Taking Requests! Piston doors and contraptions

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avatar DoctorWoo
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I often time find myself getting a little bored of making homes and building giant builds. And least face it, it does happen at times (but we always come back!). Well...I've hit this moment...and as such, I figured I'd offer up my help with making redstone doors and some contraptions!

Although I'm not great with redstone work, I can do some awesome things with pistons, varying from giant doors to totally hidden doors. If you care to look at what I have done, visit my page!

Now, if someone cares to make a request for something made with pistons, I'd more more then happy to take a crack at it! But, please note, that although I have a good grasp on what I'm doing, I may not be able to do exactly what you need, due either to my own lack of knowledge, or because of the constraints of the game itself.

Requests can be made on this blog. I more then likely will not reply to messages sent to me, as the system on here does lie to me at time

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Update #1 : 12/15/2011 11:51:31 pmDec 15th, 2011

Added a picture as a means of showing what I have done so far.
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