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avatar Lemilas
Level 55 : Grandmaster Wizard
Since I wrote a blog of Spring Poems for the Spring Fling event a few months ago, I decided to write some poems about summer for this event: two haikus, an acrostic, and an ordinary rhymed poem.

Glowing summer sun

Warms the sand while rolling waves

Crash upon the shore

A forest of trees

Stands upon the mountainside

Fading into blue

Sunlight shining all around

Under trees new paths to tread

Many dunes of sand to view

Musical waves meeting the shore

Everywhere opportunities to be found

Refreshing summer days

The Beach and the Forest
The wind blew freshly over sand,

While bright blue waves crashed on the shore,

A meeting of the sea and land,

The sights and sounds, the ocean's roar.

And in the forest, tall trees stood,

And many trails with travelers few

Let those who came explore the wood

And see great things both old and new.


07/17/2019 8:45 pmhistory
Level 7 : Apprentice Scribe
Hey! that's great, you have an amazing talent you should not let go to waste :) That picture is beautiful! And your writing here just made me feel what I would in summer vacations. We're so fortunate of having the opportunity to enjoy a good summer, this chance to be alive and breathing to create new things on each step we take.
07/17/2019 9:37 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Wizard
Thanks! I took the picture during a vacation I was on around two weeks ago. The mountains were really beautiful there.
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