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The Adventures of Steve -=-Chapter 3-=- A Very hissing day

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HaxHit avatar HaxHit
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
Steve yawned as he woke up in the morning.
He was still in that village, full of those squidwards.
He was still beat up after punching a zombie 67 times.
The villagers were harvesting wheat, giving eah other bread, and trading.
"I don't really like this place" Steve said, starting to leave the village.
He remembered his wooden pickaxe, which he didn't know where it was.
"oh well"
"but I need to start mining and getting things"
He punched nearby trees and made another crafting table, then some sticks which he put on a pickaxe head.
"Hmm, this cave looks like a good spot to mine"
He started to mine, after he had 3 cobblestone he made a stone pickaxe.
"Wow, this mines much faster!"
He found some iron ore and coal ore, which he used for torches.
"Wow, I never knew the underground could go this far!"
Suddenly he tumbled into a big cave.
Before exploring it, Steve noticed he was kinda hungry.
"I guess I should munch on this rotten flesh, ew"
He bit into it.
"EWW!" He said in disgust. "I'm never eating this again!"
He saw some iron ore on a high ledge of the cave.

"ooh shiny!"
But when he started to mine it,
"Oh Noo!"
Steve now lay on the floor, body in pain as some bits of stone flew all over the place.
"Guess I should get out of here"

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05/02/2014 8:31 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
CreepChriS avatar
Just a question, not to be rude: Is this made for reading entertainment or is it actually supposed to be a story? Again, i'm not trying to be rude. Thanks
06/06/2015 7:42 pm
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
HaxHit avatar
Can also be a story
05/02/2014 3:40 pm
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
HaxHit avatar
I guess entertainment.
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