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avatar Knightsunder
Level 57 : Grandmaster Cyborg
Alright. This is going to be my longest blog, so you may want to settle down with some music. And a food supply. For a few days worth. Spam will do. I would also recommend powdered milk.

What is Skyrim?
Skyrim is an open-world Medieval/Nordic RPG. The game is focused around the player, the Dragonborn, or Dovahkiin, killing the dragons that have reappeared in the realm. The start of a civil war between the Stormcloaks, pure-bred Nords who believe they should have the right to rule their own province(Skyrim) and the Imperials, who are part of the Empire and hope to use diplomacy to conquer every part of Tamriel, or all of the Elder Scrolls locations in all 5 games. The dragon Alduin, or the Destroyer of Worlds(not a Terraria reference) is your main enemy, and killing him marks the end of the main questline.

Lets jump right into this. Select the spoiler, labeled to make sure you know which one you get.

Helgen: Beginning the Game

Okay. You've started the game, you have everything set up and running according to your computers specs. You shouldn't get any lag right now; if you are, the next part will probably crash your computer. Your little wagon ride down the path with the other men may seem boring, but its necessary to understand what is going on. You are sitting next to Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of the rebellion and killer of the most recent Emperor of Skyrim. He killed the emperor by shouting, which will be explained later(no, he didn't just scream vile words at the Emperor. Shouting is also known as Thuum; its a power you obtain that gives you different abilites; you may have heard FUSRODAH, or Push, before. In game, it sends anything flying backwards). When the wagon finally stops, you will get to choose what your character looks like. This is the most important part of the early gamestages, customization wise; you will be using this character for the rest of the game. Choosing your race is absolutely essential. Review all options before finalizing.
Alright. There are your class choices. Now, once you build your character, you'll walk over to the chopping block, bla bla bla, dragon comes and blows everything sky-rim high. Once you get to the keep, choose between going with Hadvir, the Imperial guy, or Rofur, I think is his name, the Stormcloak. This decision only means whether you get extra smithing materials or extra food/potions in beginning. Hadvir's uncle in Riverwood, your next destination after going through the tunnels, will provide iron and weapons. Going through the tunnels below Helgen, you can choose to either use a bow, sword, dual wield swords, or an axe. I, personally, am a dual-wielder, so I choose the two iron swords that can be found in the starting room; you will get an axe to start the game with, but just drop it the moment you find the two swords in the keeps armory. Search the room, and you'll find some gold and potions. Grab these health potions; if you are a new player, you will use them plenty. Go through the tunnels and kill the men in the jail in the next room down. Make sure you go into the small caged room to the right side of the room; inside is a dagger and a few extra items. This is the first dagger in the game, as well as a shield to the right of the dagger. Take either if you want. Go through the tunnels some more, and you'll come to a bear. I would highly recommend sneaking past; bears are an assured death this early in game, especially if Hadvir glitches and cannot come help you. Sneak past. And badda bing, badda boom, your outta there!
Riverwood: The Golden Claw - First Quest
Alright. So, you've got some basic gear, and your out of the tunnels, and well on your way to Riverwood. I'll give you a few pointers on what you should do here. Once you get out of the caves, stay on the road down to the town. When you reach the river, pull out your melee weapons, if you have any. You'll come to a little ridge, and little twists in the road. Right through here, there is a pack of four wolves. They will wait for you to pass and then attack you from behind. Kill them and move on to the town. Walking into town, do not disturb much. Killing chickens will indeed anger the entire town. I would also recommend saving here by pressing f5. Save every so often in game; going back through huge regions is very annoying. If you went with Hadvir, go the nearest shop on the left, and you'll meet the blacksmith. Do a few things for him, and you'll be able to grab some starting materials. This is also your first chance to steal items, if you're that kinda guy. Wait until nightfall, and grab all the armor and iron on the blacksmithing deck. Make you crouch so you can tell if anyone notices. This armor is practically necessary to get through the first quest.

Head to the shop across the street from the blacksmiths and one house to the left. Go in and speak to the manager, who is having an argument with his daughter. He will provide you with your first quest, "The Golden Claw". Run back outside and through town to the bridge on the far side. Cross the river, and head up the path going up the mountain. About 30 seconds later, at the rate of walking, you'll meet another pack of wolves. They may jumpscare you. Take them down and keep going up. You'll come around, if you stay on path, to the far side of the mountain, and a large set of stairs with some stone arches going overhead. There are three men outside. Save here. Use your bow while crouching; while you are undetected, all attacks do 2x damage. Knock the archer, if you can get to him. Once the other men see you, backpedal with the bow until they get close enough to hit. Press tab and switch to your melee weapon/shield, if you chose that setup. Kill them and go inside. Save again. Some large rats will attack you almost immediately, swing with a sword or axe while they are jumping at you. Take out the larger man at the campfire at the end of the hall with another sneak bow attack; aim for the neck. The most damage is received there. The female is an easy melee kill. Go in, and save again. Clear the few men, and when you come to the puzzle room, look left. Three pillars will have animals on them. Press E to twist them; if you look above the closed gate, it will show 2 snakes, as well as a fallen totem with another snake. Set the pillars to 3 snakes, and flip the lever. The gate will open. Head through and save. Your final challenge is a large spider; hopefully you have some potions left. You have two options here; attempt to melee with a sword and lots of potions, or get the beast with arrows. If you chose the latter, attract the spiders attention by coming out of the tomb entrance, and then when it rushes you, retreat back into the entrance. He won't be able to come in, and you can shoot with arrows until the spiders death occurs. Release the man from the webs and kill him; he will try to escape.

The next section of the dungeon contains Draugr; the living dead. They are hard in large numbers, but most carry two handed weapons. Switch to a fast weapon, such as a dagger or sword. Walk up to them, and wait for the swing. Back out of the way before they swing, and they will miss. Then, get a few hits in while they recharge their attack. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you time it right though; their attacks do the most damage in the dungeon besides the giant spider. This is the final stage before you attain the item needed to finish the quest. Once you get the claw, there will be a door that has swiveling circles with animals on it. Go to your inventory, find the Golden Claw, and look at the emblems on its palm. This is the combination needed to unlock the door. This will bring you to a room with one Restless Draugr. Melee him, he is usually carrying a two-handed weapon, and then move through. A few more Draugr, and you'll come to the boss room. This will jumpscare a little bit; walk over across the bridge to the pedestal and take anything. The tomb will pop open loudly and out will come the Draugr overlord. There are two basic options, as usual: backpedaling with a bow, keeping him down, or you can try and muscle through it with a melee/dodge technique. Once you kill him, if you manage it, walk up to the wall and learn your first shout. Then take everything you find in the chest, including the item named "Dragonstone". Very important. Now you can go and collect your 200 gold by returning the Golden Claw. If you're not satisfied, hold E, and pick up a basket. Place it over the mans head and take the Golden claw and any other items you want while he has the basket blocking his view.

If you really want a nice character, complete as many quests as possible. The more quests, the more guaranteed loot, and the more guaranteed xp so you can level up. Leveling up is the most important aspect of the game; its mandatory to do anything, including increase damage, resistance, or get special skills. For example, ever wanted a dagger that can dragons in one hit? You will need to level up for that. Want armor that negates all fall damage? Level up and choose that skill. This game is about grinding, but not in the normal way; there are so many quests it possible to grind merely by doing the required task, and getting extra rewards for it too.

Shops and Money
So you've got about 500 gold now, right? Well, your probably thinking what you can do with this. To be honest, not too much. That amount will buy you some iron gauntlets and boots, at most. The most important thing money can do for you is pay off crimes and buy houses. Save that money, and find the gear out in the world instead. Leveled gear can be found anywhere, and even in some specified locations. However, some services are worth it. Buying materials from blacksmiths to level up your smithing skills, or hiring carriages to travel to other cities, are highly worth it. The best motto for money is, if you can steal it, don't buy it(I mean that in-game. Don't sue me because you stole something from Kmart).
Armor and Swords
Skyrim revolves around finding the best gear and best weapons, and then killing the guy who has the next best gear, get that, and so on. The levels of armor go like this;

Leather - Iron - Scale - Elven - Falmer - Glass - Dwarven - Steel Plate - Orc - Ebony - Daedric - Dragonbone

There are multiple other special sets of armor, but I won't mention them. There are two types of armor, Light and Heavy. Light is built for more stealthy people, as it won't affect your sneak skill as much and weighs less. Heavy armor is built for those who like to charge in a wreak havoc. The best light armor is Glass, while the best Heavy is Dragonbone. Whenever you find better gear, take it. Unless your current armor has a good enchantment on it, if its more than 5 less in the rating of defensive bonus, always take the better armor.


Iron - Steel - Ancient Nord - Silver - Orcish - Dwarven - Elven - Scimitar - Daedric - Ebony - Glass

The swords are highly varied; this list is pretty basic. The enchantments and the level at which you find them determines how good they will be at the basic, non-improved level. Glass being the best type isn't entirely true; the most powerful sword in the game is a glass sword, beating the Daedric swords by one point, at the highest level you find it at. Chillrend is the sword; at level 47 and up, it is given to you with a higher damage rating than Daedric. The damage goes down from there. The best choice, the best attainable, unless you want to wait to gain levels until attaining Chillrend, is to enchant ebony swords or daedric swords, whichever is available first.

Who to side with in the Civil war? Well, its purely a matter of who you like best, or your options available. Personally, I choose Imperials. Windhelm is an old, broken down city, with horrible architecture, and a rascist communtiy, especially towards the Dunmer. Solitude is a huge city, with multiple important places to visit, including a very rich blacksmiths shop ripe for robbery, a full East Indian company warehouse full of goodies, and finally, the Bards College, an important way to level up later in the game. The Stormcloaks, however, have armor made of bear heads. Can't beat that, I suppose. Their general sounds like the Dark Knight(RRGGG RAARG BRUB GRUGGGG), but that's just my opinion.

Clearing a Dungeon: Draugr Tombs
These are the first dungeons you will encounter, and honestly, the most fun of any of them to take out. Following this guideline will advance your sneak skills and archery skills, specifically.

When entering, pull out your bow and crouch. Most draugr tombs have one of two layouts; catacombs where small little slots in the wall will contain skeletons, and standing draugrs in small enclaves. The other layout is a slightly larger hallway, with draugr laying down in dug out graves in the wall.

1. Small, tight catacombs.
This one is a bit harder to sneak around in, due to the higher amount of traps. Make sure you watch your footing; the traps through here are either pressure plates or tripwires. Stay to the walls; Draugr can only pop out of the corner sockets. Keep your view straight ahead, and watch for everything and anything. Missing a small detail could mean being swarmed by multiple enemies while being barraged by fire. Also, speaking of fire, catacombs often contain little pots of fire hanging above oil. Shoot out the ropes holding these and they will fall, lighting the ground on fire. Sneak up around corners, and shoot the Draugr at point blank range while they are in the enclaves sleeping.

2. Large tombs.

Almost the same tactic, but the traps are larger. Keep off pads and watch for more wires; they will trigger huge spikey doors and occasional dropping logs/rocks. Stay away from the walls, and move quietly down the center of the hallways. Shoot any Draugr who are sleeping from a distance; at closer ranges, bows have a tendency to shoot to the right about a foot.
Clearing a Dungeon: Bandit Mines
These mines are usually laced with men in large rooms, with multiple weaponry types to choose from. Using a pickaxe and getting extra ore is a good idea usually, although make sure to remove any hostiles before mining. Bandits are better shots with bows than Draugr, and can hear better too. Only use sneak and bow if those skills are relatively high; I would recommend sneaking into a room, taking one sneak shot, and then immediately switching to a melee weapon and charging in to slaughter everyone. Repeat this for every room, unless there is only one occupant. In that case, just charge in.

Reaching a bandit leader at the end is one of the harder parts. Firstly; sneak into the room, and poison your bow for the first shot. MAKE SURE you get that first shot on target; if you don't, he/she will hear you and charge. They usually carry two-handed weapons, making them slow targets. Once you get that first shot, backpedal through the tunnels, getting another few off. Reduce to about half-health, unless the leader is a fast one, and then move in for a melee power attack kill. Try and stun them, if you're using a shield, switch to a faster weapon, and get them while they're down.
Clearing a Forsworn Camp
I added this specifically because of the extra dangers presented. Forsworn are found only near Markarth, on the far western side of Skyrim. Their camps are tents, usually near a water source or river. In most of them, there is a Hagraven ritualistic post; they are difficult mage enemies.

Since Forsworn regions are in mountains, its easy to snipe with a bow and remove most of the easier enemies quickly. Get to a high position and take pop shots until you kill atleast 1. If one of the mages, or Briarhearts, manages to see you, run. They shoot very effective fireballs, not to mention that they usually alert the hagravens. Hagravens are a particular breed of woman/bird thing that specialize in desturction magic; their ice spears can kill in 2-3 shots. If you accidentally get the attention of a hagraven, leave the area and come back later. Briarhearts can be dealt with if you can get close enough. However, taking the rest of the base is the challenge. Forsworn tend to swarm, due to their open camp designs. Their weakness is a lack of armor; a power attack will do away with most enemies. They are the only group that uses a dual-wielding technique; their swords do a good amount of damage if the attack is a power. A few bow shots while backpedaling is also a good option, for slowing them down as well. Forsworn camps are profitable for magical materials, although basic goodies, such as weapons and gold, are in low supply.
How to get Maximum Damage: The math has been done
Alright. This is how to get the absolute highest amount of damage out of any weapon, with all possible damage-dealing devices. I'll start with a basic ebony sword, which has 13 base damage.
At One handed level 100, the base damage is 33.
The damage perk for One handed at max level doubles that to 66.
A power attack multiplies that x2, putting it at 132 damage.
A sneak attack does x6, 792 damage.
If every armor piece has max Onehanded skill bonus, which is 35% more damage:
The highest possible damage is 1108.8, rounded to 1109. However, if you are an Orc and you Berserk;
Multiply by two and you get 2217.6 damage. Absolute highest.

That would kill a dragon in one hit.
This is the first hold capital you should visit. I would be impressed if you manage to reach anywhere else, as the next nearest capital is Falkreath, and that place is full of bears. Anyways, Whiterun is the capital of Whiterun Hold(surprise surprise) and the next city you need to go to continue the main questline. To get to Whiterun, go across the bridge on the far side of Riverwood, and turn right, going down the river. If you want to, you can go down the river and over the waterfall, but its a little farther from Whiterun. Once you go down the path, you'll come to a meadery on your left, with some potato fields and a giant battling some mercenaries just in front. Talk to these mercenaries; they are part of the Companions, a group of honorary warriors who go about doing good. Their missions are rather profitable, once you get far in. Its a long walk over the stream and up through the double walls, but you should reach the wooden gates into the city at one point.

Once you walk in, look to your immediate left. There will be two men wearing turbans talking to a guard. Let them finish, and talk to them. Get that quest, and move on. To your right is a blacksmithing shop; if you went with the Stormcloak earlier in the game, here is your chance to learn how to smith. She will provide some more iron and materials that you can make away with. She also gives you a quest to take a sword to her father in Dragonsreach, the towns hall. You can keep looking around the city to gain some smaller quests, but none of those are important at this point in the game, or possible, in a few cases. Head up the road to your left, and turn left again, going into another district. Come around the path to the large tree, and go up the stairs to the left of that. You are now at Dragonsreach.

Dragonsreach is home to the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf the Greater. He is an important character in your game, so initiating conversation with him is the only way to continue the main quest. Sneaking around the Hall will reveal some health potions, gems, and 1 or 2 skill books. A decent 200 gold is found if you have enough time to clear every chest and wardrobe (estimation). If you took that sword quest, go ahead and deliver the sword to Proventus Avenicii, who is usually standing to the bottom left of the Jarl in his chair.
Dragon Rising: Main Questline
This is the first quest you should try and finish in the game, after The Golden Claw. A dragon has been sighted just outside the city, and you, being the only known survivor of the attack on Helgen, are sent with Balgruuf's housecarl, Irileth, and a small grouping of men. You'll need to run out of the city to get to the Western Watchtower, where the dragon is currently positioned.

The fastest way to get there is to run out of Dragonsreach, jump down the stairs into the water pool, jump down the other set of stairs, run to the right, around the path, and you'll come out to the left of the Whiterun gates. Go through them, and you'll be on the backside of the second wall formation. Run up the stairs to the top of wall, get on the little stone barrier on top, and jump down onto the thatched roof that should be below you to the right. Get off that, jump off the wall, and run to the Western Watchtower, which is to the right, or west, ingame perception. It will be marked with a quest icon as well.

Once you get there, run up the ramp and into the tower. The dragon will appear outside, along with all the soldiers. Wait until the soldiers have the dragons attention, and then run up the stairs and pull out your bow. I would recommend waiting a little while before attracting the dragon; his breath with do heavy damage. Once the dragon is about half health, starting really pumping the arrows into him. About 1/4th left, run down to the ground and band together with the other soldiers. Wait for the dragon to land, and power attack him as much as possible. This should result in death quickly, and the quest finishing.
The Way of the Voice
Now that you've killed your first dragon, you may hear some voices chanting at you. If you have your volume turned up loudly, they will most likely scare the crap out of you. These are the Greybeards, mystics who are in charge of the way of the Thuum, the Fus-Ro-Dah and stuff. At this point, head back to Dragonsreach and ask the Jarl about them. He will guide you to High Hrothgar to meet with them, on the very top of Hrothgar. Hrothgar is the highest mountain Skyrim, currently, although Red Mountain (Morrowind) was taller in its time.

Hrothgar is very close to impossible to get to unless you go through the specified path, which starts in Ivarstead. Ivarstead is southeast of the mountain, towards Riften. A walk from Riverwood across the side of Hrothgar shouldn't take too long. Ivarstead is a small town with few quests, so starting up the mountain is the best option. Heading on up, you will encounter enemies depending on your level, progressively getting more difficult the higher you go. Make sure to stay on the stairs. Wolves followed by trolls and Ice Wraiths are the most common enemies going up this slope.

Once you reach High Hrothgar, head on inside and start talking the Greybeards. Pretty straight forward from here. They will ask you to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.
Bladesmaster - Loadout Build #1 -Author fav-
- Bladesmaster-
Start the game as Redguard, which gives the most bonus to starting one-handed [+10]
Use only dual-wield swords [good mix of speed and damage]
Wear Heavy Armor and when leveling up, only invest in Health [turn into a tank]
Level your one-handed, heavy armor, enchanting, and smithing skills [most important, next best are archery, sneak, lockpicking, and speech]
Smithing and enchanting mean you can get bonuses to your damage output
When enchanting, put everything into Onehanded bonus [gauntlets, ring, necklace, boots]
Heavy armor should be enchanted with health boost or armor boost [again, tank]
Helmet should be archery [for those times you can't get in close]
If you don't have to, don't sprint [conserve stamina]
Only power attack [when you have stamina, also, triples damage]

This build is focused around tanking damage with a huge amount of health for a character that level, with the damage allowing for insane kills. Basically, you should only need 2-3 power attacks to kill dragons (that's what I do right now). The large amount of health means you can get up close and personal with your targets, while the extra one-handed means you should use very little stamina when power-attacking, meaning the fastest kill with the most health left. However, this class is weak against ranged mages. The heavy armor aspect should block most of this, but stay behind cover if you come across a powerful mage or Dragon Priest.

However, slowing mages like Frost Dragons are also very effective against this class. Using a Nord might be an option, but the benefits cancel out late in the game.

Best Gear for this Class:
- Ebony Mail (up close now deals poison damage, and helps the sneak skill with all that heavy armor)
- Chillrend (reliable up until Daedric gear)
- Ebony boots behind hut at Narzulbur (they're there, guaranteed and level)
- A Dragon Priest resistance mask such as Vokun might be worth looking into until you find Daedric gear

Recommended Leveling Sites:
- Dragon Lairs make for great leveling and coin, once you deal a good amount of damage
- Draugr tombs are a cinch starting around level 15. One hit kills, yes please.

That's enough for one night. I'll try and update this every day or so. If you have any Skyrim related questions, or if I got something wrong, post a comment.

If you love this and want to see more, tell me, or just favorite the blog. Either one works.


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  • Zylerius
  • Level 28
  • Expert Network
  • July 20, 2014, 6:50 pm
He didn't kill the emporer - he killed Skyrims High King, the Emporer is different. And the Stormcloak dude is Ralof.

And the Merchant's 'daughter' is actually his sister. If you talk to her before accepting his quest, she will say "Maybe you can talk some sense into my pig-headed brother"

You also got the Dragonstone part a bit mixed up. You have to accept your first word of your first shout, then the Overlord will pop out of his coffin thing, thus automatically putting you into battle.

You will also have to put a basket/bucket's head on his sister, as she will alert 'guards' that aren't there just yet, but putting a bounty on your head if she catches you.

Getting the Jarl's aid isn't as easy as you say. First, you need to get to Whiterun Gates, a guard will actually confront you before you can enter, and you need to talk to him anyways as it is nessessary to get into the city. Tell him why you are there, and depending on which one you choose to tell him he will direct you to Dragonsreach.

Going through the town you can encounter a chat from the blacksmith and a Battle-Born just before entering- not nessessary for the questline, but you can get into one of the clans and live in their house like a free inn, choosing Battle-Born will make you his friend, choosing Grey-Mane will make him hate you.

Going past the merchants square, you end up near the Temple and a dead tree. Past that, you can hear a priest preaching about Talos and how the Elves forced the Empire to sign a form of sorts to ban the worship of Talos. Going up the stairs and entering Dragonsreach you can then hear the Jarl and his Steward talking about the war, getting to the dining area will toggle Irileth, his Housecarl. She will demand explanation of why you are there, and after telling her she will remark that that explains why the guards let you in, and that you should approach the Jarl. Jarl Balgruuf states roughly and questionly about how you know about Helgen, and after that, again depending on what you say (Last I checked) he will say "By Kynereth, Irileth was right!" then engage in another conversation with his steward, an Imperial with a name I can never remember, and Irileth. After that conversation, Irileth is sent off to get guards in Riverwood, while Jarl Balgruuf speaks to you about his Court Wizard's... studies. He then exits the chat, gets up, then goes to Farengar, his wizard. You are to follow him and listen to the small conversation between Balgruuf and Farengar. After that, Balgruuf wanders back to his throne, and Faregar engages a conversation with you. He states he needs the Dragonstone - from which after getting the Golden Claw you stumbled upon, you can give it to him, (Though I'm not sure if it still triggers his conversation with Delphene, or if you need to re-enter to give it to him) he then explains he had a comrade who located it for certain dragon burial sites. Irileth then runs into the room and says, "Farengar, you must come at once. A dragon has been sighted." then also says you should come too.

With Farengar and Irileth, who are unreasonably slow and you can sprint past them, you find the Jarl and a Whiterun Guard. No one engages chat with you, yet, but they set off a conversation between them, having the Whiterun Guard explain about the dragon briefly, and how fast he ran to be how fatigued he his, Balgruuf simply sends him off to get a mug of mead, then engages conversation with you stating that because you have dragon experience, you need to go with Irileth to fight the dragon at the fort.

After leaving the conversation, Farengar states to the Jarl that he would love to see the dragon up close. Balgruuf rejects this offer, saying that he can't risk both Irileth and him, follow Irileth outside to the gate and she will then engage conversation with (I think five?) guards. After her little speech, Irileth, the guards, and you run off to the Watchtower - though you can skip the speech, leave, go to the fort and trigger the dragon to come. Eventually they will arive and help you defeat the dragon, unless you are the badass dragonborn in the legends and kill the dragon before they get there.

While returning to Jarl Balgruuf, you can hear people speaking in the dragon tounge, saying "Do-Va-Kiin" all together, this is "Dovakiin", the Dragonborn. Guards will begin to mention the Greybeards summoning the Dragonborn, not knowing it was you being summoned. When you return to the Jarl, speak to him and explain what happened, then he will begin speaking about High Hrothgar and the Seven Thousand Steps, and more importantly, the Greybeards. After a chat with the Jarl's brother, and Provetus, Balgruuf will send you to High Hrothgar, who can teach you how to use your gift. After leaving the chat, Balgruuf will say dreamingly, "The Greybeards..." and Proventus states he has important duties he will go and tend to, the Jarl excuses him also saying that it would be best.

Sorry if that was sort of long. Now I know you may have played Skyrim already, but I still put it there cus why not
  • Knightsunder
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Cyborg
  • July 20, 2014, 10:33 pm
"By Kynereth, Irileth was right!"

Kynareth** :3

If you recited that all from memory, props. Haven't updated this much, and added a few mods, so it's bound to be very slightly inaccurate. Besides, I didn't think going through the dialogue sequences would need to be added to a guide, considering they're scripted events. If the person playing needs a guide to go through scripted events, he/she probably shouldn't be playing.
  • Zylerius
  • Level 28
  • Expert Network
  • July 20, 2014, 10:59 pm
Derp I can't remember how to spell names correctly anymore xD

Smeff, your choice. I honestly like to read tutorials in games that, don't only tell where to go and what to do for quests, but also the scripts, usually the scripts are linked in a way that helps later in the game.
  • Knightsunder
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Cyborg
  • July 20, 2014, 11:11 pm
As a guide, you don't want to ruin everything for the player :P Just make sure they get from point A to point B and have all the fun on that journey.
  • Sleggo
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • April 26, 2014, 2:28 am
Are you going to mention mods and such too, or just the base game? Perhaps steam workshop or nexusmods?
  • Knightsunder
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Cyborg
  • April 26, 2014, 3:03 am
I'd rather not, as I'd have to review the mods myself, and I really don't have the time to install the mods. Plus, I enjoy the vanilla game by itself. 

As a final note, are you kidding? I probably won't finish this game version any time soon :P
  • Sleggo
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • April 26, 2014, 3:11 am
Haha, this is one time eating game. You could also get other people to check out mods, or look at Mod Review Shows like Skyrim Mod Sanctuary, or channels like Brodual.

Another note, you could include let's plays for people to see the game in other's perspectives. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOthWjr48FO3v6VkP8phIF_Nmkg2c5yVS is my LP.

And as a final note, you could also get others to write articles and tutorials and stuff if you need help. I'm always up for helping :)
  • Knightsunder
  • Level 57
  • Grandmaster Cyborg
  • April 26, 2014, 3:17 am
Ah, this was just something I do for kicks really. It's the largest game guide because as far as I can tell, there are very few game guides on PMC.
  • Sleggo
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  • April 26, 2014, 5:07 am
Yeah. It's cool that a comunity to do with minecraft can contain so much more :)
  • janidorr
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  • January 17, 2014, 7:23 pm
  • Knightsunder
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  • January 17, 2014, 8:06 pm
Wat wat?

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