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The Accident, Part 5 | Chiaroscuro Writing Extravaganza, Again

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Wolf_with_Scarf avatar Wolf_with_Scarf
Level 43 : Master Wolf
Written for Chiaroscuro's Writing Extravaganza, Again event.

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Part 5 by Wolf_with_Scarf V |

If I can remember correctly, while I was praying, reciting the holy words that I can barely remember, a couple of police officers interrupted and arrested me. They said I have to come with them or else I will be in great trouble. I have no other choice but to comply with their words. While there were escorting me through the empty, long, stale-white hallway of the hospital, we passed Wilson’s room. There seems to be a few nurses and doctors inside. After we have walked past the room, I took a look back in curiosity. A couple of persons in white protective suit walked out of Wilson’s room while carrying what seems to be a black bag with the length about an average human male’s height. I was quite shocked, but to be honest, I don’t really have any strong emotion toward the situation that I think I was currently experiencing at that moment. I only know Wilson for about a few hours anyways, but strangely enough, it seems like I knows him for quite a while.

When I have finally arrived at the interrogation room, actually I don’t even know how I get there like, all I can remember is that those officers put me in their car and then I felt like I passed out or something. Did they drug me?
As a matter of fact, the interrogation room that I was in doesn’t even look like an interrogation room at all. In fact, it looks more like a kind of facility building or something.

A tall man in a dark brown leather trench coat walked into the room that I was in. He seems to be six foot four or whatever, he’s clearly taller than me, even if I am not currently sitting.

“What do you know about the Einstein Gadget?” The man asked me in a deep intimidating voice.

Einstein Gadget? What even is that? Sounds like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie or something along those line. I replied to him that I don’t even know what it is.

“Then why did we find this in your vehicle?”

The man placed a strange looking gadget on the table in front of me. I think it looks like an inner working of a clock with a strange looking panel and wires strapped onto it. The panel seems to be showing the date of a few days ago. Isn’t that the day I first met with Wilson?

Suddenly, a woman in a black suit walked into the room.

“Theodore, we found another duplicate.” The woman said to the man who is interrogating me.

“Great, we better deactivate it before another loop is being created.” The man replies and turned back at me.

“You will have to come with us.”

Other choices seemed like it will be going to result in a bad ending for me. Therefore, complying with their words sounds like the best idea I can currently think of.

They took me to their vehicle and told me to get inside. The vehicle looks strangely familiar, I felt like I have seen it somewhere before, but likely not, because despite it looking like an ordinary vehicle, I have never saw this model on any streets or commercial before. The most likely scenario is that it is an imported foreign vehicle. Imagine the amount of tax you have to pay for that.

We drove off into the downtown. It is currently nighttime so it is quite dark outside. We finally came to a stop after driving for a couple of minutes.

“The location of the duplicate seems to be right… here.” The woman in black said. “All we need to do now is wait.”

Suddenly two figures walked out of the shadow.

“There they are.” The man mumbled.

Upon closer inspection, one of the figures seemed to be a young man. He reminded me of Wilson. Another figure appears to be… ME!?

Writer’s Note

Writing this part prove to be quite a challenging task for me, not because I can’t not keep up with the story or anything like that. It is because of my terrible planning. Originally, I wanted to write an action scene but after writing for a while I got stuck and come to a realization that I am not the best at writing scene like this. So, I scrapped the entire thing and rewrite it from the start.

I decided to go with the sci-fi, looped time travel theme because I thought it might be more interesting than just a generic action revenge story.

And because of school I don’t really have a lot of time to plan and write story, I deeply apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused to the other writers.

With respect ~Wolf_with_Scarf
CreditWritten by Wolf_with_Scarf (WwS.) for Chiaroscuro Writing Extravaganza, Again - Extra Extravagance event.

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