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Teleporters for Minecraft Bedrock

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Caribik avatar Caribik
Level 54 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
Hello! I made a working teleporting system for Minecraft Bedrock, which means it works for MCPE, XBOX One, Win10, and Switch. The best part of this is that its only one command.

Copy this command:
/execute @e[type=armor_stand,name=Teleporter] ~ ~ ~ /execute @p[r=1] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[type=armor_stand,name=Teleporter,rm=2] ~ ~ ~ /tp @p ^ ^ ^2

For it to work, you must create atleast 2 Teleporters. To create a Teleporter, place an Armor Stand down and name it with a nametag named "Teleporter". Once you have both, all you have to do is get reeeaally close to one of the armor stands.

CAUTION: Make sure you have atleast 2 blocks of air in every direction of each Teleporter

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Caribik 09/09/2018 12:16:13 pmSep 9th, 2018

VERY small update. Made the the teleport you directly in front of where you originally placed it.

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