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The Sharpness of the Sword [Part 1] [Tale of Darkness]

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avatar Popponic
Level 34 : Artisan Nerd
This is just a random story I made up, it has no inspiration and may be crappy, but I don't give a crap if you don't like it. If you hate it, then just leave my blogs alone and be a bitch to yourself. [You deserve it more than anyone else]

Sharp... sharp is such a strong word when playing or using something. Sharp is one of the words of pain, lots of you may have heard 'Johnny [Or watev your name is] be careful with that sharp knife, it could hurt you!' yes indeed. It may hurt you, but it used to be useful. In the old world full of sharp and painful things, a time where you would get death sentences more commonly than prison. The Medieval ages, Dark ages, Middle ages etc. These were the days of pain, death, hatred and were the Old Wars, that were basically the World wars back then. But since then we have expanded our knowledge, righted our wrongs and have made life more worthwhile! This story is set back in the worstest of the ages that were in those, ever so dark, times. But one thing that sets it apart is not just the make-believe locations, but the difference between complex stories and the tales everyone has heard of!

Wind blowed, ever so lightly, around the hills. Many people traversed these hills more than others, since it had way less risk of disaster. The wind blowed towards a small little town, by the name of Hijarack. The town was ancient, or should I easy that out and say very old. It had stood there for years, I'm sorry my friend but I yet to know the number of years. Hijarack had no Lord, Lady, King, Queen or Ruler, as it was a town of freedom. It was for all of those people who were sick of the big town laws and wanted to live in peace. The founder of the Town, who 'built with his bare hands' - Storyteller of Hijarack, was Hija Sadi. Truth is, Rack Folitu also helped build, but he was later forgotten during the years, like most famous people. One person I am going to talk about today is Jari Sadi, the great-great-great grandson of Hija. This story is about how he faces things, most of Hijarack Heroes have faced and how he stands for his beliefs and his rights and saves Hijarack from the Great Conquest. 

What will I expect in the upcoming part?

You will be told about Jari's daily routine and how the town is informed of danger, Jari is sent out of a quest. Which has nothing to do with the danger, but Jari uncovers the fact anyway. Part 2 will feature his character, his quest and when he finds out about the Great Conquest.

Anything else that will be a Tale from Darkness?

Some unknown stories will be Tales, some will have parts, some will be all intact into one post. A Possible Intact Tale may be The Curse of Vardifall. Which will give my project: Vardifall: The Cursed City of Snow a good enough backstory.

How can I show my appreciation for this story?                                                      

You can do it in a number of ways, depending on the level of apprectiation.

You can Diamond it if you liked it fairly enough.
Also you could favourite it if you want to read it again, like a book, and if you loved it.
If there is any conflicts with any rules that I should know about right now, Flag this blog
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And no, if this becomes a pop reel, I will not go '<Blog Name> [Pop Reel! :D]' I will just make something like a project based of the story.

Would you care if it didn't get a pop reel?

Hell no,  I just wanted to make up of story out of boredom. However, if it does get one read up below this to get information on my Pop reel special. If people hate, I will not continue, If enough people like it however, I will continue.

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