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avatar ohitslil
Level 22 : Expert Artist
A new blog I like to call "Steven Universe Thoughts and Theories!" Here's where I will put all my speculations and comments that I have on the lore and general plot of the show, "Steven Universe!" THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS!

So, where should I start? White Diamond? Lion? Sure, let's start with Lion. As you most likely know, Lars died while defending the Off-Color gems in an abandoned kindergarten on Homeworld. Steven, with his mother's healing powers, brought Lars back to life with one of his healing tears. I can't pinpoint the exact episode, but Rose Quartz was depicted to have a lion pride with her. I thought it was fairly simple, I never thought that there was much of a mystery to Lion, but that's because I started watching Steven Universe a month or two ago and didn't have to wait to find out much of the show's secrets. But, maybe it went like this: Lion was the leader of the pride and died, which caused Rose much grief because of her connection and empathy towards everything on Earth. So, using her healing tears, Lion was brought back to life and was created the way he is now, and for some reason (probably because he was with Rose's junk pile and ship) remained in the desert until the Gems found him and brought him home.

Case closed?

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