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TerraForma CSS ― Improved customizable design for PlanetMinecraft

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Level 44 : Master uwu
Over the last year, PlanetMinecraft website got a pretty big redesign, some things got changed, some of them you may like and some of them not.
However, current design is still pretty far from ideal, because of how legacy and unupdated some elements of it are.
Even more - some features of the new design can seem bad for some of the users (like rounded profile pictures, wider content-space etc.)

So I created a CSS style that helps to solve these problems!

It also has many different options so if you want to configure it for yourself without any CSS knowledge, you can easily do this!

CSS Code available here: https://userstyles.org/styles/200642/terraforma/

Style Features:
-- Nice green colour scheme instead of blue (you'll also be able to also select orange, red and blue schemes soon)
-- Fixes legacy/too Material-ish interface parts (i.e. chat)
-- Reverts new flat buttons back to old jumpy ones. *button goes booop!*
-- More animations and fluency in general

Style Options:
-- Modern XP bar - replaces that ugly 2010ish glass thing with modern nice-looking progress bar. Not everyone will like it though, so you can also use the legacy one.
-- Show XP percentage - unlocks hidden PMC feature to show your experience not only in points, but also in percents (shown in the right part of XP bar)
-- Squared Profile Pictures - reverts new round profile pictures back to rounded squares.
-- (experimental) Updates Assets - old icons redrawn to look nicer. For example, diamond icon now uses new diamond texture
-- Legacy Content Width - an ability to use old content-width. Pretty neat if your device has a small screen!
-- PMC Pets Corrupter. Why? Why not! (may cause lags on some old computers)

- disabled by default

OMG I love it! How do I install this?
The work install in this question may sound creepy to you, but in fact, you don't even need to download anything outside your browser (and, furthermore, opening unknown suspicious EXE files is not what we're gonna do)

Step 1. Since TerraForma is a custom CSS style, you need any user-CSS extension. For Mozilla Firefox, I can recommend using Stylus (it's also probably available for other browsers, check your extensions store!). You can also try Stylish if Stylus doesn't work for you or you just get used to it

Step 2. Now you need to get the style itself. You can download and easily configure it on the Userstyles page. To download the style, simply press the big blue cyan "Install" button.
If you want to change some options, press "Customize Settings" and you'll see all the options you can change. By the way, if you just installed the style and want to change some of the options after it, simply reload the page, pick some different options and press "Update".

If your user-CSS extension doesn't support installing from Userstyles, here you can find full CSS code of this style (in this case you'll need to configure it by yourself!)

Full CSS Code

Step 3. Almost done! Usually, this is not required, but sometimes you need to enable the style after installing it. To do this in Stylish, press the extension button with PlanetMinecraft page opened and make sure the checkbox on "Terraforma" is checked.

Ta-daa! Enjoy your new amazing green PlanetMinecraft!

P.s. You can ask me questions in the comments if you have troubles with installing this style

P.P.s. As you may notice, some of the features in "Customize settings" such as seasonal features control or theme chooser are currently broken. The style is currently WIP and I don't know when it'll be finished. For now, it's mostly done and very stable to use on a regular basis
CreditPlanetMinecraft (how could I ever write a style if PMC wouldn't exist?), archive.org (some of the seasonal features uses PMC logos saved there) and my grandma (thanks for infinite cookies suppliment!)

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04/02/2021 2:43 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Magical Girl
DaniAdler avatar
Great job!
04/02/2021 2:33 pm
Level 30 : Artisan uwu
vinceinminecraft avatar
Thanks for putting so much effort into this, I can't imagine how long this took. You put out a lot of great stuff, keep it up!
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