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Super Mario Skins Pack

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avatar TheDarknessDr
Level 37 : Artisan Network
I created a Skin Pack about different Super Mario Univers.
I made Skins from:-Mario and Luigi Games
         -Super Mario Bros Super Show + The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
         -Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Link of the pack: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ytddnypsaztjqwh/AABCMjl5UVR2NDb6FzrMbXYJa?dl=0

Skin add:
Mario and Luigi Games:

  Mario and Luigi:
-Mario; Luigi (+sprites) + Luigi's death stare + Builder and "Classic" costum
            -Mario brothers from: Mario Bros (Arcade); Game And Watch: Mario Bros; Super Mario Bros.;
            Super Mario Bros. 3/World; Luigi's Mansion; Super Mario Sunshine
            -Power-Up Mario Brothers: 1985 fire flower; Fire flower; Ice flower; Penguin costum
  Other Characters: -Wario(Normal/biker/Super Mario Land 2) and Waluigi; Jumpman (+sprites); Pauline(Lady);
            Mario Brothers' Grandfather; Professor E.Gadd; Weegee; Peach and Daisy; Bowser; Toad;
            Blue Toad; Toadette

The anime series: -Mario and Luigi (Plumber outfit/Soiree suit) + Real Mario and Luigi
          -Wario and Waluigi (Appared in the episode "The Plumber Academy")

The 1993 Movie: -Mario (Plumbing outfit/Dinner suit/Club suit/Super Mario suit); Luigi (Casual wear/Club
        suit/Super Mario Suit)

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