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unusual frog avatar unusual frog
Level 45 : Master Wisp
So if you guys didnt read my last two storytimes then this wont make very much sense.
if you guys dont remember, I am gonna go back to in-person school tomorrow and idk if I will be able to come on pmc. If however I do not return there will be a few things I would like to address.
One: If I dont return I would like you guys to know that I will miss you guys very very much. I will however try to come back whenever I can but a reminder to you guys who forgot...I have to pay attention in class so I dont fail and this means that I might have time to try and come on.
Two (for just Diiby): Keep the group strong, and make sure everyone has those free frogs. Remember Diiby:
"Everyone must get a free froggie"

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01/23/2022 10:53 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Goblin
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i will dish out free frogs like their insults in a league of legends game
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