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~That Iron Golem Over There~ Life of a Snow Golem

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avatar Chemsik
Level 22 : Expert Spleefer
I see that player over there,

Perfecting everything, but neglecting me

He always goes over there,

I wish I it was, winter....again

That Iron Golem over there,

Thinks he really buff, but inside he's not all that tough.

I unleash my rage over there,

Snowballs everywhere, even in the player's hair.

But then I see something in the air,

Yellow bold, it could be told,

My rage is over now,

Instead I'm crying in this town,

Everything starts to look like foam,

It's spring now, and I'm at my home.

The context
A player has a pet snow golem and a pet iron golem, it's almost the end of winter and the player builds an iron golem to play with. The snow golem is angry the iron golem gets more attention, and unleashes snowballs on the player and golem. In the midst of the fight, the sun comes up and the snow golem turns into a puddle.

This is one of my first poems made.

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