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The Adventures of Material-Chapters 1-3

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luij12 avatar luij12
Level 35 : Artisan Prince
Chapter 1-The Beginning

I woke up with a funny sort of feeling, like something building itself. Knowledge, images and thoughts came into my head, I looked at the green stuff I was standing on and I knew that it was grass. I looked at the brown with green stuff sticking out and knew it was a tree. Then I remembered an important peice of information, I was named Material. I suddenly had a thought, 'I need a house! ' As he stared at the wood of the tree, he had a sudden urge to punch it. He punched it and after a few minutes of punching, the wood came out. He make the wood into planks, then into sticks and a crafting table. He had supplies!

Chapter 2-The Mining

I put the crafting table down and make myself a wooden sword for defending myself, a wooden pickaxe for getting stone and more sticks. I dug at the grass and it became a hole, I dug deeper and hit stone. I took out my new wooden pickaxe and started to mine. After a while my pickaxe broke and I went up to get a new one with my cobblestone, iron ore and coal, I crafted a stone pickaxe and one of those furnaces. I put it down and shoved some iron ore in it and used some coal I had mined to smelt the iron ore into iron. After that I punched more wood and made more planks to build my house.

Chapter 3-The House

I made a simple house, small but cozy. I need a bed I thought, and I set out to find some sheep for wool for my bed. Within 10 minutes I had found a flock of sheep and crafted shears with the iron to take their wool, for I did not want to harm these gentle little sheep. I returned to my home and put my bed and my crafting table inside, I put some torches made from coal and sticks next to my bed and outside on my house. I thought 'I now have a home, whats more to ask?'

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01/08/2012 3:53 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
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Nice, I gave it a diamond!
01/09/2012 5:31 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Prince
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12/06/2011 9:11 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
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good skins luij12
12/06/2011 7:03 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Prince
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