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[StrategyGuide] Tips and Tricks to Pvp: Strafing, Auto-Sprint, Block-Hitting,

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Every Minecraft player has their own strategy, this thread is just some tips and tricks I have picked up after playing Minecraft the last two years. Most of you may know the
majority of this information already, but I am sure you will learn something new.

As many of you may know there is a way to constantly stay sprinting, the default is the control button. When this came out at 1.7 it completely changed Minecraft pvp forever.
This is because whenever you hit someone it breaks your sprint, so you cannot hit them anymore. Using control sprinting you continue sprinting no matter what, allowing you to
keep chasing people without having to stop. If you do not use it already, it is the first step to improving Minecraft pvp. I personally keep it as the Control button, however many
players also set it to the middle click on a mouse using the scroll wheel (known as button 3 on minecraft settings). Set it to whatever is easiest to constantly hold down while

Strafing is essentially moving in circles around a player when attacking them so you can dodge their hits. It is much harder to strafe when using only the double tap to sprint.
Like mentioned above I highly suggest using the control sprinting, or whatever key you set it to. It is impossible to keep moving around hitting the player when every time you hit
them your sprint stops. While strafing it is good to jump up and down, to sort of 'bob and weave', and also to give criticals, which I will explain next.

Critical Hits
In Minecraft when you are mid-air moving in a downward direction and hit someone, that hit will do up to 50% more damage, plus one heart. Criticals also do extra knockback.
When a critical hit is done gray-ish particles fly out from the mob/player hit. These particles can be changed, I will get to that later. Criticals have to be timed, because if you hit
on the way up it will not work. Criticals can be done using anything, including the fist, any tools, blocks, items, etc. It is also possible to crit using a bow and arrow, the bow must
be fully charged and the gray particles will fly off of the arrow. This deals much more damage as well. Criticals are essential to most pvp strategies, such as strafing and combos.
Note: There is a type of hack where every hit is a critical, meaning the player always does a lot more damage. This type of hack is very common, best known as kill aura.

Full list of requirements for a Critical Hit:

The player must be falling
The player must not be on the ground
The player must not be on a ladder/ vine
The player must not be in water
The player must not be affected by blindness
The player must not be riding an entity

Block Hitting
Block hitting is the strategy of hitting while right click blocking with a sword. While block hitting you take 1/2 less damage from enemy attacks. Arrows additionally do much less
damage when blocking. I personally really don't like block hitting since you can easily get defeated by strafes. In my mind it is better to deal more damage than trying to take less
yourself. Especially when fighting a team, it is easy for them to both hit you at the same time when block-hitting. Block hitting is good however in a 1 on 1 "man fight" if you want
to call it that, for example if you are trapped in a house with someone and there is no space to run. It is also much easier to use than the other three techniques, so it definitely is
not a terrible strategy.

Blocking does not reduce damage from

1. Fall Damage
2. Void Damage
3. Wither Damage
4. Suffocation
5. Harming Potions
6. Poison Potions
7. Cactus
8. Drowning

Fishing Rod/Combos
A combo is short for combination, or a rapid succession of hits. Combos are usually done using a fishing rod. A basic combo is hitting them with a fishing rod, stunning them
(knocking them back), then getting a couple good hits, whether it be crits or double-hits (I will get to that next). Combinations can be used to quickly deal a lot of damage on a
player, especially if you catch them off guard. The fishing rod is a very effective item for PvP. It is utilized to get combos and knock players back, especially when you are trying
to escape in the water. It is also the best tool for trying to catch up with someone. If you are close behind them, you can hit them using the fishing rod into a wall, tree, or any
obstacle, allowing you to get one or two hits on them.

Double Hits
Double hits is the technique of getting two hits where you would normally get one, hence the name. Double hits are only possible on servers where the default Minecraft code is
taken out where a mob can only be hurt every .5 seconds. With double hits you do not use criticals. Double hits require you to have very fast hands and an excellent mouse.
Just like with most things in PvP, it takes a long time to master but once you do it is very effective.

The key thing about using a bow is anticipation. You have to anticipate where the player is going to go when you shoot. If the player is going around a turn shoot ahead of them
at the right spot. Being able to hit a target at a distance while they are moving takes practice, and that is the only way to improve. I would suggest playing turf wars to practice
your bow skills. Another important thing about using a bow is to charge it back completely (not in turf wars though). A non-fully charged bow only deals half a heart of damage
and some knockback, while a fully-charged deals much more. One good combo using a bow is to shoot a player while they are charging directly at you, since it knocks them
back and allows you to get a crit or double hit.

The crosshair is the thing in the middle of the screen that shows where you are facing. The default crosshair is a cross (obviously). Alternate crosshairs have thinner lines, no lines
at all, and some are circles. Different crosshairs may help you with aiming your bow. I highly recommend trying different crosshairs, as you never know until you try. Crosshairs
can be changed by using different resource packs, which I will cover next.

Resource Packs
Different resource packs may help your PvP. Everything is up to your preference, you can mix and match resource packs to create the perfect one for you. Different resource packs
have different crosshairs. Many resource packs chance the texture critical and regular hits, allowing you to see which one is which much easier. Some people stick with default
and others say some packs help their pvp.

FOV stands for field of view and is exactly that. The larger your FOV the more you can see on your screen. I personally play on the normal FOV, even though I realize it might
be better to have a higher FOV. Since there is a large difference between Normal and Quake Pro, I would suggest gradually increasing your FOV, like one per day.

F5 Mode
Pressing F5 toggles the perspective of the player. The first F5 mode shows the character facing in the forward direction. This allows you to see over obstacles you are hiding
behind. The larger your FOV the more you can see. The second F5 mode faces the player, allowing you to see behind you. It is a good idea to toggle F5 often to spot anyone
sneaking up on you and to notice any chests not visible going forward. It is also extremely effective to see if a player is still chasing you, so you do not have to stop and turn
around. The F5 key is hard to reach so I recommend going into your settings and changing it so something reachable, like 'R' or 'Z'.

Height Advantage/Disadvantage
There are different situations when PVP'ing when it is better to have the high ground or the low ground. When in water it is better to get under the person, that way you can hit
them and they cannot hit you. Only do this if they are full out fighting you, because if you are going downwards while chasing someone in water you do not go as fast. It is also
better to get the low ground when on a ladder, because based on Minecraft physics you can reach farther upwards than downwards. When fighting on a hill it depends on how
big the hill is and a few other factors whether you want the high ground or low ground. If you have reached the top of a large hill it is best to wait until the player reaches the top
of the hill and then you can knock them off for fall damage. While climbing a hill it is best to be underneath since you can hit farther going up than down.

Utility Items
Cobwebs: These are used to trap another player so they cannot move. When they are caught you can move around them and hit them while they cannot move. Keep in mind that
when they are moving downwards all their attacks are criticals and do extra damage.
Barricade: These are the only blocks that can be placed. They are useful to scale up two block ledges while you are going up mountains, making a person chasing you hit the
block and slow down, and for blocking off ladders when a person is chasing you.
Flint and Steel: These are not available on this server, though are very useful on others. They are used to light the enemy on fire, slowing them down and doing some damage.
These are very useful when fighting teams or when you just want to weaken the enemy.
Cake: Cake is the only food that can be instantly. It is good to eat while on the run. Keep in mind however its saturation is very low, meaning you get hungry very quickly after eating cake. It is also the only other block/item that is placeable, so if you are trapped you can use
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