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avatar logan2971
Level 16 : Journeyman Nerd
I closed my eyes, concentrating hard at the task at hand. Come on! You can do this! Aaron thought to himself.

The world blurred. It felt as if it was moving, his heart started racing. Had he finally done it? Had he been able to think and see through the eyes of his pet dog. He had tried his best to do this for many years trying different strategies to do this, to no surprise all of them had failed, but he had been convinced he could do it especially with his latest technique. He had practised it every day for around five months now from the minute he woke up all the way to when the moon was showing off its brightness outside.

One last time... I can do this... it will happen Aaron once again thought to himself. He shut his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could. The world started to shake, he felt as if his body had lifted out and started flying around moving in all different locations, his heart was racing. Had he finally done it? Had he reached his dream, had he moved over to see through the eyes of this dog. He slowly opened his eyes that had been clenched as if they had been glued shut, his heart sank when he saw the world of colour through his eyes. Just as he was about to shout forbidden words due to another failed attempt he heard a little bark come out of what was his mouth. The attempted smile on his face turned into a tongue sticking out his mouth with a little panting because of the hot weather they were experiencing down in Australia.

This was really exciting for Aaron, he instantly started running around the house sniffing everything he could, it was as if it was a whole new world. A whole new range of fantastic smells, hearing what people were saying from afar and of course, almost every dogs favourite thing, getting petted. After at least an hour of running around Aaron switched back to his human body.

This was just the beginning. After trying for so long he achieved this main goal and that was the ability to be in the mind of an animal. Now he was going to go on his exploration trip that he had planned for years. He was going to find all his favourite animals from around the world and dive into their head and see how they acted and what it was like to be them. From his list, a huge sum of the animals could be located in Africa, more specifically Southern Africa.

Aaron quickly booked his ticket and started packing. He was due to travel in a weeks time which gave him plenty of time to get everything he needed together, ID, passport, money and everything else. He was extremely excited and could not wait to use his newfound ability on his favourite animals. They were a Dolphin, leopard and the African king cobra. However, one thing did cross Aaron's mind a lot, what happened to his body when he moved his mind into an animal? Could he also move into the mind of another human seen as they are animals? Even if he could Aaron made a rule to never use it on another human.

A week had passed and Aaron had checked through customs and was now sitting happily on the plane getting ready for his really exciting and long twelve-hour flight. He had booked a house in a game lodge for a couple of days hoping that he would be able to find the last two animals on his list after the few days have passed he would be going to the Eastern Cape to go swim with dolphins.

The plane sped up with a rapid rush of force as it flew up into the air. Not too long after the captain had announced that they were now in the air and that everyone could relax and enjoy their flight and Aaron was really enjoying it as excitement rushed through his body at every moment. He slowly shut his eyes and had finally fallen asleep hoping to wake up with the plane close to his destination.

A few hours had passed and Aaron slowly woke up, however, it was not the captain speaking that woke him up, but rather the sudden screaming and rampage going on through the plan and the first thing Aaron could tell in the screams, were they were screams of terror. All of this flashed through his head in seconds before the oxygen masks dropped. He quickly tugged at it as hard as he could so that the oxygen could rush through and he put it on. Taking that first breath of oxygen felt like his whole world had changed before he passed out due to the fear that was rushing through him.

When he woke up he was on an island, the plane was nowhere in sight nor any passengers that were on the flight with him. All he knew is that he was on an island, alone with no food, shelter nothing. He had no experience with survival other than the few Bear Grylls episodes he watched in his free time. The only thing he had was his ability to move into another animals body and he knew this was going to be his only hope to make it out of here alive. So he slowly made his way into the forest being extremely careful as he looked around for any bird.

Not too long after he started his exploration he found a Comoros Thrush which was an almost hazelnut brown colour. It seemed to be hunting for something to eat. Aaron instantly stopped in his tracks and shut his eyes, focusing hard on the bird and hoping it would work. The world spun, slowly making Aaron feel sick, but as he opened his eyes he looked up and down and then moved his arms up and down with force, or should I rather say his wings as he quickly flew up high above the lushes green trees of the island, getting an amazing view of the crystal blue ocean surrounding the island. It was a view like no other. But he had to focus on the task at hand and that was to survive. He looked around looking for a place he could set up a camp. He flew around and noticed a beautiful lagoon area with flowing water going through rocks meaning it could be safe to drink and there might be some food to eat. He quickly changed back into his body and started walking to his newfound base site.

He found the area that he wanted to be at. He did get lost but after around two hours of walking he finally settled down to where he would be calling home hopefully for the next few days. Now there were a few problems on Aaron's mind. How was he going to make a fire and how was he going to set up a bed to spend the night in. His first priority was to make a fire as this was extremely important to scare off predators. Even though he could go into the body of an animal it would be no use if he was being devoured. Then it clicked to him. Aaron quickly collected wood and tinder, two basic items to start a fire. He then grabbed his glasses and tried his best to get the sun rays to reflect through them slowly burning the tinder and starting a fire.

Next, he needed food to get the energy to even start building a camp. This would be really easy. Aaron made his way to the pond and saw a massive fish swimming around. He shut his eyes and the same old same old happened and then he was in the body of a fish. He swam up out of the water and landed right by his human bodies feet. He quickly changed back and there was his late lunch snack. He cooked it till it was a golden brown colour, and was very tender on the inside.

He now was ready to build a small little base around his fire. All he really needed were some strong chunks of wood, vines and some leaves from the palm trees surrounding the area. However, he had no upper arm strength so climbing the trees would be extremely difficult. So he made way through the jungle looking for an animal, any animal that could help he get some vines and leaves from the trees. Looking around for what felt like forever he finally found an animal. But it wasn't a friendly panda but rather a black spotted jaguar hiding high above in the lush green trees. Aaron walked cautiously hoping that the animal had not seen or heard him. He once again shut his eyes and started to take control of the jaguar.

As he opened his eyes he noticed something different compared to all the animals he had taken control of. This time he actually saw the colours through the eyes of the animal. Seeing the forest in a blue and grey shade was rather unsettling. Aaron was extremely confused but knew he did not have time to waste on thinking about it now. He quickly stood up and ran towards a tree sticking his sharp claws into it as he forced his way up leaving a trail of paw prints in the bark. As he got to the top he held on by a thick branch to support him as he quickly started slashing and the vines and leaves hanging down from the tree. It was not long before he had got all the items he needed. He walked far away from the human version of his body and where his new resources were before switching back. However this time he struggled. It felt more difficult to change back into his body.

Successfully after multiple attempts, he had changed back to his body. He slowly started walking to where he left his pile of leaves and vines. During this time it allowed him to think. Why was it so hard? Was it because I was a lot further away from my body then I was before? Could it be because I'm overusing my ability? All of this crossed his mind while he picked up all his items and making his way back to camp.

Along the way, he found some thick and sturdy sticks that would make perfect for a bed frame. As he arrived back at camp he noticed his fire was close to going out and that the sun was going down. He dropped everything and ran as quickly as he could to get new sticks and dried up leaves, but by then it was too late. With the little sun, he had left he quickly made a bed, but it was so rushed and poorly made that it would not have been able to hold an ant. Aaron was now left on a tropical island with no bed, no fire and fearing for his life. He was scared to use his ability again but he knew it was the only way he would be able to survive.

He looked around with his heart pumping blood as fast as possible just to keep him from passing out in fear. A bright pair of glowing eyes appeared in the distance, slowly creeping closer and closer. Aaron had no choice in fear he quickly started using his ability hoping it would work before the animal attacked and as it leapt towards him with a massive "rawr" Aaron had moved into the body of the attacking jaguar. In his night vision view, he could see his unconscious body lying on the ground as if he was asleep. Getting the rest he needed after his long day. He knew this was perfect. His body was resting while he was in the body of an animal. He could defend himself while feeling no risk at all. As he crawled up to the feet of his body he felt at ease, as if nothing could hurt him. He slowly shut his eyes and went to sleep.

In the morning Aaron was working up by the sounds of helicopters and men standing around him and his body pointing guns at him. As he moved towards them one man screamed out of fear and another shot Aaron in his animal body. The pain was excruciating, worse than anything he's ever felt before. He tried breathing but slowly it became harder and harder before he took his last few breaths and closed his eyes.

Aaron quickly woke up in his body. Tears filled his eyes as he held the remains of the dead jaguar the men had shot. He let out silent sobs as he held it and gave it one last kiss. It was as if that jaguar had saved his life in the forest. Helping him get the leaves and vines he needed and protected him late into the night. And even though it was him just controlling it, it still felt as if it was a pet of his own.

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  • mouse36
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Toast
  • February 20, 2019, 9:50 am
Oh yes, doggo. I love the ending. Great blog, but check your conventions.
  • logan2971
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Nerd
  • February 20, 2019, 8:44 pm
Heya! Thank you for the comment! It really made my day :) I'll go through my post and edit any errors I come across when I get home :)
  • mouse36
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Toast
  • February 21, 2019, 4:36 am

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