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Tales From Overworld [Herobrine Mythos Contest] (Finalist!)

Contest Finalist!
This Blog is in the Herobrine Mythos - Blog Contest #6 which is now Complete!
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avatar xpCube
Level 18 : Journeyman Hunter
“To this day, a mysterious entity has roamed the land. He is called Herobrine. Many sightings of him have been reported. Blockozoologists have investigated this creature for years, trying to find the truth behind this mysterious figure. All sightings descript a player-like figure with ominous white eyes.

In this book are a few listed reports of Herobrine sightings.
  • It was afternoon, I was taking a stroll through the local woods, when I heard branches crack, as if someone, or something was stepping on it. I tried to run away, but I tripped on a root. Then I saw him. There he was, behind a dark oak tree, watching me. He looked human, but his eyes were like nothing on Overworld. They were white, and had a faint glow. He stared and stared, until he lunged at me. I spontaneously blocked with my hands and closed my eyes. I felt nothing attacked me. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I ran back to my house, locked my door and prayed he would never come again.

  • I was planning to camp with my friends, Chad, Kim and Brandon. We packed up our tents and supplies then took off in Chad’s car to an abandoned village in the mountains, which are a popular place for tourists. It was about two hours into the trip, and the time was 3:46 PM, we finally arrived. When we got down from the car, I noticed there was something wrong about this village. It was different from the pictures we had seen. It was getting late, and Chad didn’t want to drive anywhere else for the day because he was tired, while Kim and I can’t drive. I was the one looking for firewood, and I heard a strange sound, like boulders tumbling around in the distance, but I didn’t care anyway and picked up some more firewood. I went back to the camp and told my friends I heard a rumbling noise, and they told me they heard it too. We went to sleep, but when we were about to doze off, Chad told us he heard footsteps outside. He wanted to check it out but was afraid anything would happen. So we checked it out together, and there was the rumbling sound again. But this time, closer. The sound was coming from above, so we looked up, and saw a human, standing on our tent. He looked unnatural. He was in an awkward standing pose, and he had very white eyes, the whitest you’ll ever see. He destroyed our tent and flew away. We ran back to the car, and rushed to get home. We never saw him again.

  • I was walking my dog in the dawn beside a river near my house. Then, the water suddenly bubbled and burst. I saw the head of a person coming out, and it was staring at me. It had white blank eyes, and it made a rasping sound when it was breathing. I tried to walk away, but the thing grabbed my dog and drowned it inside the water. I ran to my house, and contacted the local moderators. He said there have been lately some sightings of a humanoid creature called Herobrine. As of that moment, I never went near the river again.

  • For a long time, I had been interested in myths like the Far Lands and Entity 91101, but the myth that I’m most interested in is Herobrine. I have been searching for him in all three dimensions, but with no luck. That was changed when I went on my 67th Solo Blockozoology trip. Three other people went with me to Callazone forest, North Minecraftia. After 5 hours, one person ran out of water. He said he’ll stay under a tree and wait until we come back. We left him for about 2 hours, which was probably not the best choice. When we came back, he was gone. Only his hat remained on the ground. It looked like something took him. I got mixed feelings about this; one half was that I was worried, and the other half excited, because it tells us we were close to something. That thought ended and was replaced by another thought; about what we heard. Nothing. Absolutely silent. Before, we heard birds chattering and singing loudly, accompanied with crickets clicking, but now was complete silence. The silence broke when a person said something, but was cut off; he was suddenly lifted in the air! He dropped somewhere far, presumably he died. We took out our swords and prepared for anything that was coming. We heard running from behind us, so we ran too, back to the minecart that transported us here. We heard a loud “Raaaar!” and ran faster, thinking of the horror that would catch us if we stopped. We hopped into our minecarts, and took off. We looked back, and saw an enraged humanoid glowing being, wearing blue clothes. He had the whitest eyes imaginable. We instantly recognized that as Herobrine, the most dangerous creature in Overworld, and we escaped him just in time.

There you have it, the four sightings of hundreds of them. Maybe, you’ll encounter him later on in your journey. But, as always, it will not be a pleasant encounter. Never encounter him alone.”

Steve closed his book, and he picked up his bag. He was ready for another adventure. As he opened the door, however, he noticed a being behind him, ready to strike.

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  • DragonLilly
  • Level 22
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • June 2, 2016, 8:09 pm
same :D
  • DragonLilly
  • Level 22
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • June 2, 2016, 9:53 am
nice :D
  • xpCube
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Hunter
  • June 2, 2016, 8:02 pm
Thanks :) I made it to finalists.

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