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Super Derp's Stories 2: Battle Of The Derps

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avatar Super-Derp
Level 11 : Journeyman Fish
Hello! I am Derp Noobhouse, but some of you might know me as SUPER DERP! This will be my second story of my superhero life. I recommend you check out part 1, Super Derp's Stories: Becoming A Hero

Anyways, let me tell you about the WORST accident that Dr.Nood (my scientist friend) has made (aside from trying to combine a pig with a spider)!

CHAPTER ONE: The Chapter Before The Second Chapter

It was one month since I saved Craftsville from Dr.Pro, I was feeling pretty bored. There were no villains to stop, no fire to put out, there wasn't even a cat stuck in a tree to rescue! "Derp! Come here!" Dr.Nood said. Dr. Bryan Nood told me he was working on something "special" since last week. I am excited to see what he has made. I walked into his room cautiously because I didn't want something to explode in my face. "TA-DA!" exclaimed Dr.Nood. He revealed to me a robot that looked exactly like me! The only difference I saw was that the robot was silver and gray, and looked like a, well, a ROBOT. "This is Derpbot, he is supposed to help you fight crime!" announced Dr.Nood. "I don't think this DerpBot will come in handy, since there isn't really any crime these days." I say to myself. Dr.Nood pressed a button on the DerpBot, and it started to light up and talk. "DerpBot loading. DerpBot loading. DerpBot loading." says the DerpBot. It was gonna be a while until the DerpBot was finished loading, so I decided to go to the bay.

CHAPTER TWO: DerpBot To The Rescue

The bay is a beautiful place. It is also the place I got bit by the mighty fish. So I guess you can say that this is the place that started it all. I was going to sit down and enjoy the view, but then I heard some screaming near the market. I went to the market to investigate. "Give me all your emeralds and no one gets hurt!" announces a man with a diamond sword and bow. I was going to call my mighty fish to come and help me fight this man, but all of a sudden I hear a "WHOOSH!" sound. I turn around to see what the sound was. I don't see anything, so I turn back to face the man with the diamond sword and bow. When I turn to face the man, I see DerpBot fighting him. The battle only lasted a few seconds. DerpBot has won the battle. "DerpBot saves the day" DerpBot says. I see a robotic version of the mighty fish in the robot's hands. "DerpBot for the win!" I hear a man say. "DerpBot is the best!" shouts a group of women. "I guess nobody needs you NOW, NOOB!" says Avery. My best friend is right, nobody needs me anymore.

CHAPTER THREE: Vacation To Pixel Island

The next day, I decide to take a vacation. The people of Craftsville don't need me anymore. I ask Dr.Nood where should I go to take a vacation. He says I should go to Pixel Island. It is beautiful, relaxing, and FREE! I go to the public boat station. I get on a boat that is going to Pixel Island. It takes FOREVER. I FINALLY reach Pixel Island! Dr.Nood was right, it is beautiful, relaxing, and free. I go to a random hotel that I forgot the name of, and got a room, for FREE! After a few hours of sleeping, I get my sunscreen, beach chair, a basket full of food, and I head to the Pixel Island beach


I have reached the beach. I put on my sunscreen, I put down my food, I get out my chair, and I RELAX. The beach is so relaxing, and the view is A-MAZ-ING! I thought to myself, "What a sunny day! nothing can ruin this evening!" But all of a sudden, it started RAINING! So I decide to go back to the hotel. But on my way to the hotel, I GET ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES! I get my mighty fish, and fight the zombies. the zombies weren't really strong, but there were TONS OF THEM. The battle was like BAM, then BASH, and a POW, there was also a SLAPPITY SLAP SLAP SLAPITTY SLAP SLAPSLAP SLAP SLOOP! I defeated all the zombies! I got to the hotel, and was ready to relax, but I saw smoke coming from CRAFTSVILLE!

CHAPTER FIVE: Battle Of The Derps PT.1

I rush to the public boat station. but no boats were available! So I just use my MIGHTY FISH and I SUPER JUMP to Craftsville. Everything was practically DESTROYED! I thought DerpBot would protect the city, but then Dr.Nood rushes to me and tells me, "DerpBot turned EVIL!" Dr.Nood told me that he didn't know why, he heard the robot mumble about how humans don't do anything for him in return, and that humans are pathetic.I go to the roof of F.U.Y.D. tower and I find DerpBot there.He doesn't say a word. He just rushes to me and slaps me with his fish. Then I use MY mighty fish to slap him, but as they say in pokemon games, it isn't very effective. He contuinues to attack me. I am feeling weak, i don't think I can win this battle, but I realize that DerpBot isn't a stronger version of me, he is a ROBOT COPY OF ME! DerpBot knew all of my moves, so I just needed to make NEW MOVES. I throw my fish UP INTO THE AIR, and while DerpBot is looking up at the fish, I punch him in the face. But that didn't go as well as planned because I forgot that his face was metal. "AIIYEYEYEYE!!" I shriek. He was about to slap me in the face until I fainted, but my MIGHTY FISH fell on his head! The mighty fish put a dent in his head. I use the mighty fish to summon a bunch of FISH and POTATOES! I use the fish and potatoes to send him all the way to Pixel Island so he won't cause any further damage to Craftsville.

WHEW! It's getting INTENSE. I think you should go get a glass of water or go to the washroom or something before we continue the story.

CHAPTER SIX: Battle Of The Derps PT.2

I SUPER JUMP to Pixel Island to finish off DerpBot ONCE and FOR ALL. But before I can defeat him with my mighty fish, he throws HIS mighty fish at me and sends me at the top of the PIXEL ISLAND VOLCANO. Then DerpBot jumps up to me and is about to slap me into the volcano. "Any last words, pathetic super human?" asks the annoying robot. "yes, baked or deep fried?" I reply. DerpBot is confused. I jump behind him and I knock him into the flaming center of the volcano. He is defeated. I return back to Craftsville. Everyone is cheering for ME! Dr.Nood comes to me. I thought he would scream at me for ruining his machine, but instead he pats me on the back and says "Good job Derp." I have saved the day once again.

That is the end of my story. To be honest I thought I was going to die.

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Part 3 is out! https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/super-derp-s-stories-3-the-haunted-mansion/

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