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Sword and Bows? BORING! (we need more weapons blog)

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avatar Mcblue2
Level 17 : Journeyman Dragon
Hi! and welcome to my blog! (My first one) and i will talk about the combat (system) in mincraft!
So lets begin!

So to begin with, we have been clicking one button while we are fighting, same with bow.
No blocking, no nothing without ONE frickin' button, And that makes it easy right? I know there is some PvP:ers out there that want advanced fighting and more weapons, because fighting is one thing you do most in minecraft. Cause we gotta fight the bad dudes and greifers.
I have been waiting for almost every snapshot that come out because i want more weapons, defending stuff too. Just.. Cmon Mojang! We need weapons (and sheilds and other defending stuff)

Hope you know what im saying cause i can write wrong sometimes.

Thanks for reading!
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