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Super Smelting Furnace Array | 13 | Minecraft Infiniverse S3

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Super Smelting Furnace Array | 13 | Minecraft Infiniverse S3

In this episode of my bedrock edition smp Infiniverse series, I decided to show you how to build a furnace array. But not just any furnace array, an easy to build, and aesthetically pleasing super smelter. All in a days work in a vanilla survival world.

This fully-automatic build allows for seamless integration into an existing item sorting system, and runs automatically in the background as a predetermined item is collected before reaching its final storage location.

Items collected by the item filter will be smelted by an internal furnace, collected by a set of hoppers, and transported back to the main hopper line with a dropper item elevator to be transported to a chest or storage system. This design will require the occasional addition of coal or fuel, when its corresponding chest runs low, to keep the furnace running.

This video was recorded on my xbox series x in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta. Its played in the 1.17 caves and cliffs update version.

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