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T0P 1O Modded Minecraft 1.12.2 Bosses.

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avatar Yolo4321
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
- Yolo4321

Today we will be talking about the top 1O Minecraft Bosses. Honestly, my favourite part of Minecraft mods have got to be the boss fights. These bosses will be from 1.12.2 mods and only one commands. Please take note that the difficulty is determined when I'm battling them using Nether Star armor, sword, diamond shield, modded bows, a stack of enchanted golden apples and diamond arrows. All with keepInventory on.

1O. Decree Nisi
-By JragonO14

This boss is found in the Decree caves structure. To find her, as well as the Decree Caves, you'll need to use a Spirit Staff. If the Spirit Staff says "The Decree Screams", "The Decree Speaks" or "The Decree Shouts", that means you're near by. She'll be in one of the rooms. She has two phases. In her first phase, she will be stuck in a block of ice. You must rapidly break the cobblestone block below her. Using the extraction staff will have an outstanding advantage against her. She'll distract you at the same time using flying orbs, staves and some sort of ice mob that lasts a couple seconds. The fight would just get harder and harder and harder so be quick. Next phase, she'll be set free from the ice block. She'll fight you in meelee combat. You'll be given MAD speed, jump boost, weakness and hunger every few seconds. She's also quite fast. 0nce you defeat her, you can use your spirit staff on the tome in her room to restore all your staves' durability. This is pretty much not a very bad boss but the gameplay isn't too good either. This boss gets a 6/1O for how good it is and gets another 6/1O for the difficulty.

9. Nether Cyclops
-By RaolTheBest

To summon this boss, you'll need to use 5O red mana and a diamond on a nether altar to summon the Nether Cyclops. It has 2OO Health (Same as Ender Dragon). Pick a suitable place WISELY because he's super fast and causes destruction so D0N'T SUMM0N him near your base. He'll summon evil pigman wizards to aid him in battle occasionally, when defeated, drops "Ring of the Cyclops" which is used to craft a Fiery Shuriken on a Nether Altar. This ain't too good either but this gets a 7/1O for gameplay and 6/1O for difficulty.

8. Nethergenic Wither, the flying demon.
-Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)
-By Xolova (0riginal) and Scimiguy (New).

This is the second boss of the Nether. This is a more mutated version of the Wither. You summon it by using a nethergenic callstone in the Nether. Just like almost every other AOA boss, it has thousand HP. the lower its HP gets, the more intense the fight becomes, the more defence he'll gain. The Nethergenic Wither will become enraged when below half health. The Nethergenic Wither will have massively increased self healing when enraged. This means that if players do not attack the Nethengeic Wither for a period of time while it is enraged it will return to above half health and become not enraged. While enraged, the Nethengeic Wither will shoot faster moving projectiles more frequently. When the Nethergenic Wither is below 20% health, it becomes 'cataclysmic'. The healing effect still takes place during the cataclysmic form. While in cataclysmic form, the Nethergenic Wither will massively increase its rate of fire of explosive projectiles. These projectiles will also deal 10 bonus damage in cataclysmic form. Just as in the enraged form, if the healing effect causes the Nethergenic Wither to rise above 20% health, the effect will end.The Nethergenic Wither has the attributes of Explosion and Magic Immunity. This boss gets a 8/1O for gameplay and a 1O/1O for difficulty meaning this will be an extremely tough fight.

7. The Forest Reaper.
-Forest Reaper in one command.
-By BrianTheCoo

0ne of the first only one command block bosses in this list. He has 35O Health. He's pretty slow but deals quite a punch of knockback. You summon him by making an altar. The altar is any type of log in the middle, gold blocks in the corner, 0AK LEAVES 0NLY at the sides of the log and finally, to summon him, throw ANY sapling on the log and the fight begins with a big B00M! His attacks are trapping you in a cage of leaves, not that bad of an attack but it triggers something else, when the Forest Reaper is anywhere near any leaves, it will decay four of the leaves in that area, then it will give itself strength and heals quite a lot so please make it quick. His other attack is teleporting you somewhere as well as himself but in a different area and giving you poison, wither and nausea. He has a 5O% chance of dropping his skull, his scythe and his chestplate. Honestly, this boss is overall not boring but pretty cool. Wait... Did I menation that if he's near crops then he grows them? Well, you are able to do the same if you're wearing his skull. This boss gets a 7.5/1O for gameplay and 7/1O for difficulty (Cuz duh, near leaves ---> healing).

6. Barako, The Sun Cheif.
-Mowzies Mobs
-By Bob Mowzie

Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, residing in a stationary seat upon a throne in Barakoa villages. He has 8O HP. He draws his power from the sun, calling forth sunstrikes, solar flares, and massive solar beams. He can also create Barakoa followers from masks to defend him during combat. As such, his masked children revere him as a god. Unequipped travelers should keep their distance from his villages, lest they be smitten by his heliomancy. Those strong enough to face and defeat him, however, are rewarded with his mask: the Sol Visage. This mask allows its wearers to breathe life into masks to create Barakoa followers. Unfortunately, the mask does not bestow heliomancy upon its bearer; this power is innately carried by Barako, and thus dies with him. Barako sits on its throne and never moves from it, attacking all nearby Zombies, Skeletons and players not wearing any Barakoa mask. It passively regains 1 health every 0.5 secondswhile not in combat. If approached by a player wearing a Barakoa mask, that player will be able to trade with Barako. For 10 Blocks of Gold, it can grant the player the Sun's Blessingfor 20 minutes. After purchasing it once, the player may get the blessing again for free from that same Barako. This boss is unique because it is able to trade and is also considered a villager-like mob. This boss gets a 5/1O for gameplay (sorry) and 8/1O for difficulty.

5. Primordial Malevolence.
-The Betweenlands.
-By Angry Pixel

The Primordial Malevolence is a boss that can be fought at the top of the Wight Fortress. It will spawn at the very top of the fortress upon using the "eye" portal for the first time in the fortress's boss portal room. The Primordial Malevolence is an icosahedron-shaped core of blue, malignant energy, with the outline of the Prime Wight's head in its center (only with an eye in place of the face). It has 32O HP. It has a custom boss health bar and battle music. it is the third boss of the betweenlands. At first, the Primordial Malevolence cannot be attacked; even if you try to, it will damage you and knock you backward, in turn emitting a purple shader effect. In order to deal damage to the Malevolence, you will have to 'snatch' (left click) the green projectiles it shoots in one of its attacks using a sword. When snatching, the player's movement speed is heavily decreased but they are able to fire the projectiles back at the Malevolence with another left click. If it hits the Malevolence, one of its triangle-shaped shields will break and it will temporarily lower to the ground, firing blue projectiles all around itself before rising up again. This is important because the player can only damage the Malevolence through a broken part of its shield; the more shields that are broken, the easier it is to deal damage. The Malevolence will indicate that it is being damaged by not dealing damage back, making a different sound, and flickering red when hit rather than purple. During its boss fight it will teleport above and around the player while using four different attacks against the player or other adversaries: Its basic attack causes it to summon a varying number of Wight heads around the player. They will hover for a couple of moments before transforming into projectiles that fly towards and damage the player. There are two different types of projectiles; the green ones can be snagged by left clicking with a sword, while the blue ones cannot, It will occasionally summon a Wight on the ground level of the player to aid itself. This Wight only has 30 (Heartx15) health but has the same damage and soul capability as any. The Malevolence will not use this attack if a Wight it had previously summoned is still alive, and it will teleport the summoned Wight back onto the platform should it fall off, meaning it cannot be killed by pushing it off, It will occasionally place an energy field on the ground level of the player. This spinning blue energy triangle will damage any players that walk into it, and it lasts for quite a few seconds before disappearing; it can also be destroyed with the Shockwave Sword's shockwave attack, When it is depleted just about half of its health, it will start using a special attack. It will constantly summon Wight heads in a circle around the player which quickly transform into blue projectiles that launch at the player. The rate of Wight head spawning increases dramatically over a period of 10 seconds until the attack finally ends with the spawning of Wight heads in a 360-degree circle that all converge on the player's position at once. When struck, it takes no knockback. Also, should you fall off of the top fortress platform while fighting the Primordial Malevolence, it will teleport you back to the platform and inflict Blindness for 3 seconds upon you.Upon death, the Primordial Malevolence will use a custom death animation, exploding into blue projectiles and leaving behind its drops as well as a lot of experience. Once the Malevolence is dead, the Wight Fortress it was in will no longer have block protection over it, allowing you to place and break blocks in its world area. 0ut of all the other bosses in this list, I think it took me the longest to talk about this boss. This boss is also the most unique boss of this list especially because it has a shield which can only be destroyed by deflecting his projectiles. This boss gets a 9/10 for gameplay and a 1O/1O difficulty meaning this is an extremely tough boss.

4. The Cyclops
-By TangoTek

This boss spawns on an extremely rare island found in the middle of oceans. If you happen to find one, you are definitely the luckiest out there. It has 1OOO HP. After landing at the island, descend down into its cave and prepare for battle with a truly massive foe. Standing more than twice the size of a player, the Cyclops is a terrifying enemy. The key to defeating the cyclops is to be quick on your feet! It has 3 devastating attacks, each of which can kill you from full health. The cyclops is incredibly powerful, but not very agile. Jump out of the way of his attacks and keep out of his reach to stay alive. His thick skin makes hime immune to fire and provides quite a bit of protection against arrows. Sharpen your sword and get in close! The Cyclops will lift its tremendous club (basically a tree trunk) high above his head and slam it down to the ground at your feet. If you haven't moved, you'll be smashed into the rocks without a question. This is known as the slam. If you get too far from the Cyclops, it'll lower its head and charge at you. Any player caught in this path will be sent flying into the cave wall at extremely unpleasant speeds. This is known as the charge. Ahh the Eye! The cyclop's most terrifying weapon! It will periodically focus its gaze upon those at a distance and blast them with an intense stream of deadly red energy. You absolutely need to get away from this beam as it chases you. If you stay in his focus for just a few ticks you'll be melted into the floor of the cave like so many before you. This is known as the eye beam. If you are lucky enough to survive an encounter with the Cyclops, you'll be rewarded with a Cyclops Eye which can be crafted into a Beacon Eye. Place the all seeing beacon eye on top of an active beacon. The energy from the beacon will power the eye and make all mobs within the beacon's range glow with a white outline! This boss gets a 1O/1O for gameplay meaning this is a really fun bossfight and a 7/1O for difficulty (There are ways to defend yourself).

3. Eldritch Warden
-By Azanor13

This one has no real in game name because it is named : "% the %". However, when spawned it will rise out of the ground with a sphere of dark orbs around it and will have a randomised name such as: "Retr-Klies the Undying". It is about four blocks tall, has red eyes and can fire electricity and it always spawns with a powerful runic shield.
Wherever it walks it will leave electricity in the ground that will make the player slower and will inflict the weakness II effect. It will also fire large black balls that will inflict temporary warp and has a large area of effect. When its shield drops, it will fire electricity in all directions that will electrify the ground and deal massive damage. It will do this for almost ten seconds before reverting back to its normal attack pattern.
The boss will fire powerful fast-moving balls of dark energy that inflict warp and wither and will cause an area of effect damage, meaning that on hard difficulty, even with a full set of voidmetal robes all enchanted with protection 3, it will still deal 8.5 hearts of damage, effectively ensuring death from the wither effect. Luckily, if the boots of the traveller are worn it is very easy to dodge the said balls. The guardian can also melee mobs, causing about 4 hearts of damage without armour. With protection under the level of leather armour, instant death from the black projectiles is ensured.
The Eldritch Warden has 200 health as well as some defence. This boss gets a 7/1O for gameplay and 8/1O for difficulty.

2. Fire Dragon
-Ice and Fire
-Raptorfarian, Alexthe666 (I really don't trust the name, it contains satanese number)

This is another boss in the list that can one hit K0. This boss is literaly quite common to find (Which is bad). It spawns on a field of charred blocks with treasure and piles of gold. It has about 5OO HP. It flies everywhere wreaking havoc, causing destruction and killing anything in its path. Like in some stories, dragons are evil. It has different colour variants. 0nce killed, you can use a bottle to collect its blood from its corpse and then collect its flesh, scales and bones. I really do not like this but since this is a cool boss it has to be here. This boss gets a 5/1O for gameplay (sorry) and 1O/1O for difficulty meaning this is a truly tough boss.

And the moment you've been waiting for.... number one.

1. Rahovart
-Lycanites mobs

The lord of the Underworld (The Nether). 0ne of the most gigantic bosses in this list. The most health (4OOO HP). The battle is one of the craziest experiences in my life. When you summon it (I can't tell you how because it is too complicated so find out in the wiki or watch Kashiaka's video), it well generate a HUM0NG0US arena. it is... well... out of my mind. Just like Asmodeus, another CRAZY Lycanites boss, it has three phases. It's so good, I can't explain it well. Then again, check out Kashiaka's video for more information about it. This boss definitely gets a 1O/1O for both gameplay and difficulty. This is just madness!


12. Spectrite Wither - Spectrite mod - By FlashfireEX || 8/1O for gameplay and 8.5/1O for difficulty
11. J'zahar, gatekeeper of the abyss. - Abyssalcraft - By Shinoow || 9/1O for gameplay and 1O/1O for difficulty (of course. It's one of the hardest 1.12.2 bosses out there and I really do not like it that's y it's at 11)
10. C.R.E.E.P (C - Creepy R - Raging E - Entity of E - Extreme P - Power) - Advent OF Ascension (Nevermine) - By Xolova (0riginal) and Scimiguy (New) || 8/1O for gameplay and 9/1O for difficulty
9. Fire Lord - Fire Lord in 0nly one Command - By BlueCapMC || 9/1O for both gameplay and difficulty
8. The Valkyrie Queen - The Aether - 115kino, Kingboo177, Lachney || 8/1O for gameplay (I like her model) and 6/1O for difficulty
7. The Slider - The Aether - 115kino, Kingboo177, Lachney || 7/1O for gameplay and 7.5/1O for difficulty
6. Baroness, the Archwitch - Advent of Ascension (Nevermine) - By Xolova (0riginal) Scimiguy (New) - 7/1O for gameplay and 8/1O for difficulty
5. 0res Boss - Fake 0res 2 - By elias54 || 8/1O for Gameplay and 8/1O for difficulty
4. Blight - TTB - JragonO14 || 8/1O for gameplay and 9.5/1O for difficulty
3. Red Mage - Yellow Dimension - Hoster273 (This boss takes an insanely long time to kill as it has 5OOO HP, more than Rahovart and Asmodeus!!!) || 5/1O for Gameplay (sorry) and 7/1O for difficulty (Blocking advantage)
2. The Pumpkin King - The Pumpkin King Boss Battle in 0nly 0ne Command - By BrianTheCoo || 1O/1O for Gameplay and 1O/1O for difficulty. This is just madness!
1. Asmodeus - Lycanites Mobs - Lycanite || 1O/1O for Gameplay and 1O/1O for difficulty. This is just madness!
CreditJragonO14, RaolTheBest, Xolova, Scimiguy, BrianTheCoo, Bob Mowzie, Angry Pixel, TangoTek, Azanor13, Raptorfarian, Alexthe666, Lycanite, elias54, Hoster273 for making these mods. Kashiaka for the Lycanites Mobs Rahovart know your Lycanite video.

4 replies

01/15/2020 7:07 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
The hardest bosses in this list so far are: Nethergenic Wither, Primordial Malevolence, Fire Dragon and Rahovart. The hardest bosses that are in the Runners Up list are: J'zahar, Pumpkin King and Asmodeus.
01/03/2020 11:16 am
Level 37 : Artisan Birb
I once fought the nethergenic wither... even with the most insane 5-shots-per-second gun and epic armor I still was thrashed by it.

Basicly any boss from Advent of Ascension is gonna be crazy hard.
01/03/2020 9:23 pmhistory
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Besides, Smash is one of the most easiest bosses but even when I am wearing a full set of Nether star armor from Pattysmorearmor, 0nce he yeets you into the air = Insta kill because of insta fall damage. Well, unless if you make a proper structure that he can't smash through and you'll be safe.
01/03/2020 9:12 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Ikr... Even Lycanites bosses have way more HP than them, they are still way harder. Especially if you go too far away, they just despawn which can make people ragequit especially when almost dead.

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