Storywriter - Chapter Six

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(okay I kinda did but whatever-)
Anyways, I still don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any other references possibly made. Onwards!

I yawned as Yugi and I stood by the bus stop. I almost fell asleep on my feet before the boy nudged me.

‘’Why are you so tired?’’ He asked me. I shrugged half-way.

‘’I kinda had to stay up almost all night to get a new episode out,’’ I replied.

‘’A new episode?’’

‘’What, did you think I only write? I’ve animated a few of my stories, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to take up the mantle for one of my largest universes.’’

‘’Which one?’’ We climbed up the stairs and into the bus that had just pulled in.

‘’The one with the giant stories Cocoa and I talked about a long time ago. Does Tales of History ring any bells?’’

‘’Oh yeah! You said it was one of your three major universes, and that you hadn’t even finished writing it yet.’’

‘’Yeah, I had to get the trailer for Season 2 out since I promised the entire community that that day.’’

As the bus started moving, we stood in comfortable silence. I hadn’t been on the bus much, preferring to walk to school and mull in my story ideas or talk them over with Cocoa, but it seemed more packed than normal. A nudge in my ribs had me looking down at Yugi, who pointed out Hanasaki. I nudged him over to the boy, and he disappeared into the crowd.

My thoughts wandered once more, but to something not as recent. I remembered telling Cocoa, the day after Yami’s awakening, about that vow. My mind wandered back to it…

But before I could start to recall, the bus jerked suddenly, with a call of an emergency stop, ripping me from my thoughts. It was a few minutes, but Yugi made his way back to me. I took notice of his slightly paler face, but decided against asking him.

‘’Mornin’ Yugi!’’ Jounouchi greeted us. I sat at my desk beside Yugi while the petite male sat at his own.

‘’Ah… good morning, Jounouchi,’’ the boy greeted somewhat offhandedly.

‘’Hn? You look kinda down. What’s wrong?’’ He asked, glancing in my tired direction. I shrugged.

‘’No, it’s nothing!’’ Yugi assured Jounouchi. There were a few minutes of silence before Jounouchi looked at me.

‘’Don’t look at me, I’ve been half-asleep,’’ I huffed. He rolled his eyes before turning back to Yugi.

‘’By the way… I looked into it, but… it seems there isn’t a star at this school!’’ He exclaimed.

‘’WHAT?!’’ Both Yugi and I yelped. ‘’You haven’t given up on that?!’’ I screeched.

‘’But that’s the thing!’’ Jounouchi winked, and I groaned. ‘’I’ll become the first star from this school!’’ he declared, fist to his chest and foot on his desk. Yugi didn’t pay attention though, and just kept looking down at his desk.

‘’Yugi…’’ Jounouchi murmured, making the boy in question look up. Jounouchi then somewhat roughly grabbed Yugi. ‘’Is something bothering you? Tell me! I’m here for you!’’ He declared. The next thing in the room was his yelp as I whacked him with my toy hammer.

‘’Honestly,’’ I sighed. He glared at me, and my other persona retreated, having taken action in thwapping Jounouchi.

‘’Really, it’s nothing, you two. But thanks anyways…’’ Yugi replied. Jounouchi seemed to accept that and the three of us chatted before Honda came around, and Jounouchi and Honda went to ‘panty tank’ Anzu, whatever that is.

(I quickly learned what that is, and my other persona reprimanded them both with a good smack of my hammer.)

After school was over, I went to grab my stuff from my locker. But I stilled by it when I heard a familiar voice.

‘’Uh… um… Yugi…’’ a voice I actually recognized as Hanasaki stuttered. The other person in the conversation must’ve been Yugi, then. ‘’S-sorry to bug you, but… could you buy this ticket from me?’’

‘’W-what?’’ Yugi stammered, sounding shocked.

‘’Do you know Sozoji in Class C? These are tickets to one of his concerts…’’

‘’Oh… is that so?’’

‘’It’d really help if you could buy one… the truth is, I’ve got five, and I can’t even sell one.’’

‘’Are you going, Hanasaki? You don’t see all that enthusiastic…’’

‘’If I tell you, you might not buy one, but… I really don’t want to go…’’

‘’Uhm… it was 2000 yen, right?’’ Some shuffling. ‘’Sorry, but I don’t have any money right now… so let’s do this! Give me all of those tickets. You just need to pass them out, don’t you?’’

‘’What is he doing…?’’ Cocoa whispered.

‘’Huh..?!’’ Hanasaki exclaimed. ‘’I-is that really okay, Yugi?’’

‘’Yup,’’ the trinette’s voice replied. ‘’Then if you don’t want to go, Hanasaki, you don’t have to.’’

‘’Th-thank you, Yugi!’’ Hanasaki said, and I quickly slipped to the front of the building, where Yugi saw me and smiled. I smiled back, trying not to hint that I had heard everything. ‘’Later then!’’

Three days passed, and I never figured out what that conversation was about. I was rereading through my Tales of History series to see if I wanted to change anything for the second season, when I heard the back door open and shut. I went down into the shop, only to find Grandpa there.

‘’Is Yugi going anywhere?’’ I asked him, and he shook his head. ‘’Uh oh,’’ I muttered. ‘’I’m gonna go out for a bit.’’

‘’Alright,’’ he looked at me worriedly, and I gave him a reassuring smile before bolting back upstairs to grab my blue Stitch hoodie and Cocoa and heading out the back door.

‘’Any ideas where he would’ve gone?’’ Cocoa asked as I put my skates on.

‘’Sozoji…’’ I murmured. ‘’A concert… the karaoke place maybe?’’ I reasoned.

‘’Good as any darn place to start,’’ she replied, and we quickly shot down the road, Cocoa behind my ear as I skated down the sidewalk. I quickly approached the building and entered inside, where only a woman behind the desk sat.

‘’Uhm…’’ I started, and she looked up to me with a smile. ‘’I’m looking for a boy, about yea tall and looks like a starfish,’’ I told her, motioning Yugi’s height. She blinked before her eyes went wide with horror.

‘’The poor boy! He went into Sozoji’s room… the second door on the left,’’ she offered, and I smiled, thanking her. I quickly skated down the hall and opened the door.

Yugi was seated on the couch, headphones over his ears as he was crouched over. Some dude (obviously an Elvis impersonator) was singing, and gods save us, he sounded horrible.

‘’Hey!’’ I screamed over the sound, and he stopped, looking at me.

‘’Hmm? Good job Yugi, looks like you did get someone!’’ The burly teen (again, manga artists.) grinned, and I huffed. Yugi sat up and turned to me with wide eyes. ‘’Anyways, before we move onto our next performance, let’s introduce our special guest!’’

Sozoji pulled aside a curtain to reveal a beat-up Hanasaki, unconscious. Yugi and I gasped and yelled the boy’s name. We ran over to him while Sozoji boasted about something that I didn’t get and didn’t want to hear.

‘’Hanasaki! I’m sorry! I was only trying to help…’’ Yugi said, shaking the small boy.

‘’I’m the one who should apologize, Yugi…’’ Hanasaki stammered out. ‘’You tried to take on my burden. This would’ve happened no matter what… I’m being punished for trying to sell that ticket to you… I’m really sorry…’’

‘’Hanasaki!’’ Yugi exclaimed, and next thing I knew, both Puzzles lit up. ‘’How could you…’’ Yugi began to stand up, his face overshadowed but I saw him growing taller and the three extra blonde spikes appeared. ‘’How could you do this to my friend, Hanasaki… I won’t forgive you…’’

The Puzzles shone brightly, and Yami whipped around, ripping the headphones off his ears and pulling the jack out, the normal determined expression I had grown to know and love on his face.

‘’Hey hey hey!’’ Sozoji protested. ‘’What’s that look supposed to mean?! You got something to say to me?!’’

‘’Heh… Sozoji! Let me ask you one question! Are you a coward?’’ Yami smirked.


‘’If you aren’t, then don’t try to escape from the little game we’re going to start!’’

‘’Wait, we?’’ I protested from my position beside Hanasaki. Yami ignored me, though, and so did Sozoji.

‘’A game…?!’’ The burly male repeated.

‘’I call it… the silence game!’’ Yami grinned his feral smile. ‘’Before I explain the rules of the game, let me properly set up…’’ he grabbed two clown-like dolls off the shelf, which creeped me out a little, while I sat down on the couch, him seating himself beside me.

Yami then explained the rules of this Yami no Game: the clowns were actually ‘Sound Pierrots’, doll-like sensors that detect any sound near them. In order to win the game, you had to be perfectly silent. Yami and I were actually at a disadvantage with two versus one.

‘’What will happen if you two lose, Yugi?’’ Sozoji asked.

‘’We’ll give you our lives!’’ I beat Yami to the punch, who (thankfully!) rolled with it.

‘’But if you lose, you have to play a Penalty Game!’’ Yami added.

‘’Interesting!’’ Sozoji grinned, taking off his sunglasses.

‘’Game Start!’’ We both said, and the two of us stared Sozoji down while he stared us down. Silence filled the entire room as the Game progressed.

I jumped when a Pierrot started dancing two minutes later, but it wasn’t ours. Sozoji’s was dancing!

‘’That’s the sound of your heartbeat!’’ Yami explained for, quite frankly, both clueless occupants. Sozoji realized what was happening, and I did too; he had set the volume to max, and while Sozoji was waiting for the headphone jack balancing on a cup to fall, the heartbeat was blasted through the speakers.

‘’Your habit of holding onto the mike no matter how much it annoys people has done you in!’’ The Eye of Wdjat glowed on Yami’s forehead as my Puzzle charm illuminated the room. ‘’You lose, Sozoji! Penalty Game: Beat Festival!’’ Yami pointed his finger at Sozoji and the Eye of Wdjat engulfed Sozoji.

‘’M-make it stop! The noise! THE NOISE!’’ Sozoji screamed.

‘’Rock music has eight beats, right?’’ Yami asked while he and I helped Hanasaki up, and I nodded in confirmation. ‘’I hear that came from the basic rhythm of the heart - the rhythm that stimulates a person! From now on, you can sing to the beating of your own tell-tale heart!’’

‘’Perfect for a human karaoke!’’ I grinned, and he smiled back at me. We helped Hanasaki back to his home, but he offered to go in himself so we could go home, and so we did.

The trip back home went in silence and I looked down at the ground. ‘’What are you thinking about?’’ I jumped about three feet in the air at Yami’s sudden question. I turned to see him looking at me with curious eyes, having stopped. I gave a strained smile.

‘’It’s nothing…’’ I replied.

‘’Teal…?’’ He asked. I sighed and took a few steps forward.

‘’I… don’t have many friends… when I was younger, I had groups of friends. But it wasn't great for me. My first group, I had to play peacemaker all the time, and the second, I just got ignored. The third didn’t last long. Those relationships really kinda hurt my ability to make friends… Aside from Cocoa, I only have one other friend I'm really close with.’’

He was silent, and he knew there was more to the story. I turned around, unwilling to look him in the eyes. ‘’Yami… promise me you’ll always be my friend.’’

There was more silence. And before I knew it, he had me in a hug. I just stood there in his embrace, happy to not seem like an idiot. He pulled away and wiped a tear I didn’t know had appeared off my face.

‘’I promise,’’ he smiled. I smiled back and hugged him again. ‘’But in all honesty, can I-‘’

‘’No, you cannot Penalty Game those people, I was only 10 at the time,’’ I chuckled. ‘’That was five years ago…’’

He nudged me. ‘’C’mon, we might wanna get home,’’ he said. I grinned and took off.

‘’Race ya!’’

‘’Hey! You’re cheating! You have skates!’’

It’s easy to say who won.

Oh yeah, I remember this chapter. XD
Hope y'all enjoyed! ~Teal

(and no, i do not animate. i can barely draw XD)
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