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Survival, Entry: #4; Raid

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Xoura-Mae avatar Xoura-Mae
Level 17 : Journeyman Explorer
Well, regarding my last post, I have gotten my storage building fixed. I also found that not only was the back end located some blocks away from the building directly, but was also copied and relocated diagonally from the building also. I now have 2 enchantment tables, double the bookshelves, and more wood. I still don't know what happened exactly, might venture to the Nether again to see if anything has changed there.
Earlier, I came across a patrol, killed the captain, and went to a local village; causing a raid. Luckily, I only almost died once when my health got to one heart, other than that; I defeated the raid and got the achievement "Hero Of The Village"! (as shown in the image)
I may try to do it again at a later time.
Also, regarding the glitch, it seems like the only area affected by the chunk relocation was around my base/house, for whatever reason. I'm still not sure what even happened for it to bug out like that. Anyway, I'll be keeping updates on the adventures to come!

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