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The Angel Machine

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boing_e avatar boing_e
Level 16 : Journeyman Prince
I believe It is time for a story. One set in the world of ARMORTAL.If you are not aware of this world, you may read about it Here.But now, it is time I tell the tale of the Angel Machine.
...2083. A year of progress. Of regression.The kingdom, modern-day Viscaux was still a kingdom of war. As time progressed, their technology did, and much of the kingdom's wealth went towards their military, for whatever conflict they may enter.

The Angel Machine

2083 marked the beginning of a conflict, one of the first to now use an all automated, near infinite army. War machines, Advanced Robotic Combatants, or ARC's, every circuit leading to a weapon, a tool for war, and enough microdrones to repair them to top shape if they were ever to be destroyed. The laws of robotics had been dismissed, and these machines were made to kill.

The Angel Machine

Now, war is taxing. Quite literally. It is costly, for both the people of the nation, and the nation itself. For the reasonable, the war would involve wearing the opponent down economically. However, Viscaux was vicious. If they wanted their enemy to surrender, they would need lives.

The Angel Machine

On a late dawn one day, Viscauxian forces, a large assortment of ARCs would march upon a city. With weapons drawn, and no more directive than to kill, it would appear to be a grim day. Those there would hide. Drivers ducking down in their cars, mothers tucking away their children and family members, lights cut and last calls being made.

Until on the mountain overlooking the city, a new machine emerged. Cloaked in a torn cape and sillhouetted by the dawn, the machine would raise an arm, and red lightning would eminate from it, circling its hand. At that moment, the machines in the city, with screens now of red rather than green, would turn to the mountain. With weapons lowered, and in a mechanical trance, they would begin to head towards the mountain. Those who watched gasped in surprise, to which, there was no response from the war machines.
The machine on the mountain spoke.
"Your city is safe. The machines of war are being recalled as I speak. Do not confront them. I can only hold them back so much. You need not know who I am, but I am not human. I am machine, but not of war."
The machines would walk past the mountain, and the one who stood atop it disappeared. Eventually, residents of the peaceful town would come out of hiding as the mechanical steps ceased. They cheered, cried, thankful for everything they had, but only one thing to truly thank, which had since vanished. The machine would come to be known as an angel, a mechanical one. A mechanical angel bringing peace to those under threat. But the angel was just as human as they were machine. Above lines of code was a soul just as hurt as any other, but striving to not fall to pain, and do good. The townspeople would not come to know their name, but it was known.

I hope you have enjoyed. Please note, this is somewhat of a one-off thing. Don't expect a whole lot more! This was just made as inspiration struck, and an idea came to me. Thank you for reading!

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12/09/2022 5:02 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
TheGrimmKnight avatar
nice story tho nice story I hope to see more
12/09/2022 5:01 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
TheGrimmKnight avatar
Hollow Knight levels are OFF THE CHARTS O MY GOR
12/09/2022 6:29 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Prince
boing_e avatar
12/09/2022 6:48 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
TheGrimmKnight avatar
12/07/2022 5:24 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Collective
boom the creeper
boom the creeper avatar
Its like history class but in the future.
12/07/2022 3:50 pm
Level 48 : Master Fox
CosmoXFrozenFreak avatar
This Looks Like Straight From A Nintendo DS Game
12/07/2022 3:40 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Cake
Content_inc avatar
this is dope boing
12/07/2022 3:17 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Sweetheart
xRosePetalx avatar
Waow, I like it! Very well written 👍🏻
12/07/2022 3:08 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Princess
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