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avatar owetre18
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Note: Moderators, if I can't do this, please just tell me without just deleting the blog, please. I will take the submission down until it's all worked out. Thank you very much. I know you guys understand. :)

Hello, guys, gals, and whatever they have on Mars! Time for another blog from me, owetre18.

I haven't been on PMC for a while, but that's about to change. I'm ready with all new tutorials, and will start cranking out blogs on a regular basis again. I have deleted some of my others (mostly the How to Survive series) to make room for newer, better submissions. I'm not going to bore you with the details. Just expect more from me in the near future. Okay? Okay, good.

But let's get to the point, which is probably why you clicked here.

I will review your texture packs. All of them. Okay, almost all of them. If I'm swamped, I probably will take a bit of time to submit the review, but most likely, it will get done. The more you ask, the more I'll put it off (though a reminder wouldn't hurt, just don't bug me every day).

You will be scored on the following:
Originality: /30
Block Texture: /20
Item Texture: /5
Animation (if applicable): /10 (if there's no animation, I'll rate it a 5/10, making the most you can get a 95. Sorry.)
Mobs: /5
Ease of use (i.e.; Can you recognize everything? Too dark? Too light?) /10
Color choice: /10 (i.e.; Not too dark, unless it's supposed to be, like a creepy dungeon pack, and not eye burning bright)
Would I use this regularly?: /10

Total: /100

Everybody will get a link to the pack on the blog, and I will post it on my Twitter (@owetre18) to get it more attention.

Things I will NOT accept:
Unoriginal/copied packs (they will be reported)
Bucket fill packs (like OCD, which is still a good pack, anyways)
Anything higher than 128x128 (some exceptions, MAYBE)
Remix/Custom Packs of other's works
Another theme of another of your texture packs (Like Painterly Christmas. I want the original, please.)
Anything with no pictures in the submission. I want to be able to see what I'm in for.
Anything less than 50% done

Texture Packs Currently In need of Review:
AmazonCraft [128x128] - Writing Now

Texture Packs Done:
None. Post your pack with a link below!

Form for Submitting a Texture Pack for Review:
PMC Username:
Texture Pack Title:
Theme (simple, futuristic, RPG, Steampunk, etc.):
Resolution (please, nothing above 128x128, lags my computer too much):
Map you'd like it shown off in (I use a map of my own as the default, then the map you pick. If you don't pick a special map, I'll just show off random popular submissions):
Any special things (connected textures, random mobs support, items not done, etc.)

Note: Please remove anything in parentheses (these things) before filling out the form, thank you.

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