding bells began to ring in my ears.

  I could never have prepared myself for the scene that was about to unfold in front of me. I twitched as the benches around me filled up with people, the wedding bells silently fading away. I had thought I was alone in this wilderness. And technically, I still was. These people were ghosts. Eerie blue light emitted itself from their translucent bodies. As they took their places, an organ began it’s haunted melody of the “Bridal Chorus” and from the cracked doors of the church a young girl ghost entered, happily skipping down the aisle as she scattered her blue flowers. Following her was a lovely lady in a simple dress, the maid of honor, and finally the beautiful bride herself. Even in the state of undeath, she was outstanding. All eyes focused on her as she gently treaded down to the altar.

  Her groom was waiting for her. Both wore older, more vintage styles of clothing. Though no noise but the scuttling of mice and the organ played, and the specters never opened their mouths, I knew the vows were being told. Each of them looked at the other with such love and joy, and I couldn’t help myself from smiling, even in the strange and odd predicament I was in, surrounded by ghosts and all. The force of their love could not be defeated, even in their tragic state of undeath.
Author's notes -
Gosh this ended weirdly. I had to sorta rush the last paragraph because I needed (and still need to) start my second story so that's why it turned out pretty odd. Not good, ngl
Also I feel like I kinda strayed a bit from the main prompt "alone" but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Story #2 - Numb

  Splish, splash, sploosh. Noises the waves made. I heard them before I saw them, Jenna dragging me through the woods away from father and the rest. Angry shouts and curses echoed from the woods behind us. Tripping over logs, I stumbled behind Jenna, her hand clutching mine in order to pull me along.
  “Where are we going sister?” Jenna pushed forward, muttering under her breath and rummaging through her pockets for something, ignoring my inquiry. In the moonlight I could tell she was exhausted. She had always been powerful, but after spinning three portals already today I could tell she was on the brim of collapse. Soon she had dragged me to the edge of a large lake. I looked up at her and tugged on her sleeve. “Jenna, what are we doing?”
  She looked down and tiredly smiled at me, taking a knee and quickly buttoning my jacket. “We’re going to go on an adventure, little one,”
  “Why is father so angry?”
  “He doesn’t think you’re strong enough,” I looked my older sister in the eyes and furrowed my brows.  
  “I’m plenty strong,” I countered.
  “That’s why we’re leaving,” Torchlight flickered violently on her face. Jenna stood up suddenly and glared into the woods. “Come on, let’s go,” Whispering a few words of command, she trembled and fell back down to one knee. I watched amazed as an icy blue ring of frost began to form.
  “Jenna?” She slid her knapsack over to me and shuddered.
  “Go on through the portal, little one. Just have to lace up my boots,” I gingerly picked up her bag and began walking to the portal. I heard the adult’s angry voices grow louder and I turned to glance behind me. “Bearry, go!” Jenna shouted. I gulped, mentally preparing myself for the zinging sensation portals always gave me. Then I jumped in.
  It was then that I realized, Jenna wore plain soft leather boots. They had no laces to tie.

  I fell face first into the snow, immediately beginning to cry. Whether it was from the icy wind that slashed across my face or sadness, I couldn’t tell. I sat in the snow, clutching my sister’s bag to my chest, just staring at the portal ring as wind and snow settled around me. Then it vanished. Jenna hadn’t come.
  “Jenna…” I whispered. The wailing winds whirled up and shrieked around me, tossing snow at my face and body. Not knowing what to do, I picked up the knapsack and ran. Ran and ran and ran, until a hidden object buried under the growing piles of snow tripped me and brought me to my knees. I was soaked, shivering wet and cold, with nowhere to go. I curled into a ball and lay numb in the snow. Until I was found.

  A frozen projectile flew and hit the side of my head, breaking my out of my memories. I glared at Wolfclaw as he prepared another deadly weapon.
  “Stop it,” I grumbled, rubbing the snow out of my hair. “It’s rude to throw things while people are thinking,”
  “You weren’t responding,”
  “Cause’ I was thinking,” Wolfclaw came up next to me, placing his giant hand on my shoulder. I studied him. Wolfclaw wasn’t like the other golems. Perhaps I had rubbed off on him, with my human natures.
  “This is where they found you,” He commented. We may have looked the same age, but we were far from it. I had been about five years of age that night, while Wolfclaw was in his early twenties. We were both children in the eyes of the other golems then, and still were. “You were pretty much dead. No one thought you’d recover,”
  “And here I stand, to be pummeled by your snowy projectiles,” Wolfclaw turned serious.
  “What do you remember of it?”
  “Not much, other than thinking Strongfist was going to eat me,” I lied smoothly. In truth, I remembered much of that night. My golem friend studied me, laughed, and gave me a hearty shove, causing me to tumble into the snow.
  “Very funny, little one,” I got up on my hands and knees, chuckling as I coughed out melting snow.
  “Are we going to get that ice bear or not?”
Author's Notes:
It's so weird how google docs makes it seem like you wrote more lol
I'm not sure I really explained the end well but....eh I want to play Among Us I rushed it again sorry
Big thanks to Sugar_Latte, she helped me with a sentence that was giving me some strife :D

Story #3 - Haunted

  Rubbing their hands together manically, the specter floated towards their first victim. How to scare them, the Haunting had many choices to choose from. Floating candelabras, sticky ooze, whispers in the ears. Time to scare this Living out of their socks! The ghost slid silently down the staircase rails and went behind the human girl, who stood calmly at the base of the stairway.
  “Boo!” The spirit shouted. The girl turned to face them.
  “You’re not too scary, Deadone,” The ghost floated there dumbstruck. She didn’t think they were scary? All Living thought ghosts were scary.
  “WhoOOOooOOo,” the ghost whimpered eerily. The girl chuckled and picked up her bag. “WhOOOooOOOO,” the ghost yelled out louder, flying candles around her head.
  “I’ll be back tomorrow,” she nodded. Then she ran out.
  “At least I got her to leave,” the ghost muttered, kicking at the old rug. Their foot passed right through it.

  The next day, the girl returned again. She began exploring the old home, poking her head into dusty decrypt rooms and prodding odd piles of goo with the handle of a rusted frying pan. Where was the ghost who always tried to scare her off?
  “Deadone!” she called, running through the rotting hallways of the degrading house on the hill. She enjoyed the spirit’s silly attempts to scare her. Yesterday had been the best attempt of them all. No where were they to be found. Feeling her stomach grumble, she frowned and walked down to the old kitchen, returning the rusted pan and sitting nimbly on the counter. “Poor Deadone,” she said, taking out her crumbled lunch from her jacket pocket. She set it on the counter, deciding to wash her hands before eating.
  Now’s my chance! The spirit floated a spoon into the washbasin, flicking cold rusty water onto the Living girl. She shrieked and in her surprise tumbled to the hard tile. She looked up at the spirit floating above her, who was cackling in delight.
  “You got me all wet!” The spirit grinned. She smiled. “Good job Deadone,”
  “This is the part where you run away screaming,”
  “But I haven’t eaten my lunch yet,” The ghost frowned and crossed their arms.
  “Hurry up then,”

  Deadone, as they now called themselves after the brave girl's name she called them, paced up and down the creaking hallway of the haunted house on the hill. Where was the girl?
  Has something happened to her? they worried. The young girl coming to the deserted home was the highlight of the spirit’s day, even if they refused to acknowledge the fact, telling themselves they just wanted to scare her away. Even though her happy and bubbly personality had grown on the ghost. They stopped their pacing as the harsh grating sound of the old doors rubbing on the floor echoed throughout the house.
  “Sorry I’m late!” Her voice bounced off the walls. “Lunch took longer to make than usual,” She sprinted up the wooden stairs, nimbly hopping over the broken step, and skidded to a stop. “How will you scare me today?”
  “If I tell you it won’t be a surprise. You know that,”
Bonus, you get to see how I, Iphera, brainstorm my stories!

Ghost but good? helps/teaches, adventurer/runaway. ghost dog/animal? Parrot? Ghost ship? Rogue w/ ghost parrot? Ghost who tries to haunt someone but fails miserably?! - gonna try that

Great brainstorming, am I right? Somehow I fell off from the ghost parrot but I liked that idea too
Also, I got too lazy and didn't feel like explaining everything for the ghost's name, so in November I'll try and post an NPC with the name you all voted for (Fish in a painting, I believe it was)

Story #4 - Troll

  "Why do you think they call it Trollrock Waterfall?' Stacy asked as she trudged up the trail behind her brother.
  "Legend says that the two boulders at the bottom wake up at eat any travelers lingering on the trail after nightfall," Johnathan said mysteriously behind her. She turned around and swatted at him.
  "Don't scare me like that!"
  "Relax Stace, he's just joking," her brother, Matt, muttered. "Really, the trolls were all hunted down years ago. Don't you ever pay attention in class?" Stacy crossed her arms and frowned.
  "Of course I do,"
  "When you're not staring at Jackson," Johnathan snickered.

  The trio wandered down the unkept path once more. Stacy shivered as the sun began to cross the horizon. Nightfall had come.
  "Maybe we should head back," she said nervously, "We can always come back tomorrow,"
  "John was just joking earlier. Besides, we're almost there," Matt shifted his bag over his shoulder and into his hands. "I just wanna get a good basic image down,"
  Stacy rolled her eyes. "Whatever," Johnathan patted her back.
  "Don't worry, I'll protect you from the rocks,"
  "I'd be better off with nothing,"
  "We're here," Matt climbed up one of the boulders and stared at the falls. The setting sun's light glinted off the sprinkling water. There hadn't been much rain this year, and the falls weren't as powerful as they normally were. Yet they were still spectacular. Matt settled down on the rock and pulled out his sketchbook. Johnathan peered curiously at one of the nearby rocks.
  "Matt, when you're done with that you should totally draw this boulder. It totally looks like it's a head,"
  "Well, maybe I am a head, what's it to you mate?" Stacy shrieked.
  "John, stop scaring her already,"
  "That wasn't me! I swear! The rock spoke!"
  "Rock? I'm a troll, mate,"
Author's Notes
And end
I would have liked to get in one more paragraph, but I'm going to be quite busy for a few days so I thought I'd just finish the story up. Fun fact, this is actually based off a real waterfall hike I went to during August. At the bottom there were two boulders that looked like they had faces!

Story #5 - Reflection

  Huffing and puffing, I leaned forward and took in a large breath. This was one steep trail to the town of Lockly, where we’d be able to find the second artifact to counter the Blodmorian forces. All we needed was the branch of the center tree. I glanced around us. We were well above the treeline now. How did the town of Lockly exist up here by themselves? It had taken us a good three days to get to the point we were at now. Quartz adjusted her belt nervously for the third time today, the untamed wind of the mountains flying her long lilac hair in the wind as if it were a flag. She turned to me and Grey and smirked.
  “You can take on a battalion of Blodmorian knights, but you can’t walk up a mountain?”
  “Just because we happen to be good fighters,” Grey grumbled and paused, panting. I watched as his hot breath curled up into the sky as clouds of steam. “Doesn’t mean we’re good at walking,”
  “How much longer?” I asked, cringing at the whine in my voice.
  “We won’t know until we find it,” Karlos said seriously. “Even though we won’t find it, because it’s not real,” Quartz turned and raised an eyebrow at him.
  “Blodmoria and Prismaria weren't real, yet here we are,” Grey said for her. “Quartz is normally right, can’t you just go with her?” Karlos grumbled under his breath and continued forward.
  “So what does Lockly even look like? And couldn’t we just get a tree branch closer to the others?” I asked Quartz.
  “Stop asking her so ma-” Grey began to scold me. I have a bad habit of asking too many questions.
  “Lockly was a little town. Probably would look like that one we passed through a few months ago. What was it called?” Quartz interrupted. Grey often got easily irritated by my many wondering thoughts.
  “It was Leighwood,” I said. Quartz nodded her head. How swiftly time had passed by these past weeks.
  “Leighwood. Yes. Probably like that, centered around a tree instead of a pond,” I opened my mouth to speak again. “The tree here was not from this land,” she continued. “It was from another place,”
  “Where?” Karlos asked. As much as the big man pretended to not believe all the myths and legends Quartz told, he always wanted to know more.
  Quartz smiled at him. “Prismaria,”

  Finally we arrived at the spot. No traces of the small town were left, the area was covered in a large lake. I dipped my fingers into the water, pulling them out quickly. It was freezing. I thought about what Quartz had told Karlos.
  “Lockly was a Prismarian town,” she had told him. “Of course, Prismarians prefer living in water more than on land, so it didn’t grow much and didn’t last long,” This special tree in the town center was all the way from the underwater depths of Prismaria.
  “Well, looks like we’re screwed. Everyone is going to be at the pass expecting us with the branch, we’re already a day behind. Hopeless,” Karlos sat down on the hard stone ground. “Quartz, I honestly doubt that...is she trancing?” I twisted my head to look at her. Dipping her toe in the water she calmly drew circles with it. A childish smile beamed across her face.
  “Just don’t let her go in the water,” I said, “She should break out on her own this time,”
  Quartz chuckled. “Do I really seem like I’m trancing? Come over here,” We stood and walked over next to her.
  “Prismarians could not survive up here. They need water,” Quartz waved her arm out across the lake. “What do you see?”
  “A glacial lake?” Grey said seriously.
  “Look closer,” Quartz grinned and stared at me. “Look in the reflection,” We all peered into the murky lake water.
  “Is that-”
  “It’s in the reflection!” Karlos turned to Quartz, amazed. “How?”
  “Magic,” Quartz set her foot in the water and turned around. “Come on!” She then fell back into the icy water. We watched as she waved at us from the other side.
  “That looks cold,” Grey shivered.
  “We don’t have much of a choice now, do we?”
My friend was threatening me with a digital water gun so I didn't finish as much as I wanted to qwp
These characters are actually from a story I already have (in my head of course) but some of you who've read my blogs before might recognize them from this
I was just too plain lazy to make up new characters and in my story this scene just happened to exist--
First time writing it out though lol

Story #6 - Falling

  Corvus pulled their hood over their eyes and rolled into a fetal position, bending their back against the small campfire. Hyssop continued packing her medical kit away after wrapping Jad’s arm with a bandage. She kept her eyes down and pressed her lips together. I felt my face heat up and color, though whether it was from the warmth of the crackling fire or my shamed self I couldn’t tell. I glared angrily at my brother as he continued.
  “You could have died, you know! We’re up against serious ancient deities and magic here, you can’t just jump into the fray of a battle as if you could fight them!”
  “But I can fight them!”
  “No! No you can’t!” Jad seethed. “You can’t fight and now you can barely stand! You’re lucky Corvu-”
  “Shut up,” they said, still lying with their back towards us, “Don’t drag me into this,” Jad stared steadily at them but they didn’t budge.
  “Still Janan, you almost died, and we can’t risk that,”
  “I wouldn’t have died!”
  “Just because you’re some chosen one doesn’t mean you can fight-”
  I stood up unsteadily, wobbling on my weak legs. “So you’re calling me weak?” I struggled to breathe, my lungs aching. The beast’s tail had whacked my chest pretty hard.
  “Janan, sit down,” Hyssop started.
  “I’m not calling you weak-”
  “Yes you are!” My flushed face was no longer due to embarrassment but from anger. Jad was my brother. And, from my experience, family wasn’t supposed to call you weak. I turned and stumbled away from the fire. “I’m just a foolhardy over-emotional girl, and you know it,”
  “Janan,” Jad began to stand.
  “Leave her alone for a bit,” I heard Corvus mutter. “She’s been through a lot today. We’re surrounded by cliffs mostly anyways, she can’t get to far,”

  I shoved through the low brush of the heated desert surroundings. After nightfall the sweltering heat had faded away, to be replaced by a freezing cold. The brush faded into grass and then to the plain stone ground. I watched my breath fog up as I stared into the canyon below me. There were little clouds in the sky, and the moonlight filtered down through the wisps, letting me see clearly. I shivered and wrapped my arms around me. Maybe I should have stayed by the fire.
  From the nearby dry brush that had barely crept close to the edge I heard a low hissing noise. I glanced around fearfully for a stick. “Janan,” Jad nervously approached me from the direction of the campfire. “About earlier...I just wanted to say--what are you doing?” I felt my breathing rise. And out of the bushes slid a deadly snake.
  I held a scrawny stick shakily out in front of me. Jad stood frozen mid-step. We both knew what had killed our mother. I froze as well.
  “Janan,” Jad said quietly, almost hissing it at me through his clenched teeth, “Back away slowly towards me,” The snake rose up and seemed to tilt its head at me.
  Cobra, I thought, Oh gosh cobra cobra cobra, I unsteadily took a quick step backwards towards the edge of the canyon. It sensed my hasty movement and lashed out. “Aieeeeee!” I squealed and narrowly dodged it’s strike, but as I moved I felt my foot slip and I went tumbling off the edge.
  “Janan!” I heard Jad shout. I heard the snake hiss as I fumbled trying to grab a hold on the rocky outcropping. The wind whistled past my ears as I missed grabbing the crumbling stone. The land here at this point in the canyon is oddly curved, like a stone wave, ending up with me free-falling through the cool night air. I flipped during my fall to face the fast-approaching ground of the canyon and screamed. I was quite high up still, but there was no way I could be saved now. I heard Jad emit another shout. A dark shadow stepped off the cliff and launched itself towards me.

  Reaching out, Corvus grabbed my shoulder and pulled me in close. I heard a great big whoosh as something caught us and slowed our fall. I held on tight and rested my head against their chest, my pounding heart slowing itself down.
  “You alright?” they asked me. I heard the loud flapping of wings as we began to rise. I silently nodded my head. I realized I was still shaking, as I squeezed my eyes shut, having never really been a fan of heights either. What creature had caught us? Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to struggle too much in bringing us both back to the top of the canyon where I had slipped. A few times we dipped in altitude, and I grasped Corvus’s shoulders as they tightened their arms around my waist. When both our feet were back on solid ground, I stayed in their arms for a little longer. Their hoodie was soft.

  Corvus’s black-bladed sword pinned the head of the snake to the ground. I watched as they reached out towards it, and it wisped away into his hand.
  “Janan!” Jad pulled me far away from the edge and held me close. “I thought you were gone, and then Corvus jumped too and-” I raised my head surprised and looked at him.
  “What happened to the creature?”
  “Creature? It was just you and Corvus,”
  “But how…” I turned to face Corvus. Silhouetted on both sides by the bright moonlight, large raven wings shuffled nervously. One hung at a crooked angle at the end. They looked up at me with their bright magenta eyes. I had always thought those to be odd.
  Corvus awkwardly rubbed the back of their neck. “Uhm…I have wings?” Hyssop pushed through the low brush that fought at her legs.
  “Where did you...what?!” Hyssop looked from me and Jad to the dead snake to Corvus and then to the sky. “Sometimes I regret agreeing to this,” Corvus frowned.
  “Kanith delera,” they muttered. They looked at our confused faces and pulled their black hood over their head. “My wings are stuck, must have hurt the one I banged on the cliff worse than I thought,” Hyssop walked over to him and lightly placed her fingers on the edge of the crooked wing. Corvus cringed. She pulled her hand away and held it up to the moon. A dark liquid coated her fingertips.
  “You’ve certainly hurt it,”
Ah, Corvus, the perfect person
I'd try explaining everything about them but I'd fail so just accept them as the perfect little bean they are <3
I did a wack job with the names, but I liked Corvus' character too much to change theirs
Fun facts: Corvus means "crow" (hence the wings haha funny moment) and Janan if I remember means "heart" or "soul" and I thought that was pretty.
Setting is t e c h n i c a l l y in Egypt but I made a lot of stuff up it's just somewhere in/near the Middle East pretend I got the location right lol
Storytober! Stories + Prompts :)

Story #7 - Lost Love

  The sword. Where was the sword? The Blade of Retribution. I had dropped it. Wheezing and coughing as I struggled to catch my breath, I sat up against the wall. The Beast had slammed its tail harshly against me, throwing me into the wall. The old drywall had cracked on my impact, and I felt that at least a few of my ribs had cracked as well. Dazed, I felt my head throb as I pulled myself up to a standing position. The Blade clattered to the ground beside me as it slid out from the hole it had made in the weak walls. Reaching down to grasp the handle, I gasped as my vision went red and I crumbled to my knees. A wretched smell wafted up my nose. I groaned as I realized I was now covered in my own vomit.
  Where did he go? I wondered. The stupid boy had left me again. I swayed back and forth as I wandered over to the Beast. It stared at me with its beady black eyes. It swiped at me with its claws and I went down again, yelling out in agony as a claw tore into my left arm. The giant dark creature stood over me and growled. Dizzily I looked to the right and attempted to grab for the sword. The special sword. The monster pawed it away.
  “Hey! You ugly beast, get away from them!” I snickered as the crazy boy held up the Blade of Retribution out in front of him. The Beast growled and bared their blood-stained teeth at him. “Yeah, I’m talking to you!” What was he doing? He didn’t know how to use a sword. Spear throwing and javelins were his hobby. Unless…
  “Throw it,” I muttered under my breath. I barely heard myself, but he seemed to understand. Taking a few steps back, he adjusted his grip on the handle. The beast snarled at him again, turning its body and probably crunched whatever remained of my ribs, causing my vision to go black. I heard an angry shout, then slid into darkness.

  I opened my crusty eyes and groaned. My head hurt. Where was I? The room I was in was white. White painted walls. White table. White bed sheets. My left arm was red. Red-soaked bandages. From the light grey chair next to my bedside I saw him. I tilted my head a bit to the left and glanced at him.
  "What are you doing?" My voice was weak and quiet. He blinked, startled, and wiped his eyes. Crying? "Why are you sad?" I paused. Vision swam. "Is someone hurt?"
  "Yeah, a special person. Why don't you go back to sleep?" His voice was distant, miles away.
  "Lucky them,"
  "Lucky?" My vision blurred. I wasn’t sad, but my eyes decided to cry.
  "You'd have to care about them a lot if you're crying to them. Must be very special," I nodded, bleakly agreeing with myself. "Why aren't you with them?" He ran his fingers through my hair. Why was he running his fingers through my hair? He smiled tiredly, stroking my face.
  "I've been here for hours," I frowned. My vision faded from clear to black to clear. He seemed to be miles, days, years away.
  "I'm tired," I heard myself whisper. He smiled and seemed to say something more. I heard nothing, not able to understand through the ocean sounds ringing in my ears. But I surely didn’t read his lips right.
  He seemed to say “I love you,” My head and thoughts swam together. Water seemed to envelop me, dragging me deep deep under. Vision faded to black.
  "I'm cold," I stated, before taking his recommendation and going back into deep sleep.
I really like this one
You'd better like it too or I'll steal your grapes >:)

And no, no matter how many times ElectrifiedAvian says "yes" this isn't a fan-fiction
Though it would be interesting if you found the one I have posted in my blogs lol

Story #8 - Anything

  I bolted up and spewed out the nasty sour liquid from my mouth, using my clammy hand to wipe off excess from my face. My clothes were soaking wet and torn up, and I shivered in the breeze. I coughed and hacked out the remaining sour goo and felt someone’s hand on my shoulder.
  “You feeling okay there sir?” No. I was partially covered in my vomit and soaking wet. I rested my throbbing head on my knees and sat in silence. Why did it hurt so much? I groaned.
  “Not at all,” I muttered. The man kneeled next to me and awkwardly patted my shoulder. I turned my head and squinted at him. He didn’t seem too old, maybe in his early thirties. He was clad in a dark blue robe, and on the ground next to him lay an old, gnarled wooden staff. “Where am I?” I asked.
  “The Enchanted Woods,” I glanced around us. I sat against a rotting log, facing a fast-flowing river. “I found you floating in the river here, so I pulled you out,”
  “Thanks I guess,” The Enchanted Woods. Why did that name seem so familiar?
  “So what were you doing in the river? It’s quite dangerous during this time of year,” My mind blanked. I pursed my lips, trying to find the answer to this stranger’s question.
  “I, I don’t know,” I rubbed my head again, feeling the beat of my heart in my chest bang roughly against my skull.
  “Well, what is your name?” I shook my head.
  “Don’t know. I don’t remember anything,” The man stood up and offered me his hand. I took it and staggered to my feet.
  “I doubt you remember where you come from either,” I nodded my head. He took up his staff and looked me up and down. “I say you come with me to get fixed up. If you hadn’t noticed, you’re quite a mess right now,” I looked down at myself.
  “I suppose you’re correct,”
  “My name is Sylv,” the man said. “Do you happen to remember your name?” The bushes rustled around us. I glanced at them warily.
  “You must have hit your head awful hard then,” I itched my head where it throbbed.
  “Yeah, I gues-” I gave a yelp of surprise as a dog-sized animal leapt out of the groundcover in front of Sylv. He went down quickly. “Sylv!”
  He chuckled and shoved the thing off his chest, rubbing his head as he sat up. The small dragon seemed to playfully lunge at him. “Great Faebeast, what are you doing out?” he said. The metallic purple dragon circled him as he stood up.
  “What is that?”
  “Frass,” Sylv replied. “He’s my familiar,” Familiar? Did that mean that Sylv was some sort of wizard? He twirled his staff and patted Frass on the head.
  “Dark wizard of the Enchanted Woods,” Sylv looked up startled. I looked around blankly. Where had that voice come from? It took me a moment to realize it had been me who said that.
  “What?” I shrugged.
  “Don’t know where that came from. Just popped into my head. Sorry,” Sylv smiled.
  “Well, you’re not wrong. I’m called that by most people,” He balanced on his staff. “You aren’t afraid?”
  “You don’t seem like a dark spellcaster,” I looked down at myself again. “Also, I do want new clothes,” Sylv chuckled and grabbed my hand.
  “Well come on then,” he said, dragging my along behind him, “We’re almost to the tower,”
Didn't feel like writing another romance-y story but I hint at some take it or leave it
On a wallpost I asked for fantasy words, dragon, wizard, staff, and prince were all mentioned a lot so I choose those, as well as some others like fairy, gay, and warlock (though I only kinda used warlock twt)

Sorry but I didn't include Moltenoni or pog xD

Feedback on my stories is always welcome! :)
CreditTeal, TheMushrxxmPixie, Rosalie

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10/28/2020 11:52 am
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These just get better and better Ip!

And to answer your question; No, I do not enjoy killing my characters off. I enjoy making them suffer. And my readers will suffer with them.
10/28/2020 11:55 am
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Thank you!!

Making characters suffer is almost as fun of killing them off
I like death more xD
10/28/2020 12:33 pm
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Pleasure :D

Haha I kill my characters sometimes. After I made them suffer, and even then I don't kill them directly. I make them disappear, leaving the reader confused, mystified, terrified and worried all at the same time. And when I DO kill them, I make sure it leaves the reader crying their eyes out because I made them love the character with their entire heart.

I'm so cruel.
10/27/2020 11:11 pmhistory
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imagine if me and the zoologist got shipped...

nah that will probably never happen
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if i ever figure out who the zoologist is....

i won't do anything because shipping people is weird B)
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its that one new npc from terraria that has ears and a tail
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"And no, no matter how many times ElectrifiedAvian says "yes" this isn't a fan-fiction
Though it would be interesting if you found the one I have posted in my blogs lol" Wait you have actually made one?
10/27/2020 9:14 pm
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i have two
and then another, the Eternal one from a while back, but i unpublished it because i liked it too much and didn't want people to steal the idea
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spoopy planet
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Wow Ip, these are amazing!

Completely cured my boredom lol.
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