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Talking with Toby109tt about his famous resource pack: Epic Adventures!

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Minecraft top 10 best resource texture pack review: Epic Adventures resource pack 1.19

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Toby109tt, the man himself, creator of this EPIC resource pack - is here for an epic episode of MJ Trips! I loaded up a realm and Toby and I set out to explore the wonders the Epic Adventures resource pack has to offer!
If you're a fan of resource packs, give this video a try! Get to know the creative, (often damaged,) minds of the people behind your favourite resource packs!

🎨 GET THIS EPIC PACK - www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/epic-adventures also avaliable on Bedrock
🐦 follow Toby on Twitter - twitter.com/TPlowy
💰 support Toby on PayPal or become a Patron - www.paypal.me/toby109tt / www.patreon.com/toby109tt

The intro music is made by my uncle, Mr. T
Listen to it now on SoundCloud 🎶 SoundCloud.com/MisterT-85847941/sets/the-music-of-MJ-Trips

The remaining music is from RuneScape lol


🎨get MY pack - www.CurseForge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/Mickey-Joes-Relatively-Improved-Default
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#3dModeling #resourcePack #meetTheArtist
CreditToby109tt who made the pack :)

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