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Team goals and support

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avatar 6_Sided_Pentagon
Level 36 : Artisan Explorer
Hi guys.
I made this team with the final goal of making videos about our minecraft creations and mods.
This goal is now achievable with our new server and our friends.
I have already started to make a Tekkit series which started last week, but I need more content for the YouTube channel.
Eventually I would like to have multiple channels ,controlled by different teams, all working to output gaming videos, not just of minecraft, but of other games too. On the 6SP channel I will be playing with people on games we enjoy as well as showing off our and other peoples minecraft mods.
I already have some fresh ideas that no one has ever done, but that isnt enough.
What I need from the PMC community is three things: support, feedback and more ideas. If you support us by watching our videos and trying our mods that will be greatly appreciated.
If you give feed back on videos and mods etc, I will try to act on that feedback as best as possible.(Theres no point making something that you know people dont like).
And finally, if you can give a good original idea to me for a video or creation, that will be valuable to my goal. You will be credited for your ideas, so you can get publicity for your cause/creations or just for you personally.

If you can help the 6 Sided Pentagon team with our goals, you will be greatly appreciated and thanked.

Thanks for reading
6SP -troyle

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  • Firewolf777
  • Level 5
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  • November 8, 2012, 7:47 am
do you mean valuable
yes i do

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